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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 233

    Meeting of the Female Heads of State (2)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “In your letter, you gave me a very favorable response regarding ‘trade,’ and I was very pleased.”


    “No, no, no, Your Majesty, not at all. That was an offer that was too good for our country. That’s why I was wondering about it…

    I’d like to ask you straight out, why did you come to those terms? I’m sorry, but the Yuri Empire could have offered more favorable terms for trade.”


    In her letter, Yuri stated that if she accepted to trade with the cities of Harakio and Scion in the badlands, she would ‘make a deal without regard to the cost of transportation.’


    In the Republic of Aneka, the cost of transporting food to the two cities in the badlands is high. Therefore, the proposal that was as good as an offer to take over was, as Governor Fleur said, too convenient for the Republic of Aneka side.


    In addition, from Governor Fleur’s point of view, the Yuri Empire, which already possesses a territory worthy of being called a great power, may feel that there is no need to ‘sell’ the terms of trade at all. Naturally, the other side is wondering.


    “Yes, I understood that it would be less suspicious if I offered more reasonable terms.”


    “Then why?”


    “To put it simply, I wanted to get to know the Republic of Aneka better, which is ruled by the same Female Sovereign as me. If I want to gain friendship with someone with whom I have no diplomatic relations, I thought it would be better to offer them favorable conditions.”


    In fact, Yuri was not lying


    The only reason I offered to trade with the Republic of Aneka was simply that I wanted to get along with them, and there was no ulterior motive behind it…


    “Oh… if you’d rather. If you want to make it more convenient for you, that’s fine with us. For example, instead of ‘trade’, we can offer ‘free food aid’.”


    “Hmm, why is that? Why would you go to such great lengths to help us?”


    “I want to make Ilorina think well of me by treating the Republic of Aneka well. If possible, I would like to have Ilorina as my sixth ‘concubine’.”


    “…You want my daughter to be your concubine?”


    “Yes. I’m sure that’s what Governor Fleur had in mind, right?”


    She sent her daughter, his legitimate son, as an envoy to a country where he had only exchanged letters of intent once, and even allowed her to stay for ten days.


    No matter what, it was too blatant a move. If the daughter, Ilorina, can somehow make contact with the Empress, who is known for her fondness for women, and gain her favor, she will be able to gain an advantage in her future relations with the state.


    “Fufu. Now, what are you talking about?”


    Despite this, Governor Fleur only smiled softly, and did not answer Yuri’s question, but played it off.


    She seems to be a kind woman, but she is also a strong woman, as she is the head of the country. It seems that she has no intention of admitting it.


    “Well, if you don’t admit it, that’s all right. Now that you’ve done it this way, you don’t object to having Ilorina in the concubine, do you?”


    “Hmm. I can’t say anything about that until I confirm my daughter’s will. ―――What would you like to do, Ilorina?”


    “Umm, since you have offered me this, I would like to accept it.”


    When asked by Governor Fleur, Ilorina answered immediately without hesitation.


    The tone of Ilorina’s voice was as normal as ever. You can see the slightest hint of redness in her cheeks as Yuri sits on the other side of her.


    “Oh my? I thought you were not interested in this kind of topic. Have you had a change of heart?”


    “Oh, no. To tell you the truth, I still don’t have a very strong understanding of the subject.

    It’s just that… while I was staying in the Yuri Empire, I had the opportunity to talk to Estoa and Sofia, who are already part of Her Majesty Yuri’s concubine.”


    “Estoa is the ‘saint’ of the Holy Land of Nimun. Sofia is the daughter of the Duke of Cadain, the current head of the Duchy of Selsia?”


    “Yeah, that’s it.”


    Yuri affirmed Governor Fleur’s words on behalf of Ilorina.


    In response, Governor Fleur made a surprised face.


    “Well, well, well… Your Majesty, Yuri, you’ve had some amazing people in your concubine, haven’t you?”


    “I’m sure you’ve already done your research on that level.”




    After all, Governor Fleur only smiled, but stubbornly refused to acknowledge it.


    Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle at how difficult she was to eat. However, Yuri already likes Governor Fleur’s personality, including that part.


    “Estoa-san is still fulfilling her role as a ‘saint’ even though she’s part of Her Majesty Yuri’s household, and she’s also making a living as an explorer by going to the “Labyrinth”.”


    “Oh, what exactly is a labyrinth?”


    “…You’ve researched that, haven’t you? It’s too much trouble for me to give a verbal explanation about the “Labyrinth”, so please pretend you know it. I don’t want to get in the way of Ilorina’s story.”


    “Mm-hmm. ―――Well, yes. I think I may have heard that from Artorius. I hope that our country can also benefit from the Labyrinth.”


    “You’ve got a good grasp of it, haven’t you?”


    Even though Yuri let out a deliberate sigh. After all, Governor Fleur only smiled quietly and peacefully.


    In addition, in the current conversation, Governor Fleur referred to Altorius, the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun, simply as “Altorius”.


    I had heard that the Republic of Aneka was a faithful nation. I imagined that she was in a position to bow down to the Holy Land of Nimun. It seems that this is not the case in general, as she can call out the Lord of the country without hesitation.


    “I am the daughter of a ruler. I understand that I don’t choose who I marry of my own will, but when the time comes, I will marry the one I need. In fact, until now, I have been perfectly fine with that.

    But… if I am allowed to. In the future, I would like to be able to sit next to my mother and help her with her work.”


    “…Ilorina, is that so? You could have told me that, you know?”


    “I’ve been thinking about telling you this when I study harder and feel more confident that I can be of help to my mom… I also like martial arts, so I would like to make fighting demons as an explorer another part of my life and do my best.

    However, depending on the place of marriage, such a thing may be… or rather, I knew that most rulers would not allow the person they took in as a wife or concubine to work as they wished. In fact, I had even given up halfway.”


    “That’s how it was…”


    In the Republic of Aneka, though, women are allowed to be legitimate heirs. This is a rare case; in most countries, only males are recognized as legitimate heirs.


    And as the “daughter of the king,” Ilorina is in a position where her marriage destination is easily decided for external political reasons, leaving her will behind.


    Most likely, she will be married off to another country’s royal family or to someone in a similar position to strengthen the relationship between the countries. In such a future, they will most likely lose their right to live freely upon marriage.


    In addition, if she were to leave the Republic of Aneka upon marriage, she would not be able to help her mother with her work.


    When she thought about it, Yuri could understand why Ilorina felt that she had given up halfway.


    She was a clever girl for her age, so she probably understood that her future was inevitable through her efforts.


    “But I’ve heard that Her Majesty, Yuri, approves of the kind of life I’m aiming for.”


    “…Well, I’ve already had five ladies in my concubine, but I’m not bound to any of them.

    I’ll be happy if Ilorina comes to me, that’s all. I think it’s perfectly fine for you to live your future as you see fit.”


    Of all the girls in the concubine, Sofia is the only one that I have used in any way to my advantage. This is only because she has a desire to show her talent and be used more, so she actively assigns tasks to her.


    Aside from Sofia, Yuri has not forced any of the other members of her entourage to do anything.


    The fact that Estoa frequents the Labyrinth, that Lizelia actively inspects cities in the former Kingdom of Eldard territory and strives to comfort them, and that Roselotte plays the role of the lord of Hourai.


    All of this is nothing but the will of the girls themselves.


    In fact, as for Yubel, who was the latest to join her concubine, she hadn’t even asked what she wanted to do. Yuri hasn’t assigned her any work, and she doesn’t know where she’s been lately.


    That’s how much she wants all the members of her concubine to be free to live as they please.


    If something urgent were to happen, Yuri would only have to rely on the children of the Yuri Empire―――and the 359 members of the main family would be enough.


    And with Yuri’s ability to set up a【 Transfer Gate 】, it would be no problem to make it possible for her to travel between the two countries, the Yuri Empire and the Republic of Aneka, at any time without taking up too much time.


    Ilorina’s wish to help her mother with her work would be fulfilled without any problem.


    “If I were to say that I have special feelings for Her Majesty Yuri, to be honest, I don’t have any at this point. Her Majesty says that she doesn’t mind me being like that, and I do have a vague longing for love myself.

    She wants me to be her concubine, and I think it would be a shame to turn her down.”


    “What can I say…? It seems to me that my daughter is saying things that are quite selfish. I’m not sure what to make of it. Are you okay with that, Your Majesty Yuri?”


    “Yes, that’s perfectly fine. I understand that Ilorina doesn’t like me or anything at this point, but it’s just a matter of me trying my best to get her to like me.”




    Governor Fleur pondered for a while.


    She then nodded her head to indicate her intentions.


    “If the two of you are willing to do what is right for each other, then it is not for me to say anything about it. ―――Your Majesty, please take good care of my daughter.”


    “Yes, I will take good care of her.”


    Governor Fleur bowed sincerely, and Yuri responded with a bow of her own.

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