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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 245

    Investigation of the Corpse

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “…This is awful.”


    Looking at the corpse, Yuri felt sad.


    There are about thirty arrows cruelly stuck in the body of the Loftsdrake.


    It was a very cruel thing to do, even to Yuri, who has no particular animal interest, to see the long arrows sticking out of the handle like a mountain of needles.


    As reported in advance, there were two puncture marks on Loftsdrake’s body.


    One of the puncture marks was on the ventral side and the other was on the side of the neck.


    The former was probably a puncture mark to check the condition of the Loftsdrake after it was shot down, and the latter was probably a puncture mark to make sure it was done properly.


    “It’s not as long as a Japanese bow, but it’s a bit longer. Is it for a longbow?”


    “Probably, yes.”


    She nodded in response to Amaterasu’s words. Yuri pulled out one of the arrows stuck in the Loftsdrake’s wreckage and used her <Appraisal> to see if she could get more information.


    Elven Arrow / Quality [73].


    Physical Attack Power: 42


    * The handle of a tree planted in an elven village and created by an elven alchemist.


    An arrow produced by combining an arrowhead.


    Apparently, this arrow is called the “Elven Arrow”.


    Judging from the name and the description, it’s safe to say that the arrow was shot by an elf. It is hard to imagine that a non-elven race would go to the trouble of using arrows made of materials related to elves.


    “It’s a very high-performance arrow. It doesn’t look like something an amateur would use.”


    “…Yes. Maybe we shouldn’t consider this opponent as a small fish.”


    The attack power of an arrow is roughly half the level of the archer.


    An arrow with an attack power of 42 is just right for someone around the 84th level.


    The performance would be inferior for those at higher levels to use it regularly, and conversely, the cost of arrows would be too high for those at lower levels to use it regularly, compared to what they could earn.


    With a level of 84, you are is capable of being recognized as a top-notch player in the city of Ulysses, which is crowded with explorers who use the Labyrinth.


    It’s not that threatening to Yuri and her team, who are 200 levels above the rest and are loaded with paid equipment. At the very least, they are good enough to kill a Loftsdrake without any trouble.


    It is not hard to imagine that the rider of the Loftsdrake would have been completely helpless against an enemy of around level 84.




    Suddenly there was a voice from behind Yuri.


    Of course, Yuri didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.


    “That voice is Forlorn, what’s wrong?”


    “Yes, I’m here to report. We have already confirmed that there is a High Elf settlement in the outer rim of the Great Forest in this vicinity, according to several members of <Nadeshiko>.”


    Forlorn is one of the maids belonging to <Nadeshiko>.


    She is a very serious person, but she is often spoiled by Yuri only when they are alone. Unfortunately, now that Amaterasu is nearby, she doesn’t seem to be willing to lose her firm stance.


    “I’m glad to see that Forlane is also participating in the investigation of the forest.”


    “By the way―――what is the size of the settlement you’re dealing with, the High Elves・・・・・?”


    “Yes. I’m sure it was confirmed by the appraisal. The elves that live in the nearby villages are probably all high elves.”


    “That’s also…”


    The High Elves are a race that is considered to be a higher level of the Elves.


    In『 Atros Online 』, some of the special NPCs involved in the main scenario are considered to be High Elves, but they are not selectable by the player or fellow NPCs.


    It seems that in this world, there is a normal race of High Elves.


    “Forlorn, tell everyone in <Nadeshiko> to be very careful. Even if they are all under 100, they are not necessarily weaker than us since they are an unknown higher race called High Elves… Please don’t pick a fight with them alone, okay?”


    “Yes, I’ll get word to everyone right away.”


    Well, even if the other party’s strength is better than ours. Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire have already proven that they can come back to life even if they are killed, so there is no problem.


    However, there is no need to choose a way to fight that has a high possibility of defeat. At the very least, letting the non-combatants fight with only <Nadeshiko> is a bad idea.




    When Forlorn left the scene after receiving the instruction, Amaterasu called out her name.


    “What are you going to do? I think that if we take the pledge, it will certainly incite hostility. Wouldn’t it be better to wait and see while we can’t gauge the strength of our opponent?”


    “No, Amaterasu. Do it.”


    “…Are you sure…?”




    When Amaterasu confirmed her words, Yuri nodded her head without hesitation.


    The other party slaughtered the Loftsdrake, the property of the country, and at the same time probably harmed the subjects of the Yuri Empire who were riding on it.


    Even if she could not tell whether they are strong or weak―――as long as there were enemies who had touched her property and people, there was no option in Yuri to avoid fighting.

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