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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 252

    Nutritional Support in Case of Physical Fatigue

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    By the time Yuri returned home, the sun had already set.


    It’s been a while since Yuri has been so busy with work as a country head. It was worth the effort, even if it was mentally exhausting.


    This is because―――“forest products” that are collected by the inhabitants of the High Elf village.


    The reason for this was that Faranda and Melphalude had told Yuri that there was a great deal of extremely valuable and unknown foodstuffs, medicinal herbs, and alchemical materials contained within.


    The high elves are said to be a race that “grows forests.


    In addition, they tend to use a lot of earth-attribute spirit magic for gathering, farming, and forestry.


    The effect of such magic on the forests near their settlements is to transform the entire area into very rich soil over a long time.


    This is why in the vicinity of high elf settlements, you can find extremely rare materials that you would never see in a normal forest.


    When Yuri approached them about buying such materials at a high price, Faranda and Melfalude were very happy. It was Yuri, who proposed the idea, who was probably the happiest inside.


    The more rare materials we can get, the happier the children of <Rindou> will be.


    In the future, the High Elves will continue to deliver not only rare materials but also many unknown materials that Yuri does not even know the name of.


    The children belonging to <Rindou> are relatively different in race, appearance, and personality. The only thing they have in common is that they have a craftsman’s personality.


    When the girls saw an unknown material, their eyes all lit up and they immediately immersed themselves in development and research.


    (……I hope they’re pleased.)


    Yuri’s face naturally broke into a smile as she imagined the smiles on the faces of the children of <Rindou>.


    Yuri loves all the children of the Yuri Empire without distinction. To be able to make them happy was nothing short of a joy for Yuri herself.


    “Thank you for your hard work, My Lord.”


    A girl in a shrine maiden’s dress welcomes Yuri back to the remote palace in the Shinto city of Hourai.


    ―――It was Minori, the second-in-command of the <Red Plum>.


    When she greeted Her with a smile, Yuri felt as if the fatigue that had built up in his body was gradually being healed.


    “I’m back, Minori. I’m sorry you had to come over here.”


    “No, it’s no big deal. I can just use the『Transfer Gate』and be here in no time.”


    This time, Yuri had informed Minori in advance that he would be returning to Horai Detached Palace today instead of to the Yuritania Palace.


    So Minori came to the detached palace to greet Yuri.


    “By the way… why did you come to the detached palace today?”


    “I was tired, so I wanted to take off my shoes and stretch my legs…”


    “My, I see.”


    Minori smiled when she heard Yuri’s answer.


    When Yuri is tired, she strangely misses the Hourai Detached Palace, where shoes are strictly forbidden, more than the Yuritania Palace, where shoes are allowed.


    “The tea will be ready soon, so please make yourself at home.”


    “Thank you, then…”


    Yuri entered the Japanese-style room near the entrance to the villa and lay down on the tatami.


    It is good to have a Japanese room where you can lie down as you like.


    It’s not so bad to lie down on the sofa in the reception room of the Yuritania Palace, though. When you are very tired, the tatami mats of a Japanese-style room provide a greater sense of relaxation.


    Minori returned with tea for the two of us on a tray and smiled again when she saw Yuri lying on the floor with a relaxed expression on her face.


    “I’d like to『Broadcast』the image of this lovely Empress to the people.”


    “Please don’t do that, my dignity will be blown away in an instant…”


    “Surely you can establish yourself as a “beloved character” instead?”


    “I don’t want that…”


    Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle at Minori’s words.


    For Yuri, who is mentally still in her 40’s, the thought of becoming a “beloved character” makes her feel as if her cheeks are going to twitch just thinking about it.


    “And there is no shortage of people who love me at the moment, right?”


    “Fufu. I adore you, My Lord. Would you like me to put you on my lap?”


    “My… A lap pillow would be nice, but right now I’d like・・・・ to touch you.”


    “My, dear, I can’t help it.”


    At Yuri’s request, Minori’s face broke into a smile.


    Then Minori threw her body on the tatami and lay down right next to Yuri.


    “Here you go, My Lord.”


    “Thank you, Minori.”


    Huddled together on the tatami, Yuri touched Minori’s ear.


    The ears are not located on the side of the face like the human ears. The ears of Minori, who is a member of the Forensa race of foxes, stick out from the top of her head.


    Yuri gently enjoyed the soft and fluffy fox ears, as if checking the triangular shape of the ears.




    Minori’s sweet breath immediately spilled out of her mouth unbearably.


    The ears and tail are very sensitive parts for the fox species Forensa, and when Yuri gently strokes them, the <Red Plum> children always let out a sweet voice.


    Incidentally, the only person who is allowed to touch the ears and tail of the fox species is its mate.


    Yuri is happy to think that she’s the only one who was allowed to touch them. Her touch would become gentler, yet more insistent.


    “………ah……… aa…… M-My, Lord……”


    Minori looked at her with empty eyes―――but with a sadness that seemed to be begging for something.


    When Minori looked at him passionately, Yuri knew what she was looking for.


    “Ah… I was thinking of going to the hot springs after I got Minori’s tea. Would Minori be happier if I laid out the futon for her right now?”


    “……Futons are available in the next room…”


    “Yes, I understand.”


    If the preparations have already been made, there is no need to hesitate.


    Yuri is the kind of person who appreciates what’s set before her.


    Yuri can use the『Bond of Deprivation』skill to absorb and recover the depleted energy of the person with whom she has a『Bond Link』.


    That’s why the act of making love on the bed has the same effect as literally “recovering from fatigue” for Yuri.


    The fatigue that had accumulated in her body from working as the head of the country for the past day. More than that, Minori will heal her by deeply fatiguing her body.

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