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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 215

    Summary and Prospects (After)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    Upon hearing Yuri’s words, the children belonging to the three troops with the name of <Rose> showed obvious dismay.


    Well―――that reaction is probably justified. Normally, the role of laying out trade routes should be the responsibility of the engineering unit, <Kikyou>. It’s not surprising that the girls were confused by the idea of entrusting it to the <Red Rose>, <Yellow Rose>, and <Blue Rose>.


    “If it is the princess’s order, we have no objection… Why us?”


    Primula asked me that on behalf of the three units.


    Yuri nodded once quietly, and then answered in a calm tone.


    “It’s a fair question. First of all, it goes without saying that the children of <Kikyou> are almost always assigned to some kind of construction work, and they are in a tight situation.


    I had always wanted to improve the trade routes in the country so that the wagons could travel comfortably… In addition, I think that assigning <Kikyou> not only to building cities but also to laying out trade routes is overworking them.”


    “I see. So you want us…?”


    “The <Yellow Rose> and the <Blue Rose> are good at spirit magic, aren’t they?”


    “Yes, Yuri-sama! We’re very good at it!”


    “That’s a very good answer, Henruda. You can get the help of the earth spirits as you wish, and you can interfere with the soil, rocks, and plants, right?


    It can be used to level out rugged terrain, or conversely, it can be used to fill in a flat land with bedrock and turn it into an obstructed terrain. I’m sure you can easily do that.”


    “No problem!”


    “Yes, I think so.”


    Henruda and Mizar nodded their heads in agreement to Yuri’s answer.


    In the past, during the guild wars held in the game『 Atros Online 』, the children of the <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose> often built improvised trenches without relying on <Kikyou>.


    ―――The point is, it’s an application of that.


    In the end, a trade route is only as good as the road that is easy for wagons to travel.


    The road surface was flattened by removing rocks from the surface to keep the vehicles from swaying, and the surface was covered with gravel and cobblestones to keep the ground from getting muddy in the rain.


    If that was the only level of work required, he thought that the children of <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose>, using their spirit magic, would be able to do the job without relying on the children of <Kikyou>.


    Yuri explained this verbally and then asked Henrudah and Mizar about it.


    “I’d like to see the <Yellow Rose> and the <Blue Rose> take charge of laying out the trade routes between Yuritania and the neighboring villages, without the help of <Kikyou>.


    If it goes well, we’ll have one more project we can rely on you for, and if it fails, that’s perfectly fine too.”


    “Yes! I’ll do my best!”


    “I will do my best to present you with an excellent trade route.”


    “Thank you, Henruda and Mizar. I look forward to seeing the results.”


    There are twelve units in the Yuri Empire, and nine of them are specialized in combat.


    But, as I declared earlier, Yuri has no intention of waging war against other countries, at least for the rest of the year. This is why I wanted the children of <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose> to play a part in domestic affairs for the time being.


    “Princess. We, the <Red Rose>, are going to approach this from a different direction. So we can try to do the same thing using sorcery instead of magic?”


    “It’s a good thing Primula is quick to understand. Can you do that for me?”


    The <Red Rose> is a unit made up entirely of children who have the class <>.


    Although they can’t handle magic of using spirits, they can use the magic of all attributes, so they naturally have the ability to interfere with earth.


    So even if the children of <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose> don’t succeed. It is possible that the <Red Rose> will be able to successfully establish a trade route from a different approach.


    “…Let’s try to do the best we can.”


    “Thank you, Primula. I’m looking forward to hearing from the <Red Rose>.”


    “Yes. Don’t get your hopes up.”


    It sounded like she was unsure of herself. Primula is a cautious person and does not simply say ‘I can do it’ when she is unsure of the possibility of achieving it.


    That’s why it was enough for me to hear Primula say that she would do everything she could to help.


    As she said, she would make her best effort.


    “So, I’ll leave it to the three <Roses> units to layout the trade routes, and the regular extermination will be left to the other units for the time being.


    The conquest of the Volmisian Empire has expanded the country considerably, and I know it’s a lot of work, but… please do your best, as long as you don’t overdo it.”


    “There is no problem, my lord. It’s just that the demons on the ground in this world are all small fry, so it’s a bit of a hassle to run around, but not too much of a hassle to get rid of them.”


    “Well, that is exactly what Sakura said… 


    And since we’re going to be focusing on air transport from now on, it would be great if you could make sure to get rid of any demons that fly in the sky.”


    “Yes, sister. I’m well aware of that.”


    The Loftsdrake had only a limited fighting ability, to the point where it could be easily defeated even by low-level demons.


    If it were to be attacked by a flying demon, it would easily lose its life along with its rider, so it was necessary to be thorough here.


    “I don’t have anything, in particular, to say to the production unit, <Rindou>. As for you, I don’t need to tell you what to do, because I’m sure each of you will be able to do what you’re good at anyway.


    However, I would like to gradually install street lights in cities, villages, and if possible, along trade routes, so it would be great if you could arrange for mass production.”


    “I understand. I’ll take good care of that.”


    “Thank you, Krone.”


    Krone, the captain of the production unit <Rindou>” is particularly good at producing magic tools.


    The ‘street lights’ that Yuri is looking for is also a type of magic tool, so if Krone does his best, a mass production system will soon be in place.


    “I’m going to ask <Nadeshiko> to gather information on the nations in the vicinity of the Yuri Empire and its allies. We have no intention of invading other countries for the rest of the year, but if they raise their fists at us, that’s a different story. It would be better if we have enough information about each country collected regularly to be able to respond immediately to such a situation.”


    “Yes, master. I will show you the surrounding countries in full view.”


    “Yes. I’m counting on you, Partita.


    Let us all strive to make the coming year as meaningful as possible. To make this Yuri Empire a better place for us to live.”




    This country―――And eventually, all of this world.


    To make it a place where I and my beloved children can live happily ever after.

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