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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 223

    Dragon's Army (After)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    When Yuri flew up from the platform in the Royal Palace of Yuritania to the sky above the city, she saw Rosamia and Lindworm there, along with the children of the three troops of the <Red Rose>, <Yellow Rose>, and <Blue Rose>.


    It seems that they had sensed something was wrong and rushed over voluntarily.


    It’s good to have Rosamia and Lindworm with us.


    They are Yuri’s servants, but since she doesn’t usually give them any specific instructions, they spend their days as they please.


    If the need arose, I would summon them without hesitation. I hadn’t expected that both of them would already be here without needing Yuri to summon them.


    “You can use us more conveniently at times like this, don’t you think?”


    “Yes, absolutely. Let us be of some more use to you.”


    They both said this to Yuri, with a slight accusation in their voices.


    I was very grateful for their willingness to tell me this.


    “I’m sorry, but I’m going to need all the help I can get.


    So―――Does Lindwurm can see them?”


    Yuri had already confirmed that Lindworm’s eyesight was very good when she rode with her to the Volmisian Empire.


    That’s why Yuri asked that question. As expected, Lindworm responded with an immediate nod.


    “I see them. The enemies are all dragons, and there are about 300 of them.”


    Of course, conversations in the guild chat can only be heard by those who belong to the guild Yuri Empire. In other words, Rosamia and Lindworm could not have heard it.


    In spite of this, the number of individuals Lindworm mentioned was the same as the number reported by Angelica in the guild chat.


    This is a credible number, no doubt about it.


    “I could destroy it with a single breath, but…”


    “Please don’t do that, okay? You’ll affect the surrounding environment, and the farmers will cry.”


    Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle at Lindworm’s words.


    This is because the breath that Lindworm, an ice dragon, breathes not only has an effect on a very large area but also has the effect of drastically lowering the temperature of the surrounding environment.


    If it is within the range protected by the【 Temperature Control Ward 】, it will not be affected at all. There are many farmlands in the vicinity of Yuritania that are built outside the range of the【 Temperature Control Ward 】.


    Crops that grow better with the temperature changes that accompany seasonal changes are deliberately grown in farmland that is outside the range.


    As the calendar enters the month of spring, the crops are beginning to adjust to the signs of spring, but if they are subjected to an environment colder than mid-winter due to the breath. It was not hard to imagine the negative effects on their growth.


    “Lindworm, keep the humanized and fight. And Rosamia, please be careful. If possible, you should fight without using the ranged attack itself.”


    “Fumu… I understand.”


    Rosamia nodded her head disapprovingly.


    A large army of dragons is no match for Rosamia, who boasts the strength of a level 4000.


    Even if all of the opposing dragons were the top-ranked “Ancestor Dragons”. Rosamia alone would be able to kick them all out in no time at all.


    However, Rosamia is too strong and if she used her power carelessly, she could cause unexpected damage.


    If the【 Barrier Ward 】that protect the city of Yuritania were even partially caught up in the magic or sorcery that Rosamia used to attack the area, it was quite possible that the wards would not be able to withstand the power of magic equivalent to level 4000 and would be destroyed by a single shot.


    “Yuri-dono. Some of the citizens are probably wondering what happened when they saw us gathering over the city. Wouldn’t it be better to notify them and relieve them?”


    “Ah―――you’re right. Thank you, Lindworm.”


    As Yuri had instructed in the guild chat, the children of the three Roses troops were all riding the cavalry beasts they had summoned to gather in the skies above the city of Yuritania.


    The cavalry of the <Yellow Rose> is the Kirin, the cavalry of the <Blue Rose> is the resonant spirit horse Centaur, and the cavalry of the <Red Rose> is the Red Dragon.


    The red dragon was especially large, so it would stand out well when looked up from the ground. It is quite possible that the citizens who see it will be worried.


    It’s a good thing that Lindwurm said she needed to notify.


    “―――Good day to you all, residents of Yuritania. I apologize for the sudden [Broadcast], albeit only audio.”


    Yuri hurriedly began to [Broadcast] to the citizens of Yuritania.


    In her haste, she forgot to say her name. Well, that would be a minor problem.


    Yuri is the only one who can broadcast in this country anyway.


    “A large group of dragons is currently flying in from the north of Yuritania. We don’t know if this is due to an invasion by another country or something else entirely.


    If a battle ensues, we will annihilate the dragons. As many of you know, the city of Yuritania has powerful wards that are strong enough to withstand dragon attacks.


    ―――As the Empress, I can assure you that none of the citizens of Yuritania will be injured, not even a single one. Please, everyone, go about your daily lives as usual without worry.”


    Yuri ended her [Broadcast] by simply saying what she needed to say.


    We will have our usual [Broadcast] this evening anyway. The details of what happened and how it happened will be told to the public at that time.


    There might be some confusion in the city when the citizens find out that the dragon horde is coming. In order to calm them down, I have left the <Nadeshiko> children in the city without calling them.


    Even if there is some confusion, there will be no damage.


    “―――There you are.”


    When Yuri saw the dragon army, which was now clearly visible to her eyesight, she spoke quietly.


    For a normal person, the sight of three hundred of these ‘natural disaster’ dragons swarming together would be nothing short of despair.


    Unfortunately―――Yuri was too far out of the ordinary to be a normal person.


    “Don’t move yet, everyone. Keep in mind that no attack is to be made from here until it is clear that the other side is hostile.”


    『 『 『 Ha! 』 』 』 


    Everyone in the three units responded to Yuri’s words in the guild chat.


    Unlike wyverns, there was a good chance that the Lesser Dragon would be able to communicate with them. The first thing to do is to check the intention of the other party.


    “…They haven’t done anything, have they?”


    “Yes. I wonder if they’re not the enemy.”


    When Lindworm spoke, Yuri nodded in agreement.


    The Lesser Dragon can use magic and sorcery, and can also spit out a breath of its special attribute.


    So if the opponent is thinking of attacking the Yuri Empire, it is likely that they will take some kind of action once they are within range.


    While Yuri and the others were standing by doing nothing. A group of dragons stopped at a certain distance from each other, and one of them stepped forward, looking like a representative of the group.


    “―――I have a question for the representative of your army.”




    The representative of the other side spoke to me in a common language.


    If they were going to try to have a dialogue, of course, Yuri had no problem. Following her lead, Yuri also stepped forward in front of the three troops and confronted their representative dragon.


    “I’m Yuri, the representative. What do you want to ask me?”


    “Muu. Are you sure you’re “Yuri”?”


    “…? Yes, I am?”


    Yuri couldn’t help but tilt his head, unsure of the intentions of the representative of the other side.


    It seemed that at least they weren’t trying to invade the Yuri Empire.


    If that was the case, there was no way that the other party would have questioned the fact that Yuri, the Empress, came out as the representative of the Yuri Empire.


    “We are a clan of ice dragons that lived on Dragon Island, far to the north of here.”


    “Hmm…? What business do these ice dragons have with my country?”


    “We have fought and been defeated by your vassal, Lord Radragulf. I would be happy if you would accept this, as I am willing to gracefully surrender to your forces.”




    Without thinking, Yuri’s eyes darted.


    That prodigal dragon that she hasn’t been seen in almost two years―――where is she?

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