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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 217

    The Second Year's Conclusion (Middle)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “I apologize for the lack of variety this year.”




    Yuri took out from his inventory a bowl of soba noodles for six people, which she had just retrieved from the <Nadeshiko> child, and laid it out on the table in the kotatsu.


    Estoa let out a squeal of delight when she saw the dish still filled with hot steam.


    “It’s a dish from husband’s hometown, isn’t it?”


    “―――Yes, that’s right. I don’t think Yubel knows this yet, so I’ll explain it. It’s a noodle dish called Soba, and it’s what people like to eat at the end of the year, like today.”


    “I see… Noodle dishes are my favorite, so I’m really looking forward to it.”


    Yubel’s face broke into a happy smile as she said this.


    Originally, there were no such things as noodle dishes in this world. In the past two years, it had spread rapidly in the Yuri Empire.


    The reason for this is that one of the contents of Yuri’s daily broadcasts is a regular ‘cooking program’ that films the dishes prepared by Euro the <Gourmand>, the cook of the Lily Empire.


    In this program, not only are recipes introduced, but viewers can also watch and confirm the actual cooking process, making it an absolute must-see for any cook in the country.


    Euro has introduced noodle dishes many times in the past, and this has quickly spread the food culture in the country.


    Especially in the city of Ulysses, about one out of every five food stalls now specializes in serving noodle dishes.


    The short cooking time means that the food can be served to customers in a short period of time, and the fact that it keeps you full makes it popular with the explorers who dive into the Labyrinth.


    It was no wonder that Yubel, who was living in the city of Ulysses and had started to work as an explorer now that she was healthy, loved noodle dishes.


    “But this has a completely different aroma from the noodle dishes I usually eat.”


    “The ingredients for the soup are completely different. They get their flavor mainly from the sea.”


    “From the sea?… I’m so glad that I can enjoy the taste of the sea so far inland.”


    Yubel narrowed her eyes happily when she smelled the soba bowl in front of her.


    Apparently, the aroma of the bonito soup stock was pleasant to her. By the looks of it, I’m sure she’ll like it.


    “Is Euro-sama make noodles again this year?”


    “No, Lizelia. I made them this year.”


    “Oh, I see. It’s so extravagant that you made them by hand.”


    “Well, don’t expect too much.”


    Yuri said this to Lizelia with a half-hearted smile.


    Cooking has become one of Yuri’s hobbies, and she has now acquired the skill〔 Cooking IV 〕. So I have a fair amount of confidence in my abilities, but――― 


    But even so, it goes without saying that it is far inferior to what Euro, a 200-level <Gourmand>, can make.


    “Oh, master. Can I have some chopsticks, please?”


    As I handed out the forks from my <Inventory>, Sofia suddenly said to Yuri.


    “My, you can use it now?”


    “Yes. I was taught a while ago by Hikawahime.”


    “…Oh, really?”


    Hikawahime is one of the water gods that we live in Hourai.


    She seems to be shy, and even Amaterasu, who is in charge of the gods, doesn’t usually have much chance to talk to her.


    It seems that even such a person would have no trouble establishing a relationship with Sofia.


    I’m still amazed at her extraordinary communication skills.


    …Incidentally, Hikawahime is a very pretty girl, and Yuri has tried many times to communicate with her to get closer to her. At least until now, it has been a complete failure.


    Perhaps it would be wiser to ask Sofia to arrange a face-to-face meeting the next time she tried to make contact.


    “Oh, I also asked Amaterasu-sama to teach me how to use chopsticks.”


    “My, Roselotte is very good.”


    Yuri gently stroked Roselotte’s head, who was sitting diagonally to the left of the kotatsu, while praising her.


    Most of the restaurants in the Shinto City of Hourai are run by the gods we have welcomed, so if you don’t say anything, you will be offered chopsticks as a matter of course.


    In such a city, as long as you take on the role of the lord of Hourai, you need to at least learn how to use chopsticks.


    It’s very typical of Roselotte, who is very serious and hardworking.


    Of course, knowing that this is the kind of person she is, Yuri can safely leave the role of the lord to her.

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