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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 219

    Third Year in Another World

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    ―――Today is the first day of the spring month.


    Today marks the third year since Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire arrived in this world.


    In this world, there are only 160 days in a year, so Yuri’s feeling was that it was only now, after two years, that a year had finally passed. Yuri’s feeling was that now that two years had passed, a year had finally passed.


    Whether it’s one year or two years, the feeling of time passing itself is somewhat diluted.


    Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire are summoned as game characters in『 Atros Online 』, so even though the years pass, their bodies do not grow, nor do they age. I wonder if that’s part of the reason why I can’t feel it.


    According to Lydina, even if we die, there is only a penalty, and we can be revived without any problems, just like in the game. In effect, Yuri and the others are destined to live forever, whether they want to or not.


    ―――If that’s the case, the sense of time will only fade away in the future.


    I wonder if the fact that my heart is not particularly moved when I look at the two-year milestone is a sign that my heart has begun to adapt to this fate.


    Whatever the case may be―――it’s good to know that the future of being with everyone in the Yuri Empire is already fixed.


    Now I have to do my best as the head of the country again this year, so that the people I am close to in this world, like the merchants and the children of the concubine, can also walk through time together in an orderly fashion.


    Speaking of side concubines… none of them will probably wake up today.


    That’s how proud I am that I loved all five of them with enough passion last night.


    Yubel, who was still lacking in strength from her sickly days, was the first to fall on the bed, followed by Lizelia and Roselotte, who both lost consciousness.


    Perhaps it was because her level had grown so much Estoa seemed to have persisted―――but her energy was not inexhaustible. After a few hours in bed, and with the date about to change, Estoa also passed out.


    All of the kids looked pretty exhausted, so… Probably none of them will be able to get up until this evening or so.


    After that, of course, the remaining Sofia alone could not sleep or lose consciousness, and the time spent being loved by Yuri went on and on until dawn.


    The bed was soiled many times, but that was not a reason to stop making love, because it was immediately returned to a clean state by the【 Purification Ward 】deployed in the city.


    ―――Well, Sofia must have learned her lesson after being tortured so harshly.


    If possible, it would be nice if she would stop calling herself a ‘concubine slave’ or some other strange position.


    Today, the first day of the new year, all the “Labyrinth” in the country are closed.


    This is something that was done last year as well. I’m doing this because I want explorers to forget about going underground and take a good rest on the ground at least for the New Year.


    As the labyrinth is not in operation, all the facilities related to the Explorers Guild are also closed for the day.


    So even if Sofia, the guild master of the Explorers’ Guild, is down, there’s no problem if it’s just for one day.


    …Though to be honest, it is doubtful that her overworked body will recover from a day off.


    Also, like last year, on this day of the New Year, as a ‘celebration from the government’, all the restaurants and food stalls in all the cities in the country are open to the public free of charge.


    This means that the national treasury will pay for the food and drinks that should normally be paid by the customers. Of course, this benefit is not limited to the people in the country but can be enjoyed by anyone, including our allies and passengers from other countries who are temporarily staying in the country.


    We’ve had too much money in the treasury for too long. It would be nice to have a day like this at least once a year.


    This year, however, we are making an exception for alcohol, which will not be covered by the national treasury, but will be paid for by the people themselves.


    I want the people to have a happy day… but I don’t want to see a mass of drunks and a worsening of public safety by making alcohol free.


    In the meantime, I’ve asked the <Nadeshiko> follower to work even harder than usual to keep the city safe for the day. There’s no need to create more problems.


    Of course, the free food and drinks will also apply to the stores in the Shinto City of Hourai, which are open to anyone using the【 Transfer Gate 】from today.


    There are a lot of sweet shops run by the gods there, so people who visit Hourai on the first day will probably go to several sweet shops in a day and enjoy a variety of sweet flavors.


    Sweet taste has the power to captivate people. Word of mouth will soon spread, and within a few days, it is sure to arouse the interest of people living in the country and abroad.


    I am sure that the sweet will become a good specialty of Hourai.

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