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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 231

    Repatriation of Envoys

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    ―――Today is the 25th day of the spring month.


    I finished my morning duties as usual and had lunch. Then Yuri visited an inn in the Labyrinth Zone of the city of Ulysses.


    The inn was built not far from the center of the city and boasted a magnificent appearance to match its good location.


    Many of the buildings built by <Kikyou> in the city of Ulysses were six to eight stories high, far more impressive than the general level of architecture in this world. The inn that Yuri visited was a very sophisticated building that caught the attention of pedestrians without being buried in the crowd of buildings.


    Needless to say, it is the most expensive inn in the Labyrinth Zone.


    However, compared to the『 Ulysses Butterfly 』hotel in the『 Tourist Resort Area, 』it’s a much more reasonable place to stay.


    Of course, it’s not just the exterior that is magnificent, but the interior as well.


    However, the interior is not designed to give visitors a “flowery” impression.


    In the city of Ulysses, it is the role of buildings in the『 Tourist Resort Area 』to pursue luxury, so this is not the concept that this inn in the『 Labyrinth Zone 』is looking for.


    Instead, the inn is thoroughly focused on quality.


    The floor, the walls, and the ceiling. The furnishings, such as the sofa and table in the first-floor hall, the bed and shelves in the rented private room, and even the slippers. In this inn, all of the furnishings are simple, but with a certain quality.


    Good quality is also a form of beauty. Most of the people who stay at this inn are successful explorers. For these people, the beauty that pursues good quality is much more desirable than the beauty that only looks gorgeous.


    “―――Your Majesty, Yuri!”


    As soon as she saw Yuri enter the inn, a small, brown-skinned girl who had been waiting in the hall on the first floor came running up to her.


    Yuri smiled gently at the girl.


    “Hello, Ilorina. Are you ready?”


    “Yes! I and my escort knights are ready to go!”


    The 10 knights standing beside the energetic and clever girl, Ilorina, were all carrying backpacks full of luggage.


    Yuri knows what’s inside that backpack. The material of the demon that Ilorina and the guards have conquered in the Labyrinth―――especially the meat of the demon.


    The materials for the demons you defeat in the Labyrinth are not always available on the spot.


    The corpse of the demon will immediately disappear due to the effect of the【 Recovery Wards 】. In addition, only useful materials are collected from the demons that have disappeared due to the effect of the warding, and the servant <Nadeshiko> who is in charge of the window at the explorer’s guild will take care of the package.


    After the explorer returns from the labyrinth, he or she must go to the explorer’s guild to pick up the materials from the demons he or she has defeated.


    To put it another way, until you go through the process of picking up the materials, you can keep them at the explorer’s guild.


    The materials are stored in the <Maid Bag> skill, so they will not deteriorate while you hold off on receiving them. This is why Ilorina and her knights have been keeping the meat of the demons they have defeated to date fresh.


    Yuri will now use transfer magic to send them to the Republic of Aneka.


    The plan was for them to stay for about 10 days, so they would have to leave a little early. The reason for this is that Ilorina accepted Yuri’s request, and it became necessary to discuss it with Governor Fleur as soon as possible.


    The distance between the capitals of the two countries, the Yuri Empire and the Republic of Aneka, is so close that it would take less than a day to travel by horse.


    Even so, the fact that Yuri can use transfer magic to reduce the time it takes to get home to zero is significant. She could bring back to her own country the meat that she had just received from the explorer’s guild without losing its freshness.


    Living in the Yuri Empire, it’s so common that it’s easy to forget that in this world, ‘demon meat’ is considered to be a high-quality food.


    First of all, it is difficult to defeat a demon because fighting it is deadly, and even if you succeed in defeating it, it is difficult to dismantle its strong body. In addition, the meat of the demon that you have obtained through your hard work will not last long, so this is only natural.


    Even if you sell demon meat at the explorer’s guild, you won’t get a very high price for it. This is because it is a common ingredient in the Yuri Empire and not rare at all.


    So they decided to bring it back to their country and serve it to the people working in the governor’s office back home. This is what Ilorina and her escort knights seemed to think.


    “Is that all the luggage you have now?”


    “Well… There’s also a horse and cart in the stable behind the inn.”


    “Oh, that’s right. Shall we go there then?”


    Yuri went with Ilorina and the others to the back of the inn.


    There is a magnificent two-horse carriage there. In the stable, nine well-built horses were warhorses in appearance.


    “Please take your horses out of the stable and bring them to the carriage.”




    A few of the knights started to act on Yuri’s instructions.


    After having all the horses brought to him, Yuri promptly began to chant.


    “Relying on our bond, connect our space and invite us to it’s land―――”


    A magic circle with a radius of about seven meters appeared under Yuri’s feet.


    The size of the magic circle was slightly larger than usual. In addition to the carriage, there are quite a few horses, so I thought it would be better to expand the area of effect.


    “Make sure that the carriage, the horses, the luggage, and most of all, all of you, are definitely inside this magic circle. Anything that protrudes outside the circle will be left here for you to find.”


    After finishing the chanting, Yuri told everyone in the room that all they had to do was say the magic word to activate the magic.


    The knights on guard hurriedly began to check after Yuri’s words.


    “Your Majesty, Yuri, there is no problem.”


    “Good. ―――【 Group-Long Distance Transfer Masti・Tron Adasu 】!”


    A powerful light, a mixture of blue and white, erupted from the magic circle.


    A list of registered【 Transfer Point 】 appeared in the field of vision of Yuri, the magician.


    Without hesitation, Yuri selected『 Republic of Aneka / Capital Lunchi 』from the list.


    The scenery outside the magic circle suddenly turned dark and pitch-black.


    After a pause of several seconds, a new landscape appeared all around.




    Ilorina shouted in amazement.


    The escort knights also looked quite surprised. This is the first time they have experienced it.


    “Wh-What a surprise… This must definitely be the city of Lunchi.”


    Since they had arrived right in front of the landmark Governor’s Office building, Gothos immediately recognized their current location.


    “I’m not going to make the mistake of going to the wrong place.”


    Yuri replied to Gothos’ muttering with a wry smile.


    Well, even if you make a mistake, you can use the【 Group-Long Distance Transfer 】again to immediately transfer to the desired location again.


    A group of soldiers rushed up from the direction of the governor’s office building.


    When a carriage, nine warhorses, and a dozen men suddenly appeared in front of the building, it was natural for the guards of the governor’s office to be surprised and suspicious.


    The soldiers rushed over with swarthy faces, but as soon as they saw Ilorina standing in front of the carriage, they hung their heads deeply.


    “Ilorina. I would very much like to meet with Governor Fleur.”


    “Yes, Your Majesty, I will arrange it right away.”


    After hearing Yuri’s words, Ilorina immediately agreed.


    Yuri was already thinking about the future―――wondering to what extent she would be able to establish national friendship through this meeting with Governor Fleur.

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