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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 213

    Summary and Prospects (Before)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    ―――It was the end of the year, the 40th day of the winter month.


    On this day, more than a thousand people had gathered in the ‘Audience Room’ on the first floor of the Yuritania Palace.


    From young girls to mature ladies, all of the people gathered in the audience room were young women.


    Three hundred and sixty of them had reached level 200, the limit of the human race, and even the rest were at level 150. There was no one below level 150 at all.


    In addition, the two standing next to the throne had levels of 1710 and 4000, both of which were far beyond the limits of human strength.


    “―――Thank you all for coming today.”


    The girl on the throne, Yuri, called out. The small murmur that had been there instantly quieted down, and only silence filled the audience room that was crowded with a thousand people.


    The two women standing next to the throne were Rosamia, the Witch of Evil, and Lindworm, the Ice Dragon.


    And a few steps lower from the throne, kneeling on the floor to show their loyalty to Yuri, were the children of the Yuri Empire and their summoned beast.


    If all of the children belonging to the Yuri Empire used the【 Summon Messenger Beast 】, the total number would reach at least 1,500 or more.


    So the followers currently in the audience room are only a small portion of the total.


    “Tomorrow, the Yuri Empire will celebrate its third year since its founding. Needless to say, this was only possible with the help of everyone.


    ―――Thank you for everything, everyone. And I will continue to rely on you.”


    “That’s very kind of you, sister.”


    “Our power is always for you, Princess. Use it in any way you see fit.”


    “Yes, I shall be grateful for your help.”


    Yuri nodded at Hera, the captain of the <Shirayuri>.


    Then, with a slight lowering of her eyebrows, Yuri continued her words.


    “And there is one thing I need to apologize to everyone for. A little over a year ago, I told everyone that I did not wish to expand the country any further for the next two years. And everyone respected my wish.


    ―――Nevertheless, as you know, I have taken the initiative to conquer the land of the Volmisian Empire. There are a number of reasons for this, of course… Still, breaking my own commandments is not a very complimentary thing to do. I would like to apologize again to everyone here for this.”


    With that, Yuri bowed her head slightly. When Yuri said this, a small but controlled murmur of dismay filled the audience room.


    “It’s not the kind of thing to say. Having Yuri insulted is, above all, terribly unbearable for us. If Yuri had not led the conquest of the Volmisian Empire, the <Kuroyuri> would have been the first to destroy his country.


    ―――Even though I knew that Yuri would scold me later, it was something I couldn’t bear.”


    “We <Red Rose> completely agree with this. The insult to the princess is unacceptable. Everyone here felt an unbearable hatred for the Volmisian Empire after watching the broadcast.


    In fact, thanks to the princess’s initiative, we were able to invade his country with all of our gags intact, giving everyone an equal opportunity to lower their spirits. It was a very good decision.”


    “Hmm… Cassia, Primula. I understand your feelings very well.


    ―――If anyone has any objections, please let me know.”


    Yuri’s words caused a hush to fall over the place.


    After confirming the reaction, Yuri smiled gently.


    “It’s so sweet of you all to be so angry at me for insulting you.


    So… I take back my earlier apology. Then, I’ll say this again to everyone. ―――Thank you for being angry with me・・・・・.”


    If we are all of one mind, then what is needed is not an apology.


    Words of gratitude are the most appropriate.


    “Well, the conquest of the Volmisian Empire has unintentionally expanded the land of the Yuri Empire. I have no intention of reversing my original policy.


    As I have already announced, I will continue to do so until the 20th day of the winter month of next year… or, if you prefer, until the end of next year. During this period, I do not wish to expand my land any further. I want to prioritize the improvement of existing cities and villages over the expansion of new land.”


    This is naturally true for the cities in the newly-controlled territory of the Volmisian Empire. The cities and villages in the former Eldard Kingdom, which have already been annexed for quite some time, are still in a situation where the improvement of their living environment has not even begun.


    I’ve always wanted to build at least a water supply and sewage system in the cities, but I’ve been unable to do so.


    It’s not like it’s an urgent issue, though. At any rate, I would like to start some improvements and achieve some results within the next year if possible.


    “However, I will allow you to propose invasions of other countries for the next year and beyond. If there are any countries or lands that should be conquered by the Yuri Empire, you may propose them to me at any time, with written approval.


    However, please make sure that you have a good reason for your invasion. I have no intention of tolerating invasion of other countries without a reason, so please keep that in mind when you make your proposal.”


    If we try to invade other countries too much, we may lose public trust.


    It’s not that we as a nation want to keep control of the people’s minds, but if the public loses faith in Yuri as the main god, the number of faith people have in her will decrease―――and the debt of gratitude Yuri can return to Lydina will diminish.


    “Of course, even if we come up with a good idea, we won’t be able to implement it until the year after next, and during the next year, we will only concentrate on internal affairs. ―――<Kikyo>.”


    “Yes! Please give me any orders, Sister!”


    “Since I will be concentrating on internal affairs, I will be relying on you guys the most next year. First of all, I want you all to take a well-deserved vacation. I’ve had you working on building the city for so long, you should take some time off to recover from that.”


    “Oh, no! Sister, we’re ready to work right now!”


    “No, you can’t. Please don’t let me be so cruel as to mistreat you, my dears. I’m ordering the <Kikyou> children to take a leave of absence until at least the 20th of next spring. Is that okay?”


    “Huh… I understand. Thank you very much.”


    If Yuri insisted on it, the children of the Yuri Empire would have no choice.


    While showing a slightly dejected expression. Meteora clearly expressed her consent.


    “…Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘never’ do construction work while on vacation. If I forbid it, it will be more stressful for you guys.”


    “―――Th-Thank you!”


    “But I hope you understand that I’m eager for you to get enough rest.”


    “…I get it. I’ll focus on my vacation, but I’ll only be involved in construction to the extent that I don’t lose my touch.”




    Yuri nodded in satisfaction at Meteora’s answer.


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