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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 236

    5-Nation Alliance (Before)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    It was the 29th day of the spring month, four days after the meeting in the Republic of Aneka.


    On this day, a total of five heads of state were gathered in a large conference room on the first floor of the Yuritania Palace.


    Most of the diplomacy in this world is basically done by dispatching a representative of the head of state. However, this gathering of the head of state itself was a very rare occasion in the world.


    Altorius, the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun, Cadain Theodore, the Lord of the Duchy of Selsia, and Raven Rapier, the ruler of the Kingdom of Rapier, look quite calm even in the midst of such a rare occasion.


    From their point of view, they had already experienced this kind of gathering many times before. Now that【 Transfer Gate 】have been set up in each country for a long time, there is no danger or hassle involved in the act of the head of state going directly to another country.


    On the other hand, the governor of the Republic of Aneka, Fleur Kechat, who was visiting the capital of the Yuri Empire, Yuritania, for the first time, looked quite nervous in contrast to the three of them.


    The Holy Land of Nimun, the Principality of Selsia, and the Kingdom of Rapier are all much larger nations than the Republic of Aneka.


    A few years ago, the Kingdom of Rapier was a small country that was almost as big as the Republic of Aneka, so I could sympathize with it. But now it’s a thing of the past, and his country has expanded its size to almost 2.5 times its size after winning the war and taking over the entire Hydra Kingdom.


    It was obvious that the Kingdom of Rapier, which had established itself as a leading player among the middle-ranking nations, was no longer an opponent to be treated casually as a peer.


    “I’m not sure why I’m participating in this…”


    I wonder if the words that came out of Governor Fleur’s mouth were her true feelings.


    Hearing this, Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle.


    “Maybe it’s because I wanted Governor Fleur to join as one of the “people” of the alliance.”


    “People… I’m grateful that you wish to do so, but it seems that you already have a distinguished group of people. I don’t see the need for me to be a part of this.”


    “Oh, no, not at all. I’m sick and tired of hot, all-male meetings. If Governor Fleur were to be present, it would make the meeting much more pleasant.”




    When Governor Fleur heard Yuri’s words, a look of confusion appeared on her face.


    This was Yuri’s honest intention. What’s so sad is that every time we have a meeting like this that transcends national boundaries, I have to be locked in a locked room with three men.


    “Altorius. Is she always like this?”


    “Yes, she is. Yuri-sama is always like this.”


    “I wonder if I was too hasty in giving my beloved daughter to her…”


    After letting out a sigh, Governor Fleur said deliberately.


    I guess she feels a little better than I did in the formal setting. Even though she was swearing, Governor Fleur’s expression seemed to be somewhat clearer than before, when she had been coated with tension.


    “So, before we begin the meeting, let me introduce. This is Governor Fleur Ketchat, the head of the Republic of Aneka.

    I’ve invited her to join the alliance of the Yuri Empire at my request. If anyone has any objections, please feel free to speak up.”


    “The Holy Land of Nimun has no objections… Well, our country is originally allied with the Republic of Aneka, so it’s not surprising.”


    Altorius was the first to respond to Yuri’s question.


    The alliance between the Holy Land of Nimun and the Republic of Aneka has been going on for a very long time, at least several hundred years. Her country joining the alliance would be something that the Holy Land of Nimun could not hope for.


    “The Duchy of Selsia has no objection. As a vassal state, our diplomatic rights lie with our Sovereign, the Yuri Empire, and we are in no position to voice any objections.”


    Cadain then made the same claim, as if it were obvious.


    In accordance with the contract that was signed when the Duchy of Selsia entered into the vassal state relationship, the Duchy of Selsia is obligated to pay 20% of the total tax revenue to the Sovereign Yuri Empire during the period that it is a vassal state, and at the same time, it has transferred two of its diplomatic and military rights to the Yuri Empire.


    So it is true that the Principality of Selsia is in a position where it cannot say “no” to the Yuri Empire’s request to form an alliance with the Republic of Aneka.


    “…I think it’s time for you to break free from your “vassal state” status, don’t you?”


    Yuri replied to Cadain’s words in a somewhat dumbfounded tone.


    The reason why the Yuri Empire made the Duchy of Selsia a dependency was to facilitate the country’s need for food.


    The current Duchy of Selsia is able to produce enough food to feed all of its citizens within its borders without any problems, so it should no longer need to rely on the Yuri Empire.


    “Neither the nobles nor the people of the country wish to end their vassalage with the Yuri Empire at all.”


    “…How is that possible?”


    Governor Fleur asked this to Cadain.


    From the perspective of the Republic of Aneka, a third country that is unaware of the situation, the Principality of Selsia, which has voluntarily become a vassal state, must seem quite strange.


    “It is possible, Viceroy Fleur. If the Republic of Aneka were to join the alliance of the Yuri Empire and enjoy its many benefits, I’m sure you would soon understand why.”


    “It’s hard to believe, but…”


    “Well, you wouldn’t believe it. But as the sovereign of the Kingdom of Rapier, I can assure you that Lord Cadain’s statement is true. I’ve always wished that the Kingdom of Rapier could be a part of the Yuri Empire.”


    As if to interrupt the conversation, King Raven announced so from the side.


    “Give me a break. I can’t afford to have more people to protect.”


    “It’s a pity. ―――Oh, I know I’m late, but of course, the Kingdom of Rapier has no objection to the Republic of Aneka joining the alliance. Since we are both small countries, I would be grateful if you could get to know our country as well.”


    “The same small country? With all due respect, the Kingdom of Rapier is different now, isn’t it?”


    “Well, Governor Fleur, you know our country very well, don’t you?”


    “…No, not at all.”


    Governor Fleur hurriedly replied, but her denial was painful.


    The Republic of Aneka and the Kingdom of Rapier are located with the Holy Land of Nimun in between. In terms of distance, they are quite far apart because the land of the Holy Land is vast.


    It was obviously a strange story that Governor Fleur, the Lord of the Republic of Aneka, knew so much about the situation in the country of the Kingdom of Rapier, which was that far away.


    According to <Nadeshiko> research, the Republic of Aneka has sent many secret agents to the surrounding countries to gather information quite extensively. Governor Fleur’s knowledge of the situation in the Kingdom of Rapier is probably the result of this information gathering.


    Governor Fleur is very aware that her country is a “small country,” and she seems to think that the power of information is essential for her country to survive in the future.


    “I would like to offer one piece of advice to Governor Fleur. If you are going to join this alliance, you should know that we, the Holy Land of Nimun, and the Duchy of Selsia are all “small countries”.”


    “…? I don’t understand what you mean by that.”


    “Well, I’m sure Governor Fleur will understand soon enough. Isn’t that right?”




    “Yes, I think so. I think King Raven is right.”


    King Raven’s words were met with nods of approval from Altorius and Cadain.


    In the meantime, when Governor Fleur saw their reaction, she tilted her head in wonder, as if to say, “I don’t understand.”

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