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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 246


    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    Yuri uses transfer magic on the corpse of Loftsdrake.


    If you are conscious of the fact that you are using transfer magic, you can exclude certain people or objects from the target of the transfer.


    By deliberately excluding the Elven Arrow from the spell, Yuri succeeded in transferring only the corpse of the Loftsdrake to a distance of two meters and causing all the arrows that were stuck in the corpse to fall to the ground.


    The arrows that had fallen to the ground were collected by the sylph that had been summoned beforehand by manipulating the wind, and brought to Yuri’s hand.


    “Thank you, Sylph.”


    When Yuri gently patted her head, the little wind fairy giggled happily.


    Yuri handed the thirty or so arrows that Sylph had collected to Amaterasu.


    “Let’s gain a little altitude so that we can easily see where the arrows are flying.”


    Amaterasu, who knew what she was going to do, said as she looked up at the sky.


    But Yuri, who had completely lost track of her preparations, lowered her eyebrows in annoyance.


    “Oh… I’m sorry, can you give me a minute to change my shoes?”


    “Why don’t you just get a sylph to help you fly?”


    “I don’t want to get tired…”


    By utilizing the [Bond Link], Yuri can treat the skills, magic, and sorcery of the servant as if she had mastered them.


    However, to do this, she had to establish a very strong and thick bond with the servant, and she already knew from past experience that it would be very tiring to do so.


    The consumption of magic power itself is not a big deal for Yuri right now. It is not necessary, but Yuri does not have the hobby of indulging in activities that he knows will fatigue her.


    Unless, of course, the girl she loves is panting enough to match your fatigue.


    “…I’m ready. Shall we fly?”




    After changing into the『 Black Feather Shoes 』that she took out of her <Inventory>, Yuri soared into the sky with Amaterasu.


    Unlike Yuri, who relies on her equipment to fly, Amaterasu seems to be able to fly effortlessly in the sky on her own. Well, considering that she is the goddess of the “sun” that rises high in the sky every day, it’s not surprising that she can do that.


    “This should be enough.”


    It wasn’t until they had reached a considerable height that Amaterasu stopped.


    The altitude was probably about 1000 meters above the ground. When she looked around, she could see that some clouds were floating at about the same height as Yuri and the others.


    “Yuri, are you ready?”


    “Wait a moment while I tell my subjects.”


    Yuri used the guild chat to call out to the children of <Nadeshiko>, who were monitoring the High Elf settlement.


    She then informed the girls that if the arrows that were about to be dropped into the forest were to fall into the High Elf village, she wanted them to observe where they were going.


    “Okay, do it.”




    Amaterasu took her hands off the thirty arrows she was holding in her chest.


    Even so, the arrows remained in the air and did not seem to fall. This is because Amaterasu’s divine power has already fully penetrated the air, and she is governed by a power that takes precedence over physical laws.


    “―――Amaterasu, the presiding deity of the High Heavens, declares. If these arrows were fired to harm the Loftsdrake and its rider, return to the one who fired them and hit them. If it senses a demonic threat in Loftsdrake and attacks it solely out of self-defense, you may return to your archer, but you will not be hit.”


    With Amaterasu’s words, about thirty arrows floating in the air took on a strong golden glow.


    Then, as if they had a will of their own, they rained down on one part of the forest.


    It seems that there is a High Elf settlement in that area.


    Amaterasu said as she looked at the spot where the arrow had landed.


    “It seems so. Shall we go down there too?”




    What Amaterasu has just performed is a type of divination called “Pledge”.


    If you do this, you can divine anything in the future or the past, depending on which of the events you declare will happen, and learn the truth.


    In this case, Yuri wondered if the person who shot the arrow at Loftsdrake was trying to harm its rider or if they were just shooting to defend themself. We can find out by seeing which outcome happens.


    In effect, it is an ability that allows you to cause events to happen in your favor, so while it is only a type of divination, the utility of this power is very high.


    The arrows sent back by Amaterasu would surely sear out the person who killed Loftsdrake. Furthermore, if the arrow was fired to harm the opponent, it would return to the archer and be a sure-fire attack.


    『 The arrows fell on six houses in the High Elves’ village. All of the houses screamed and suddenly became noisy. Unfortunately, we do not yet know whether the arrows hit the enemy or not, nor the extent of the damage they caused. 』


    “Thanks for the report, Requiem. Please continue to monitor the settlement.”


    “Yes, Master.”


    Yuri thanks Requiem for telling her the results of her observation in the guild chat.


    Incidentally, Requiem is one of the children who belong to <Nadeshiko>. Of course, Yuri immediately recognized her just from the voice he heard in the guild chat.


    “Fumu… That means there were six archers, right?”


    Amaterasu, who overheard the report from Yuri’s mouth, let out her thoughts.


    Well, considering that there were nearly thirty arrows stuck in the wreckage of Loftsdrake, it was only natural that there would be that many archers.


    (For the time being, I think we should have a complete picture of the enemy village.)


    It would be a fool’s errand to start a battle without knowing the number of the enemy.


    “Amaterasu, please stop for a moment. I’m going to use some chanting magic.”




    Yuri and the others descended to the point where the High Elves’ village was located, about 400 meters high, and stopped floating at that point.


    Looking down from the sky at the likely location of the settlement, all Yuri could see was the green of the forest. She can clearly see where her fellow NPCs are located… in other words, where the <Nadeshiko> children who are monitoring the High Elf settlement are located. Yuri can see them.


    “―――Expose everything before me,【 Spatial Grasp 】!”


    After 90 seconds of chanting, Yuri uses【 Spatial Grasp 】.


    She chant magic so that the area of the radius of fewer than 300 meters surrounded by the children of <Nadeshiko> could be completely contained.


    This magic allows Yuri to gather information on the number of people living in the high elf village, their levels, abilities, skills, magic, and equipment in an instant.


    “There are 625 inhabitants in total, 140 of whom are particularly skilled in combat. The highest level is a so-so 97, but it doesn’t look like we’ll have any threats in terms of abilities, skills, or magic.”


    Yuri immediately informed all the members of the Yuri Empire of the information she had discovered via the guild chat, and also communicated it to Amaterasu who was standing next to her.


    The only thing that the High Elves living in the village have is a vocation, and they don’t seem to have acquired any classes.


    Perhaps it’s because they have established a settlement in the forest and live a life without religion. They probably live without knowing that they can obtain a “class” by undergoing a ritual at a temple facility.


    Level 97 is quite good, but … A person who only has a “vocation” is like having a huge discount on his or her ability.


    Just because they are a higher race doesn’t mean they have better abilities―――.


    ―――First of all, they are definitely not the enemy of Yuri and the others.

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