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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 251

    Resurrecting the Dead

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    After the discussion with Faranda, Yuri was allowed to use one of the empty houses in the High Elf village and set up a『Transfer Gate』there.


    If the gate was to be used by a large number of people, it would be better to set it up in an open space such as a plaza. The gate would be used almost exclusively by the inhabitants of the village, so it would be better to place it indoors, where it could also serve as a resting place.


    “Is this magic circle already connected to another city?”


    “Yes, it’s connected to a city in our country called Ulysses.”


    Yuri nodded her head in response to Melfalude’s question as she looked at the magic circle with interest.


    It only takes about ten minutes to set up a『Transfer Gate』if you only need one side.


    Ulysses is a city that acts as a hub to connect the various cities, so there are many unconnected『Transfer Gate』that can be used as the “other side” in advance.


    So, if we can prepare the other side of the『Transfer Gate』in this High Elf village. We can instantly establish a connection with Ulysses and transfer freely.


    “Melfalude. Can I have you try out this『Transfer Gate』immediately? I think there are two women at the destination, so bring them to me.”


    “Hmm, okay.”


    First-time users of the『Transfer Gate』are often a little hesitant about entering an unfamiliar magic circle. But Melfalude was undaunted and jumped on top of the magic circle, looking somewhat happy.


    When Faranda saw that Melfalude’s figure disappeared in an instant, she let out an impressed “Oh”.


    “…Really, you can transfer to another place when you enter this…Even after seeing it in front of me, I still have a hard time believing some of it…”


    “Faranda will get used to it after you’ve used it a few times yourself.”


    “Is that how it works?”


    “That’s the way it is. Even if it’s something you don’t understand, as soon as you start using it conveniently, you won’t feel any resistance.”


    When Yuri first took a flight on a school trip as a child, she couldn’t believe that a lump of iron could fly, and felt a great deal of resistance to using it.


    However, after she started working for he grandfather’s landscaping company and started using airplanes frequently to deal with customers from other prefectures and overseas, she soon stopped feeling any resistance.


    Isn’t that what most people are like today?


    Not just airplanes―――but trains, cars, cell phones, and the Internet. It’s not uncommon for people to get used to using these things without knowing, or even trying to know, how they work.


    In the end, 『Transfer Magic』is probably similar to that.


    “I’m home.”


    “Welcome home.”


    After a minute of waiting, Melfalude emerged from the『Transfer Gate』.


    She was accompanied by two women. Sera, the captain of <Water Lily>, and Rubetta, the head of the Rostine Trading Company.


    “Welcome back, Sera. I’m sorry Rubetta had to come all this way.”


    “Yes, Yui-sama. I’m back.”


    “The original problem arose in my business association. I can’t thank Your Majesty Yuri enough for the care she took in dealing with it.”


    “It’s my idea to set up the Hourai Air Transport business association. It’s not like I’m relying entirely on Rubetta’s skills, but I should be able to provide some support as well.”


    Yuri replied to Rubetta’s words with a sense of regret.


    Yuri always relied on Rubetta for a lot of things. At the very least, she should take the initiative in solving troublesome problems.


    “By the way, Rubetta. Have you ever seen a dead body?”


    “I have many times in the past, so don’t worry about it.”


    “I see. Faranda, show me the way.”




    Faranda and Melfalude led Yuri and the others to another house in the High Elf village.


    In the building, a man was lying on a thick blanket.


    He was not asleep. ―――It was a dead body. The man’s body and the clothing he wore were covered with fresh scars from wounds inflicted by arrowheads and spearheads.


    “Rubetta. Are you sure this man is a member of your trade?”


    “Yes. He is definitely Rahul, an unreturned merchant member of Hourai Air Transport.”


    After checking the face of the corpse, Rubetta answered.


    Rubetta knows the names, faces, and backgrounds of all the members of the merchant association that she runs. So, if she could check, she would be able to immediately determine whether or not this body was the rider of the slain Loftsdrake.


    “Its… I’m sorry, we killed him.”


    “I’m sorry. As the village chief, I would like to apologize.”


    Melfalude and Faranda both immediately bowed to Rubetta.


    In response to the apology, Rubetta made a complicated expression for a moment. She quickly composed he expression and shook he head.


    “If Your Majesty has forgiven it, it’s not my place to say.”




    “In addition, we know that Rahul wants to be resurrected・・・・・・・・・ based on the document he wrote for us beforehand. I have no problem with that.”




    She must not have understood what Rubetta had said. Melfalude’s eyes darted up and down.


    Rubetta took out a sheet of paper from her bag on her shoulder and presented it to Yuri.


    This is one of the forms that all the merchant members of Hourai Air Transport who are going to ride Loftsdrake have to fill out in advance.


    One of the questions on the form asks if the rider would like to be resuscitated in the event of an accident or death.


    Rahul seems to have answered “yes” to this question in the answer column.


    “Sera. This person wishes to be resurrected. Please bring him back to life.”


    “Yes. ―――【Instant Full Resurrection Perak・Akenekon】.”


    With a single chant, Sera immediately activated her sacred magic.


    In this world, magic that revives the dead only exists in folklore, and its existence has not been confirmed. It goes without saying that in the Yuri Empire, users of resurrection magic are not uncommon.


    Furthermore, it is even more so if they belong to the <Water Lily> unit, which is composed of only <Saint> at the level 200 specializing in healing magic.


    If it is magic that revives a single target, even if it is magic that revives a large area, the captain of the <Water Lily>, Sera, does not even need to chant.


    【Instant Full Resurrection】is the magic of “complete resurrection” of a deceased person.


    The wound or disease is healed immediately, and the target is revived from the state of death.


    The life force and magic power will be full, and there will be no reduction in ability value due to death.






    A voice similar to a moan suddenly rises from Rahul’s corpse.


    When Faranda and Melfalude heard the voice, they jumped up on the spot and revealed their surprise.


    I guess you could say that they were mother and daughter. The way they look when they are truly shocked is very similar to each other.


    “…this, where…?”


    “This is one of the houses in the High Elven village. Rahal is a merchant member of Hourai Air Transport. Are your consciousness, memory, and body senses clear?”


    “This is… Your Majesty Yuri! There is no problem!”


    Rahul hurriedly raised his body and tried to bow to Yuri on the spot, but―――.


    A person who has been lying on the ground for a long time can’t suddenly move his body as he wishes.


    Yuri supports Rahul’s body with one hand as he loses his balance.


    “Don’t be hasty. You’ve been dead for a while now, so don’t push it.”


    “I-I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


    “It’s okay.”


    As Yuri conversed with Rahul, two sets of eyes pierced her back.


    Rahul, whose certain death had been confirmed by multiple High Elves, was now actually moving and speaking in front of me.


    ―――That sight, that fact. Faranda and Melfalude are still somewhat in disbelief.

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