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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 214

    Summary and Prospects (Middle)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “There are two things I want everyone in <Kikyou> to do after the vacations.


    The first is that the Rapier Kingdom has given us the right to build a city along the sea as a reward for the Yuri Empire.”


    “A city by the sea? Of course, I have no objection to it, but… marine products can now be found in the lake of Hourai, it seems to have lost some of its importance.”


    “No, I don’t think so.”


    In response to Meteora’s words, Yuri shook her head.


    “The saltwater lakes inside and outside the city of Hourai were created by the sea gods, including Susanoo, so they are only inhabited by sea creatures that they know.


    ―――In other words, only the marine products of『 Laengard 』can be harvested in that city.


    To get the unique marine products of this world, we need to fish in the sea that originally exists in this world.”


    “I see… So the city to be built in the Kingdom of Rapier will be the base for the fishing industry. And since the seafood is completely different, it won’t compete too much with Hourai.”


    “Thank you for understanding so quickly.”


    Although the territory of the Yuri Empire has become quite large, there is still no land that borders the open sea of the Mekia continent.


    So, if we build a new city along the coast of the Rapier Kingdom, it will be the only place where we can get the marine products of this world. I don’t think I need to tell you how important that is.


    Furthermore, the location of the city to be built along the coast of the Rapier Kingdom can be freely decided by the Yuri Empire, and some of the surrounding lands will also be ceded to the Yuri Empire.


    Also, in this world, the sea does not belong to any nation. As long as you have a base with a landing place, you can fish not only on your coast or in the open sea, but also along the coast of other countries.


    “I’ll leave it to <Kikyou> to choose where to build the city. For the land survey, it would be a good idea to ask for help from <Nadeshiko>, who has excellent intelligence skills.


    ―――Partita, please cooperate with her.”


    “Of course, Master.”


    In response to Yuri’s words, Partita, the captain of <Nadeshiko>, bowed.


    “I understand. For the time being, I would like to visit the area several times during my vacation. I would like to fly around the coast of the Kingdom of Rapier on a cavalry beast, is that okay?”


    “I’ve already told King Raven that someone from the Yuri Empire will be flying over the area to investigate and select a site to build a city, so it should be fine. I’ll also write to the Raven King again after this, just in case.”


    “Thank you, Sister!”


    The children of <Kikyou> are using a giant bird called the ‘Ganmacho’ as their cavalry. This demon is so large that it is easily recognized even from a distance, as it is classified as a giant bird.


    It may not be as big as the Dragon, but it still has an intimidating appearance, and the residents of the Kingdom of Rapier will be very worried that their city will be attacked at any moment if they see several of these monsters flying over the land.


    This is why it is necessary to notify the Raven King in advance that the ‘rock demon bird’ is not a hostile demon.


    In addition to that, it would be better to use the [Broadcast] to inform the people of the Rapier Kingdom directly.


    “So, Sister. What’s the other thing you want us to do?”


    “Oh, I’m sorry to bother you with that one, but… I’m going to create a new operative unit for my country, and I need you to lead it.”


    “Eh…? Y-You means apart from us!!? A-A-A-Are you dissatisfied with us!?”


    When Meteora heard Yuri’s story, she suddenly looked extremely panicked.


    She probably imagined the idea of organizing a new unit and concluded that the existing unit, <Kikyou>, should be discarded.


    It is one of Meteora’s weaknesses that she tends to make hasty decisions.


    ―――But it’s all part of what makes her so cute to Yuri.


    “No, Meteora, I’ve always been satisfied with <Kikyou> work, but… that’s why I don’t want to keep forcing everyone here to do boring work.”


    “…Boring work, you say?”


    “For example, I’ve always wanted to install water and sewage systems in all the existing cities in the Yuri Empire. I think it would be a shame to have <Kikyou> do this work for us.”


    Unlike building a new city where water and sewage systems are already in place, adding water and sewage systems to an existing city will naturally take a lot of time and effort.


    If you want to leave it up to <Kikyou>, it would be quicker to build a new city right next to the existing one, get the residents to move in, and then get rid of the existing city.


    If we do this, <Kikyou> children will want to name their new cities after Yuri, and eventually, all the cities in the country will have names that begin with ‘Yuri’.


    I think some of the girls in the Yuri Empire might be happy about that, though.


    To be honest… Yuri is a little bit reluctant to do that. I simply don’t like the idea of having only cities with my name, and more importantly, it’s too difficult to identify.


    So, if possible, I wanted to keep the existing cities as they are and just improve them.


    “Fortunately, among the soldiers we brought from the Volmisian Empire to Hourai, there were about 600 people who were originally part of the Imperial Engineers.


    I’m thinking of hiring these 600 or so engineers again in the Yuri Empire and having them work on improving the existing cities.”


    “I see… I think that’s a good idea, Sister.”


    “I want <Kikyou> to teach them enough technology to add water and sewage to the existing city without any problems. ―――Can you do that?”


    Yuri asked. After Meteora continued to look thoughtful for a while.


    After a few moments of pondering, Meteora looked a little troubled and began to speak, “That’s…”


    “I’m sorry, but to be honest, we don’t know how to do this without actually doing it. We don’t have enough experience in teaching others.”


    “So, do you mind if we give it a try? If you fail, that’s perfectly fine too.”


    “If that’s what you want, Sister, I’d be delighted.”


    “Thank you, Meteora. In the meantime, there are two issues: the building of a new city along the coast of the Kingdom of Rapier, and the instruction of the newly organized engineering unit. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you’d like to start on first after the vacation is over.”


    “Yes. I’ll discuss it with my colleagues later.”


    “Please do.”


    As for Kikyo’s children, this would be fine.


    Yuri felt a little regret that she had overworked the <Kikyou> girls this year. She knew from experience the hardships of being a company employee, so she should aim for a whiter workplace.


    If possible, this year I want to treat the children of <Kikyou> with care and give them a good workout.


    “Next, I would like to ask the children of the <Red Rose>, <Yellow Rose>, and <Blue Rose> to do one thing for me.”


    “Yes, Princess. You may order me to do anything you wish.”


    “Yuri-sama! Leave anything to us <Yellow Rose>!”


    “We’re here to help you in any way we can.”


    In response to Yuri’s words, Primula, the captain of the <Red Rose>, Henruda, the captain of the <Yellow Rose>, and Mizar, the captain of the <Blue Rose>, all responded.


    Thinking of their words as encouraging, Yuri requested their help.


    “I would like to entrust you with the ‘installation of a trade route’ if that is possible. What do you think?”

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