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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 247

    High Elf Village (Before)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    Yuri, who had decreased her altitude even further, descended with Amaterasu through the forest canopy to the High Elf village. The high elves living in the village immediately appeared one after another and turned their clear hostility towards us.


    There must have been about a hundred of them. There are many high elves in the area, and they all have arrows and spears pointed at them at once. Neither Uri nor Amaterasu cares about that level of things.


    “―――【 Summon Subordinate NPCs 】!”


    Yuri immediately used her skill to summon the children who had recited their names before coming down here to the scene.


    Seeing Yuri’s skill, several high elves reflexively shot sharp arrows at her.


    They were probably trying to prevent her from using a skill that they didn’t know what effect it would have. There is something to be admired about the quickness of their judgment and action.


    However, the arrows fired by the high elves did not harm Yuri’s body.


    Amaterasu, who was standing next to her, deployed a barrier that repelled all of the arrows.


    In response to Yuri’s【 Summon Subordinate NPCs 】, nine girls appeared on the spot.


    They are Parfait, Hera, Cassia, Primula, Henruda, Mizar, Sakura, Hotaru and Sera. All of them are the captains of the battle units of the Yuri Empire, and I don’t need to tell you how good they are.


    Perhaps feeling threatened by the sudden appearance of nine additional troops, the High Elf archers immediately fired a second shot. Even so, it could not penetrate the barrier that Amaterasu had put up, and was easily repelled.


    The third and fourth shots came in rapid succession, but the result was the same.


    For better or worse, there is no way that a high elf archer with a level of 100 would have the power to break through Amaterasu’s level 2520 barrier.


    “Do you want me to block the way out?”


    “My, you don’t mind if I ask?”


    “It’s easy.”


    Without even uttering a single word of chanting, Amaterasu had created a barrier ward that surrounded the entire High Elf settlement in an instant.


    【 Barrier Ward 】 is often used to prevent intruders from the outside, but it can also be used to “lock-up” the target inside the ward.


    With their inability to destroy even a single barrier, it was no longer possible for them to leave this village without Amaterasu’s permission.


    “Master, how may I help you?”


    Partita, the captain of <Nadeshiko>, who had been standing nearby for some time, asked Yuri.


    I don’t remember summoning her with【 Summon Subordinate NPCs 】because <Nadeshiko> is not a combat unit…


    It was very typical of her that she had somehow managed to get herself into the mix.


    “Well, I guess we’ll just have to talk about it.”


    Yuri replied to Partita, and took a few steps forward.


    Considering the hostility and wariness of the High Elves, it is unlikely that they will be able to resolve the issue through discussion. Still―――they are not unintelligent beasts. It is important to have the attitude of “first try to solve the problem through discussion”.


    This village is already under the effect of【 Spatial Grasp 】.


    Yuri established a [Bond Link] with the inhabitants of the village and spoke to everyone there by telepathy.


    “―――I’m the Empress of the Yuri Empire, and my name is Yuri. I would like to speak with a representative from your village, is that possible?”


    In response to Yuri’s voice speaking directly into their brains, many of the High Elves in the room looked shocked.


    Perhaps confused by their first experience with telekinesis, after a brief moment of silence, the village was immediately filled with a clamor of screams and shouts.


    I thought that since they were called High Elves, they would be more of a calm people who loved silence… In the end, they are just another kind of human race, and nothing seems to have changed.


    For the umpteenth time, an arrow flew straight at Yuri, aiming for her.


    Of course, the arrows were not powerful enough to break through Amaterasu’s barrier. Naturally, it was easily shot, but it didn’t matter, as more and more arrows came at Yuri in rapid succession.


    “It’s so depressing when they keep flying in like this…

    Henruda, may I ask you to take care of this?”


    “With pleasure! Anybody who tries to shoot Yuri-sama doesn’t deserve to live!”


    “You don’t have to kill them, just neutralize…”


    “You’re right, Yuri-sama! How merciful you are!”


    Henruda said happily as she placed four arrows in her bow at the same time.


    This is one of the archery techniques called the『 Many Shot 』. The power and accuracy of the arrows would normally be significantly reduced because of the number of arrows flying at the same time.


    At the same time, four arrows from Henruda’s bow flew towards the High Elf archers, each of whom was in a completely different location.


    Of course, the targeted High Elves quickly hid behind shields, but there was no point in doing so. Henruda released an arrow that was made by transforming a spirit, and the “will” of the spirit exists in that arrow.


    The arrows that drew an impossible trajectory by the will of the spirits to bypass the shields hit the right arms of all four high elves without any mistakes.


    Of course, the power was not half bad, and the arms of the high elves were easily blown off.


    The bow and arrow is difficult weapon to use if you don’t have both hands. If they can’t use their arms, they won’t be able to shoot at us anymore.


    “―――Maybe this will quiet things down a bit. I’m suggesting that we have a “discussion”. The unrepresentative, unimportant people, please be quiet for a while.”


    Yuri doesn’t think twice about chopping off an opponent’s arm.


    Yuri, whose nature is “Evil,” makes a clear distinction between friend and foe.


    The High Elves who live in this village are “enemies” when they kill the Loftsdrake, the property of the Yuri Empire, and also take the lives of their subjects who were riding them.


    Whether they lose their arms or their lives, Yuri will not be disturbed.


    “What are you talking about? You’re the one who attacked us first!”


    “Yes, yes, yes! Vile invader!”


    “How can you say that when you killed my husband?”


    In response to Yuri’s words, the High Elves living in the village raised their voices in protest.


    The high elves, who had surrounded Yuri and his friends a while ago, were now hiding in their houses, apparently terrified by the power of Henruda’s arrow.


    The way he said all those blustery words without showing themself. What can I say… it was too ridiculous and pathetic.


    (……What a pain in the ass.)


    With that thought in mind, Yuri turned on the <Ruler’s Dignity> skill.


    The clamor of the High Elves quickly died down and silence returned.


    <Ruler’s Majesty> has the effect of inflicting the《Atrophy》condition on those around it.


    The effect of the atrophy increases with the level difference between the two.


    The high elves are reasonably high level, but compared to Yuri, there is a level difference of almost 100, so the effect is very strong.


    Some of them seemed to be unable to move at all, beyond just being pressured.

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