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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 241

    Opening of Land Transportation

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    The trade route that connects the Shinto City of Hourai in the Yuri Empire with the cities of Harakio and Scion in the badlands of the Republic of Aneka was quickly finished by the hands of <Kikyou> and completed as an extremely high-quality trade route.


    According to Meteora, the captain of the <Kikyou>, the road surface was made as smooth as possible to ensure that the wheels of the carriages would not slip even in the rain, while at the same time not shaking the vehicle as it traveled.


    In addition, a special coating developed by Rupia, an alchemist who belongs to <Rindou> unit, has been applied to the road surface to make it resistant to wear and tear.


    This coating is expensive to produce and needs to be reapplied approximately every two to three months to maintain its effectiveness. It is said that during its effective period, the surface of the road is unlikely to wear out, even if a tank weighing several tons with steel wheels comes and goes violently.


    The children of the production unit, <Rindou> never lie or exaggerate about what they produce. If Rupia said so, then it must be true.


    The trade route is a single road until halfway through, but as soon as it crosses the border into the Republic of Aneka, it splits into two, with each road leading to the cities of Harakio and Scion.


    The steep terrain of the badlands was cut down by the destructive magic of the <Red Rose> and filled in by the spirit magic of the <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose> as the trade route was laid out, so there were hardly any uneven surfaces.


    So the carriages that run along this trade route can go quite fast.


    Since the road was laid out in straight lines only, the visibility is good for the traffic on the trade route. So it is unlikely that an accident will occur… If someone who gets carried away by the ease of speed causes an accident, there will be a lot of damage.


    Since the road is wide enough, it might be better to put a white line down the middle of the road surface later. Also, we should take appropriate measures such as making sure that the carriage drivers who use the trade route know to drive on the left side of the road.


    As usual, skeletal soldiers were placed at intervals of about 10 meters along the trade route.


    Demons that appear in the vicinity of the trade route will be promptly disposed of unless they have a level equal to or higher than the skeleton soldiers. Some of the skeleton soldiers have bows, so they should be able to deal with flying demons to some extent.


    Of course, the skeletons also serve to protect the wagons and foot passengers using the trade routes from bandits. It is safe to say that security is well established.


    ―――Well, many explorers have trained in the labyrinths of Ulysses and Eureka who can defeat the skeleton soldiers without any problem.


    However, if you are an explorer with the ability to do so, you should be able to live a prosperous life just by earning money from the labyrinth. I’m sure they won’t turn to crime easily.


    “So, Rubetta, please take care of it.”


    “Yes, Your Majesty, Yuri. I’ll make sure that people will be captivated by the good food of the Yuri Empire.”


    “Yes, I’m counting on you.”


    Yuri saw off the Rostine merchants who were using the trade route for the first time.


    There were four wagons. At a fork in the road, the wagons were split in half, and two wagons each were scheduled to deliver goods to the cities of Halakio and Scion.


    The “air transport” using the dragons would not be possible until the beginning of next month.


    This is because the Republic of Aneka needs a certain amount of time to make sure that the dragons of the Yuri Empire are not dangerous.


    So today, the Rostine Trading Company will start the “land transportation” ahead of that.


    I consulted with Governor Fleur, and she was able to provide us with available stores in the cities of Harakio and Scion. Starting today, the Rostine Merchant Association will be bringing in food and other goods every day to be sold at the local stores.


    I’ve heard that in the cities of Harakio and Scion, the residents don’t have much to eat since they can only get food and drink that lasts for a day.


    But that was only yesterday. From today on, food from the Yuri Empire will be delivered to us daily.


    Naturally, there will be a big change in the food situation of the people living over there.


    Once the trade route is completed, the distance between Hourai and the cities of Harakio and Scion is surprisingly close, only about 18 kilometers.


    This is about 10% shorter than the distance between the cities of Yuritania and Ulysses.


    Aside from one fork in the road, the road is a straight, clean road, so it is easy to drive a wagon at a sufficient speed.


    Land transportation between cities would take less than two hours each way.


    It would be nice to know that the food would be delivered fresh to the destination without being damaged.


    Ruvetta’s words, “I’ll make sure that people will be captivated by the good food of the Yuri Empire.” Perhaps it is not an exaggeration, and it may be possible.


    If we can gain the trust of the local people with the results of the land transportation, it will be easier to proceed with the installation of the【 Transfer Gate 】and the start of the broadcasting in the Republic of Aneka.


    The more people who think well of the Yuri Empire, the sooner we can expect a positive response when Yuri starts broadcasting.


    The more faith Yuri can gather, the more Yuri can return the favor to Lydina.


    The friendship between the two countries will continue to be strengthened in various ways in the future.

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