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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 225


    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    As for the dragon horde that swarmed into Yuritania, I decided to create a freshwater lake with the help of the water gods in a place about 1km away from the city of Hourai, the Shito City, and have them stay near it.


    It seems that as long as there is clean water and food, the dragons won’t have any trouble living, so this should be fine for the time being. There is always a large surplus of demon meat from the “Labyrinth” of Ulysses and Eureka, so there should be no problem if we send <Nadeshiko> there every day to transfer the food.


    As long as the dragon is able to master the『 Humanization 』, it can live the same life as a normal human being, so as soon the dragon is educated, it will be moved to the city of Hourai.


    It seems strange to have a normal human being and a dragon with a level of over 100 living together in a city. In Hourai, there are already many gods whose level is not only 100 but also over 1000. I think it’s too late for that.


    And as for the dragon horde, Yuri decided to put Lindworm above Walter, the representative of the tribe, and delegate the management to her.


    Dragons are obedient creatures to those who are stronger than they are. Lindworm is as strong as the Radragulf, and she is also an Ice Dragon like them.


    It would not be too much of a problem for them to recognize Lindworm as their superior.


    It was only a short time―――when Yuri was relieved that the dragon matter had been settled.


    Apparently, troubles do not take long to come. A few days later, a group of about 140 dragons was confirmed to be flying towards Yuritania again, and Yuri had to deal with them again in a hurry.


    When she met with the representative of the group, she learned that they were a tribe of ‘sea dragons’ living on an island in the northeast of the Mekia continent. They had also fought Radragulf in the past and lost and had come all the way to Yuritania to be subordinate to Yuri, the master of Radragulf.


    I didn’t mean to be hard in my heart against a sea dragon, but―――you shouldn’t leave the land where the sea is, and come to such an inland country. However, since we’ve already accepted the ice dragon tribe, we can’t change our policy to ‘reject’ them now.


    For the time being, the sea dragon tribe will be living in a saltwater lake near Hourai, and like the ice dragon tribe, I’ve agreed to have them learn『 Humanization 』as soon as possible.


    The saltwater lake will be occupied by the sea dragons for a while, so we won’t be able to enjoy fishing and other recreational activities, but we’ll just have to live with it.


    I guess I’ll have to apologize to Rubetta of the Rostine Trading Company, who runs a fishing tackle store and several other stores near the saltwater lake.


    After the sea dragon case was settled, two days later, the tribe of ‘wind dragons’ arrived from the east.


    There were about 240 of them. The story of their arrival is the same as below, so I’ll skip it.


    By expanding the freshwater lake outside the city of Penglai, we decided to have the Wind Dragons live there along with the Ice Dragons for the time being.


    In addition to the ice dragons and sea dragons, Lindworm also had to manage a tribe of wind dragons, and she cried lightly, but Yuri kept quiet about it.


    Yuri wanted to cry as well because of all the unnecessary paperwork and regency matters.


    Four days later, a tribe of ‘fire dragons’ arrived from the southeast.


    ―――At this point, Yuri and Lindworm’s patience reached its limit.


    “Yu-Yuri. Why am I being summoned and made to sit on the ground?”


    Radragulf, the source of all this, was now sitting upright in the Yuri office in the Yuritania Palace.


    The entire building of the palace is made of stone, so naturally, the floor is made of hard material. Radragulf was already in tears as she was forced to sit on the floor.


    Yuri can summon her servant beast at any time by using the【 Summon Messenger Beast 】skill. Originally, she could summon Radragulf at any time if she wanted to.


    By the way, the reason why Radragulf is in human form is that Primula, the captain of <Red Rose>, cast a spell on her to transform her into someone else.


    It’s not because she mastered『 Humanization 』on her own, by any means.


    “Until you know that, you can expect no improvement in your treatment.




    “Yes, Yuri-dono. If you order me to do something, I, as a servant beast, have no choice but to obey. If so, then I’ll make up my mind and carry out my remorse.”


    “Nuoooooooooooo!? S-Stop it, Lindwurm!?”


    Lindworm poked her fingertips on the soles of her feet while she’s sitting on the floor. Radragulf suddenly cried out in anguish.


    She was not accustomed to transforming herself into a human form, so there was no way she was used to sitting on the floor. While writhing in anguish, but unable to break her seiza posture at all due to Yuri’s orders, Radragulf continued to endure the agony.


    As the punishment continued, Radragulf told me more about it. ―――It seems that dragons living outside of the continent of Mekia are all very territorial.


    So when a dragon like Radragulf, who is huge and conspicuous even from a distance, flies about, they see it as an act of aggression against their territory and attack in hordes.


    In other words, Radragulf said, “I just fought off the attackers who took the initiative to attack me.”


    On the other hand, dragons have the characteristic of being subservient to the strong.


    Even though they attack in large groups, they are still beaten back. With the overwhelming power that Radragulf displayed, it was no wonder that everyone wanted to be subordinate to her.


    The result is―――what you see here.


    “…I have one question for Radragulf.”


    “Wh-What is it? Ask me anything, and forgive me already…”


    “You could just run away without a fight, couldn’t you? Your wings aren’t so slow that they can be overtaken by a lesser dragon of a little over 100 levels, are they?”


    “………………uh,……, that’s, umm………………”








    If someone tries to pick a fight with her, she will not run away.


    I know that this is the nature of Radhagruv, but――― 


    Yuri wished she had run away instead of fighting and causing so much trouble.


    Yuri couldn’t help but feel that way as the lord of the country.

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