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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 254

    First Concubine (2)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “What can I say―――this is an amazing city, isn’t it?”


    Yesterday, it was night when they left the village of the High Elves, so Melfalude didn’t have much time to enjoy the scenery. After a night of darkness, the view of Yuritania, the capital of the Yuri Empire, was simply spectacular.


    It was obvious that this city had been designed by someone who had a complete picture of the beauty that lay before it from the start. The city is meticulously divided into sections by waterways and streets that are neat and orderly, and there are no gaps.


    A city that has repeatedly expanded as its population has grown would never be as perfect as this.


    Melfalude, who has lived in the forest all her life, doesn’t know much about the outside world. But even so, it was easy to imagine that there would be no city more beautiful than this one in Yuritania.


    “Yes, it’s a wonderful city, as you will see when you actually live here. Of course, there are a few other cities that are as good as this one.”


    “……Is that so?”


    “Yes. Ulysses, Eureka, and Hourai, all cities built under the leadership of Yuri sister, are as wonderful as Yuritania.”


    “That’s, incredible…”


    Melfalude tried to imagine it in her mind, but even so, she could not imagine a city as beautiful and complete as this one in Yuritania.


    That’s why this scene in front of her eyes is so perfect.


    “Our destination is this way, please follow me without straying.”


    As Estoa led the way, Melfalude walked through the city, which was filled with scenes that could easily catch your eye if you were not careful.


    As she did so, she soon came into view of the building she was looking for―――the Cathedral of Yuritania.


    It seems that the cathedral is located not too far from the Yuritania Palace.


    “Oh… what a magnificent building…”


    In front of the majesty of the cathedral, Melfalude unconsciously stopped in her tracks.


    But Estoa didn’t stop. She opened the massive cathedral doors without hesitation, took one of the Melfalude hands, and pulled her along as she led her inside.


    When they talked this morning, Estoa had referred to herself as a『priestess』.


    Perhaps the cathedral is a very familiar place to her.


    Estoa dragged Melfalude to the far end of the cathedral.


    After a while, Estoa finally stopped. There was a room with a door as massive as the main entrance of the cathedral.


    The fact that there is such a strict door in the room. It seems to eloquently tell us that there is something inside the room that needs to be protected very strictly.


    “Th-This is…?”


    “It is called the『Hall of Divine Statues』. This is where you will acquire your <Class>, Melfalude. You have already decided what you want to take, right?”


    “Y-yes. I’ve already decided…”


    This morning Estoa already explained to Melfalude about <classes>.


    Unlike〔Vocation〕, which is chosen at random, this <Class> can be chosen at will. However, once you choose one, it is fixed and cannot be re-selected.


    Until this morning, Melfalude had no idea about <Classes>.


    It is said that the fact that the human race can now obtain <Class> in addition to〔Vocation〕is known all over the world by an oracle from the healing god Lydina.


    ―――In the village of High Elves, there is only one small prayer hall, where no one is stationed, for the residents to use when they obtain their vocation.


    The oracle is spread by the preaching of the priest who receives it. In the village of High Elves, where there are no clergymen, no one in the village knew about the fact that <Class> had become available.


    Well, It’s no use regretting that you didn’t know about it.


    At any rate, it’s nice to know that anyone can choose to acquire a talent other than a vocation at their own will.


    After being shown a list of 77 <Class> by Estoa, and thinking about it while receiving advice from her, Melfalude had decided on one of them.


    “If you don’t mind, I’d like to know.”


    “Yes, of course. I’m thinking of taking the <Spiritualist> class―――because it will allow me to expand my current vocation of〔Hunter〕when it comes to handling a bow. I will take the opportunity to make up for the fact that I’m not using spirit magic very well right now.”


    “I see. I’ve heard that if you change your class from <Spiritualist> to <Spiritual Archer>, you can enhance your bow skills in addition to your spirit magic, so I think it’s a good choice.”


    “My, really? Then I guess it’s even better to choose this class.”


    Melfalude can handle spirit magic, which is a talent that anyone born into the High Elf race possesses.


    The talents acquired by one’s race of origin are much smaller and weaker than the talents given by one’s vocation. Melfalude can use spirit magic to a certain extent, but no matter how much she practices, it will never be more than a “certain extent.”


    The fact that Melfalude could enhance her talent, which she had half given up on, by acquiring a <Class> seemed to be a blessing in disguise for Melfalude.


    Melfalude’s mother, Faranda, is an archer, but she was also an excellent user of spirit magic.


    This is because Melfalude has seen her mother’s since she was a child. She has always had a strong yearning to be able to handle high-level spirit magic.

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