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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 227

    Ilorina (Before)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    TN: Little changes,
    Cyclon → Scion.


    When you hear the word “republic”, some people may think that it is a country based on democracy. In fact, “republic”, the political system adopted by a republic, only includes the meaning of “not a monarchy”.


    The Republic of Aneka, with which Yuri is exchanging letters of intent this time, is also a state in which the four cardinals of the four families, who are passed down from generation to generation, are at the helm of the affairs of state and also take turns being the head of state.


    In other words, it is an oligarchy, where a few powerful people control the government. It’s a republic, which means it’s not a monarchy. Of course, democracy does not exist there either.


    The ruler of the Republic of Aneka is called the “”.


    The current governor of this country is a woman named Fleur Ketchat.


    Yuri had always had a good feeling about this Governor Ketchat.


    It may sound strange to have a liking for someone you’ve never even met. Of course, there is a clear reason for this.


    ―――Governor Ketchat was a woman.


    Needless to say, that is enough reason for Yuri to have a good feeling for her.


    She seems to be a married woman, so, unfortunately, she is not someone Yuri can go around powdering. She wants to build a relationship with her so that they can talk casually.


    That’s why Yuri wrote a letter to the governor of the Republic of Aneka, Kechat, with more openness and goodwill than the condescending letter her country had sent her.


    I thought that my intentions would be more clearly conveyed if I were that blunt.


    As for the trade to Halakio and Scion, cities in the badlands of the Republic of Aneka, I mentioned that I could make a deal without regard to the cost of transportation if they would accept it since it would also serve as training for “air transport” using the Loftsdrake.


    According to the information I learned from Partita, the captain of <Nadeshiko>, the cities of Halakio and Scion can extract rare ores from the nearby mines, but due to their location in the badlands, they are unable to provide for themselves and rely on transportation from the west side of the country.


    Also, in the badlands, trade routes can only be built in “select locations where they can be created,” so they cannot be drawn in a straight line, and the routes are very winding.


    Because of this, it takes more time to transport food than it does for a simple distance, so only food that lasts for a long time can be delivered, and the food that the residents of Harakio and Scion can eat in their daily lives is quite limited.


    On the other hand, with air transportation, food can be delivered fresh regardless of the terrain, so Yuri’s proposal would be beneficial to the Republic of Aneka.


    If we can get close to a country ruled by a queen, there’s nothing wrong with a little disregard for profit. Of course, if the proposal is accepted, the Republic of Aneka will have to take appropriate measures, such as informing the citizens of the two cities that there is no threat to the dragons of the Yuri Empire.


    Two days after I sent the letter of intent to the knights of the Republic of Aneka, I immediately received a response from the other side. The letter of intent was once again delivered to Yuritania, the capital of the Yuri Empire.


    This time, however, it was not a knight who brought the letter.


    “―――My name is . It is a great honor for me to be able to meet Your Majesty Yuri, one of the main gods.”


    The daughter of his country’s governor, Fleur Ketchat, came to visit Yuritania in person.


    Of course, she did not come alone. About 20 knights were accompanying her, doubling the size of the delegation.


    Yuri was surprised to hear that Ilorina had come to visit him.


    Governor Ketchat was a married woman with four children. Ilorina was the earliest born of the children, which made her a “legitimate heir”.


    As you can see from the fact that Governor Fleur Ketchat is a woman, but still serves as the head of state, hereditary succession is not limited to men in the Republic of Aneka.


    In other words, Ilorina, who was now facing Yuri in the audience room of the Yuritania Palace, was a girl who was promised to play a part in the national politics of the Republic of Aneka in the future.


    “I’m glad you’ve come, Kechat-dono. I am very glad that you, the daughter of the governor, have taken the trouble to come to our country.”


    “Your Majesty, if you don’t mind, please feel free to call me Ilorina. If you call me by my surname, I think you will not be able to distinguish me from my mother. And unlike my mother, I don’t have a specific position, so I don’t need to use ‘dono’.”


    Ilorina smiled cheerfully as she said this.


    Judging by Yuri’s senses, she was about twelve years old. She still looks a little young, but she’s probably already an adult.


    (…Governor Kechat has three sons, I believe. The reason she sent her heiress as a messenger instead of her son is because she knows that women work better for me.)


    The Republic of Aneka has been allied with the Holy Land of Nimmun since ancient times, and they have established a close relationship.


    It was no surprise that Governor Ketchat had heard from Artorius himself, the head of the Holy Land of Nimun, that Yuri was a homosexual with a penchant for women.


    ―――In fact, if that was their goal, it would be very effective.


    With her brown skin and silver hair, Ilorina’s appearance was very attractive in Yuri’s eyes.


    She was not muscular, but she had the pliant flesh of an athlete, so she probably had some kind of training, like martial arts or horsemanship.


    “I’ll call you Ilorina. May I first read the letter of intent from Viceroy Ketchat?”


    “Yes, of course. Here is the letter.”






    Partita takes the letter of intent from Ilorina’s hand as she kneels at the bottom of the steps of the Audience Room, and has it brought to Yuri’s hand as she sits on the throne at the top of the steps.


    Yuri still can’t help but think that this is a useless and troublesome procedure. If this is a necessary diplomatic ritual, then so be it.


    The text of the letter was, as always, very polite and respectful.


    The sincerity of Governor Kechat’s character could be felt just by reading it.


    The incident with the Volmisian Empire not long ago had shown me the arrogance of other nations’ leaders, and I felt as if my tortured heart was being healed.


    It was written that she would gladly accept Yuri’s offer of trade.


    Transporting food to the cities of Halakio and Scion, which are located in the badlands, was a big burden for the Republic of Aneka as well.


    As the ruler of the Republic of Aneka, there was nothing more gratifying than to have fresh food delivered by air to reduce the burden on the national treasury and improve the food situation in a land with few options. The letter of thanks to Yuri was carefully written in the text.

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