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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 238

    5-Nation Alliance (After)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    In the conference room, Yuri and the others discussed the trade items of each country.


    Except for the Republic of Aneka, which is newly joining the alliance, the exchange between the residents of each country using the【 Transfer Gate 】has been active enough.


    As a result, interest in each country’s unique culture and specialties has increased, and there have been many cases where items that were not in high demand at first―――are now in high demand.


    This is especially true for tea and other luxury goods.


    As a result, many households have a wide variety of teas to choose from, and people enjoy drinking them according to their mood.


    Tea is often grown in different climates in different countries, so even if other countries imitate the cultivation of tea, it is not easy for them to catch up in terms of quality. Tea is also a very efficient commodity in terms of trading value for its weight, making it an excellent trading product.


    Of course, one of the reasons why the demand for luxury goods like tea has increased is simply because people’s lives have become more luxurious and they can spend money more sparingly.


    This is partly because the economy has simply become more active. The fact that even people with no education or skills can earn money by diving into the labyrinthine dungeons seems to be a major factor that has greatly reduced the number of poor people from the countries participating in the alliance.


    Moreover, since the goods obtained in the Labyrinth can be taken back to their home countries, the more people dive into the Labyrinth, the more stable the supply of demon meat to the countries will be.


    A country where people can eat meat at a reasonable price will contribute greatly to the satisfaction of the people. After all, if people are not dissatisfied with food, clothing, and shelter in their daily life, they will not be dissatisfied with their country. So from the point of view of each country’s head of state, the current situation could be said to be very ideal.


    “Uuu… The fact that there is not much demand for gold is a blow to us…”


    In the middle of discussing the trade, Governor Fleur let out a sigh.


    The mines in the badlands of the Republic of Aneka produce gold.


    Needless to say, it’s a very valuable resource. Because gold can also be found in the labyrinthine mines of the mining city of Eureka, the price of gold has dropped dramatically for all countries participating in the alliance.


    Governor Fleur, who had hoped to expand her gold exports by joining the alliance, could not shake her disappointment.


    “Well, you’ll have to bear with me there… But, of course, we’re going to set up【 Transfer Gate 】in each city of the Republic of Aneka. Instead, you’ll be able to use the Labyrinth to get a steady supply of meat and other demon materials, okay?”


    “I’m glad to hear that. It will also help supply food to the badlands cities.”


    At the moment, we only have a trial transfer gate in a corner of the Republic of Aneka’s governor’s office. If Governor Fleur approves, I’m ready to set up a transfer gate in a more accessible location for the citizens.


    Of course, this would require the Republic of Aneka to comply with the current rules regarding the use of the transfer gate, such as not allowing the transfer of goods for commercial purposes.


    “Speaking of which, Viceroy Fleur. I would be very happy if you would allow me to broadcast to the cities and villages in the Republic of Aneka.”


    “Yes, of course. I’ve already heard from Ilorina what broadcasting is all about. It is clearly in the best interest of our country to provide daily entertainment that our people can enjoy without hesitation. I would very much appreciate it.”


    “Thank you. As a reward, I would like to deploy wards to all the cities and villages in the Republic of Aneka to block demons from entering, what do you think?”


    “I’m not sure what to make of the additional compensation for accepting a deal that will only benefit us…. 

    As for warding, I have heard that the cities and villages governed by the people here are already enjoying the benefits of warding. If the people can be protected from the threat of demons, we be very happy and grateful. I will accept your consideration without hesitation.”


    From Yuri’s point of view, there is a clear advantage to increasing the number of believers in the Republic of Aneka by broadcasting, so that she can increase the amount of faith she can offer to Lydina.


    It is true that from Governor Fleur’s point of view, it may seem a little strange that Yuri would offer her thanks for providing entertainment to the people.


    “So be it. Well… I think that pretty much confirms what we need to talk about, don’t you? Viceroy Fleur, if there is anything you would like to confirm regarding the alliance, you are welcome to ask me here.”


    “I would like to make one thing clear. How does this alliance work together in terms of『 military 』?”


    “…Ah, I’m sorry. I completely forgot to explain. This is usually the most important part of an alliance with another country…”


    Yuri couldn’t help but hold her head in her hands when she heard the question from Governor Fleur.


    She had intended to give a full explanation to Governor Fleur, the new member of the alliance. It’s a shame that she’s missing the most important part.


    “As for the military side, there are no specific rules in this alliance.”


    “No…? Not even a defense alliance?”


    “Yes. In the beginning, there were a few agreements, but they are gone now.

    However, in the event of any threat to our allies, the Yuri Empire, as the leader of the alliance, pledges to provide free assistance for their defense. You don’t mind if I acknowledge that in writing, do you?”


    When Yuri told him, Governor Fleur revealed her surprise.


    We don’t need to provide military power from you, but we promise to provide it to you. That’s what I’m telling you.


    “It’s also… It sounds like you’re being very generous to us.”


    “If you have the advantage, why not?”


    “…Well, yes, but…”


    Governor Fleur nodded grudgingly.


    I understand that you are not convinced, but this is the only thing that can be done.


    As for military power, the honest truth is that it would be more trouble for us if each country offered cooperation.


    After all, in the Yuri Empire, many children can easily surpass the strength of a nation, even if they are individuals.


    There are some clear advantages to having them work together at the same level, that is, with the girls of the Yuri Empire. However, ordering them to work with other countries’ armies will only result in putting a constraint on their individual strength.


    That is why the alliance presided over by the “Yuri Empire” does not ask the participating countries to provide military power.


    In case any problems arise, we all know that it is quicker and faster for us to use military force alone to solve the problem.

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