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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 248

    High Elf Village (Middle)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “―――If you wish to discuss this, could you please release your intimidation?”


    Not long after, a High Elf steps in front of Yuri and the others.


    She was a beautiful woman, with beautiful golden hair tied up in a ponytail.


    She had a slender figure and pointed ears. It’s very easy to see that she has the characteristics of an elf.


    ―――No, of course, she’s not an『 elf 』, she’s a『 high elf 』.


    She carries a bow in her right hand and an arrow sling on her back. Judging from the fact that she came forward by herself, it seems that she has no intention of engaging in battle.


    “Are you the representative of this village?”


    “Yes. I am Melfalude. It’s a little weird to be able to talk directly into that head of yours, but… if you could please just talk to me normally?”


    The girl who introduced herself as Melfalude was the first to complain about telepathy.


    Yuri felt a little disheartened by the woman’s light tone of voice, considering that they had been attacking each other just a moment ago.


    “I don’t mind that, but… If that’s the case, the people in this village other than Melfalude won’t be able to hear what I’m saying, will they?”


    “Don’t underestimate the hearing of a High Elf. If we focus, we’ll be able to hear conversations taking place anywhere in the village.”


    “……That sounds like a difficult place to live.”


    When everyone’s hearing is that good, even talking in private seems like a challenge.


    Well―――an environment where you can’t even talk behind your back may contribute to building a healthy society in some ways.


    “I have a pretty good idea what you’re thinking about. We all have varying degrees of access to spirit magic, right? If we want to talk about something we don’t want others to hear, we can create a space where no sound is transmitted to the outside world.”


    “―――Ah, I see.”


    When Yuri heard Melfalude’s words, she understood.


    If you can control a wind spirit, that level of control should be no problem.


    For now, Yuri has decided to suspend the conversation itself using telekinesis, while maintaining the establishment of the [Bond Link] itself.


    If the words reach everyone properly, as Melfalude said, there is no reason to continue. In addition, as requested, the <Ruler’s Dignity> skill is turned off.


    “Do you mind if I ask you a favor and a question first?”




    “I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think we can break through your defensive magic, nor do we seem to have any way of preventing your archers from attacking. So, I will admit that we are not a match for your power.

    ―――I’m sorry to say this, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind letting me treat my friends who had their arms blown off. The longer it takes to heal them, the longer it will take for them to be able to use their arms again without any inconvenience.”


    “That won’t be necessary. Sera.”




    At Yuri’s urging, Sera raised the staff she was carrying at the moment high in the air.


    Sera, the captain of the <Water Lily>, has the occupational class of <Saint> can use all kinds of sacred magic.


    “…【 Sacred Realm of Healing 】!”


    Before they knew it, she had finished her chanting, and instead of taking several minutes of chanting time, Sera immediately cast a higher level of sacred magic.


    As soon as the dazzling light flooded from the tip of Sera’s staff, a vast sacred realm that swallowed the entire High Elf village unfolded.


    They are surprised to see that the ground everywhere in the village began to overflow with light that was clearly “sacred”. The High Elves, except for Melfalude, who is still in hiding, shouted in dismay.


    “Wh-What is this…?”


    Of course, Melfalude, who was standing right in front of me, also looked very surprised.


    “Think of it as a kind of healing magic. Within the range of this light, any injury or illness can be cured in seconds. And unlike lower level healing magic, it should not leave you paralyzed or otherwise disabled.”


    “…May I go and check on my companion’s condition?”




    After Yuri’s words of permission, Melfalude ran towards the people whose arms had been blown off by Henruda’s arrow.


    I was killing time for a few minutes, chatting with the girls from the Yuri Empire. In the end, Melfalude came back with about ten men and women with bows.


    “I’ve confirmed that all of the people who were injured by the shooting earlier, as well as those who were injured by the arrows that fell from the sky before that, have recovered as if they were never injured in the first place.

    It may seem strange to say this to someone who attacked me, but I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for healing my friends.”


    As soon as Melfalude said this, the high elves with bows all bowed to Yuri.


    A person who can properly express his or her gratitude is a person that Yuri can honestly like.


    Although she had clearly recognized her as an enemy because of the way she had hurt her and her subjects, she was still a good friend. It’s not as if they’re that bad as you might think, Yuri thought as she relaxed her guard just one level.


    “It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry about it.”


    “If you say that this level of magic is ‘no big deal’, then we who can’t use the same level of healing magic are at a loss.”


    Melfalude let out a chuckle as her eyebrows dropped.


    Healing with spirit magic is much less effective than healing with sacred magic.


    That’s why it seems obvious to Yuri that the High Elves, who use spirit magic, have inferior healing abilities compared to Sera, who uses sacred magic.


    ―――I think it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


    “Melfalude. I still haven’t gotten around to asking you the question.”


    “Oh, that’s right. I’m a little hesitant to blame you for treating my friends, but…

    In all fairness, it seems to me that you were the ones who attacked this village first. Isn’t it a bit unreasonable to say that you want to discuss things after launching a preemptive attack?”


    “By “preemptive attack,” do you mean we sent arrows down from the sky?”


    “Yes, that’s right… Not only did the arrows rain down, but they also seemed to take a strange trajectory and hurt our friends in the village.”


    “Amaterasu’s return arrows always hit the target ・・・・・・・ that they are supposed to hit.


    If there is an obstacle in the line of fire, the arrow will evade it, and if necessary, it will track like a homing bullet, so it’s not surprising that Melferudet thought it had a strange trajectory.


    “I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself. If you mean that they harmed our Loftsdrake and its rider… I think it was the High Elves who attacked first.”




    “Don’t you remember yesterday when you shot down a dragon flying with a man on board?”


    “……Yes, I am.”


    With a very awkward look on her face, Melfalude replied.


    The fact that Amaterasu’s returning arrows had pierced the inhabitants of this village, it was already known that the High Elves were the ones who had killed Loftsdrake.


    If she were to speak falsehoods here, Yuri would have forgotten the fondness for the High Elves that she had learned earlier.


    However, Melfalude affirmed Yuri’s words.


    The fact that she was able to admit even the most inconvenient facts made Yuri favor her once again.

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