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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 235

    Meeting of the Female Heads of State (4)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    When her husband, Dren, explained the efficacy of the elixir in front of her, Governor Fleur’s face showed a look of sudden disbelief.


    Even so, as long as the actual object was in front of him and the person with the <Appraisal> skill had assessed it, there was no way it could be wrong.


    “Your Majesty, where and how did you obtain these very valuable elixirs?”


    Yuri immediately replied to Governor Fleur, who asked in a slightly shaky voice.


    “This was made by one of my subjects.”


    “Oh… The Yuri Empire must have some very skilled alchemists.”


    “Alchemist? ―――Oh, I see. This is my fault for using a confusing term. I explained it earlier as a kind of elixir, but strictly speaking, this is not an elixir, and it is not made by alchemy.

    Well, it is similar… Therefore, the person who created this medicine is not an <Alchemist> or even a craftsman who makes a living from production.”


    『 Ochimizu 』that Yuri handed over would be an item made by the children of <Red Plum>.


    The <Red Plum> is a combat unit made up of only the classes <Spirit Princess>. And unlike <Kikyou> and <Rindou>, it is not a unit that specializes in production.


    “There is a large amount of it… Are you sure you want to give this to our country?”


    “Yes, of course. As I said before, I hope you will accept this as a gift to Governor Fleur personally, rather than to the Republic of Aneka.”


    “…Why is that? I think it would be in the best interest of the Yuri Empire to give this as a gift to the state, as it would be a huge favor to the Republic of Aneka.”


    “I’d like to see her family live a long life as long as I have Ilorina as my concubine.

    This is the only thing I’m transferring with that in mind. ―――If this is not a personal gift, then what is it?”


    Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle as she said it.


    Yuri had no other intentions. She knew that both of her parents were quite old from what she had heard from Ilorina beforehand, so she had simply prepared a “rejuvenation potion” for them.


    “So I’m not going to ask for any compensation. ―――If I had to guess, I’d say it’s for Viceroy Fleur and Dren to live out their lives as Ilorina’s family.”


    “…This is ridiculous. You can afford to buy a country with such a large amount of money.”


    “If there’s a country I want, I’ll go get it myself. I don’t need to buy anything.”


    “…Thank you for your generosity. We will accept it as a personal gift, and as a nation, we are not indebted to the Yuri Empire. Is that correct?”


    “Yes. That’s fine with me.”


    “However, it is also true that my husband and I have recently become much more concerned about our health due to the decline of our bodies caused by old age.

    ―――Personally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Her Majesty Yuri. If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”


    With that, Governor Fleur bows her head deeply.


    Right next to her, Dren also stood and hung his head deeply.


    “May I ask you a very generous favor then…?”


    “Yes, what is it?”


    “I hope that you will accept me as your family and continue to have a good relationship with me. I have many wives and concubines, but no parents, sisters, or other family members.

    Governor Fleur and Dren both seem to be people of great character. I would be very happy if they would admonish me as if I were their daughter, and scold me when I do something wrong.”


    “My, is that what you want?”


    “Yes, please.”


    Yuri has a total of 359 wives. All of them are too loyal to Yuri’s own wishes to deny or anything.


    The fact that she had no one around her to admonish her was something she was more than a little worried about.


    After all, Yuri’s tendency is so extreme that she can carry out any extreme act if he wants to.


    ―――No matter how out of line the act is.


    That’s why Yuri always wanted to take care of someone who could apply the brakes to her in times of need.


    For example, it could be the main god like Lydina or Arcana, a shrewd merchant like Rubetta or Ados, or a concubine like Estoa or Sofia.


    In addition, Governor Fleur and Dren would also be willing to take on the role of a deterrent if Yuri went too far.


    This would be―――very gratifying and encouraging.

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