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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 212

    Hourai Air Transport

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    ―――It is the 39th day of the winter month, the end of the year is drawing near.


    On this day, near the freshwater lake in the Shinto City of Hourai, the opening ceremony was being held for the completion of the home base of the new business association Hourai Air Transport.


    Hourai Air Transport is effectively a branch of the Rostine Chamber of Commerce, as the Rostine Chamber of Commerce provides the majority of the operating funds, about 70%.


    The remaining 30% of the funds are provided by the treasury of the Yuri Empire, but the government is not involved in this operation. The guiding principle of Hourai Air Transport is determined by the Rostine Chamber of Commerce, or in other words, by the will of Rubetta, who serves as its president.


    There are currently 388 Loftsdrakes in the Hourai Air Transport, the bearers of the ‘air transport’.


    The number of Loftsdrakes that Yuri once captured from the Hydra Kingdom when she participated in the defense of the Rapier Kingdom is exactly 300. So the number of Loftsdrakes has increased by another 88 since that time.


    But, of course, they didn’t increase by breeding.


    ―――In the first place, Yuri doesn’t know if it’s possible for the Loftsdrake, which is a ‘demon,’ to increase its number through breeding.


    The 88 animals that were added were newly captured by sending the children of the Yuri Empire to the Loftsdrake habitat in the northern part of the now-extinct Kingdom of Hydra.


    The former territory Kingdom of Hydra is now the land of the Kingdom of Rapier. Yuri received the right to freely hunt and capture Loftsdrakes in its habitat from King Raven, the sovereign of the Kingdom of Rapier, so she can send her troops to the land and capture it freely.


    This right was given to Yuri by the King of Raven when she promised to provide food support to the Kingdom of Rapier for the next year.


    The 88 new animals are currently being trained by Rostine Trading Company personnel to teach them not to attack people.


    The Loftsdrake is not a belligerent demon, but it is still a demon, so it is not without its dangers. It is very important to discipline them beforehand so that they will never attack people under any circumstances.


    Therefore, ‘Hourai Air Transport’ will start its initial operation with the other 300 animals―――only those that have been trained by the army of the Kingdom of Hydra that originally bred them.


    The main business of Hourai Air Transport is to transport fresh seafood from the lakes inside and outside the city of Hourai to other cities in the country.


    For this purpose, we have also developed a magical tool for transportation called the [Dragon Basket]. This is a twin cage that can be attached to the side of the body of the Loftsdrake, made by the children of <Rindou>, and has a structure that does not interfere with the movement of the wings.


    The [Dragon Baskets] can refrigerate or freeze items stored in the baskets as needed, which means that seafood can be transported without being damaged if it is transported while using these tools.


    “Be careful. Take it easy, and come back if you have any problems.


    If you encounter any flying demons along the way, retreat immediately. If you do, no one will blame you if you abandon your cargo.”


    “Ha! Thank you very much!”


    “““Thank you very much!”””


    After completing the opening ceremony of the facility. Yuri said to the 100 or so employees of Hourai Air Transport.


    They will be riding Loftsdrake and will be the first group to airlift fresh seafood to each city in the country.


    Since the extermination has already been completed, there is little chance of encountering any other demons during the flight. Even so, as long as there is no guarantee that there are no demons escaped from the ‘extermination’, there is a possibility of encountering them.


    It is obvious, but if you lose your life in a place that is not protected by【 Life-Saving Ward 】, it means absolute death. This is why I wanted you to cherish your life above all else.


    ―――Well, if it happens, many children in the Yuri Empire can resurrect the dead.


    Yuri thinks that this is something that should not be used too often. If possible, it would be better if no one died in the beginning.


    “Then―――go on. I am convinced that your actions will enrich the lives of the people living in various parts of the Yuri Empire.”


    “Ha! Then, We’re off!”


    “““We’re off!”””


    The employees of Hourai Air Transport responded to Yuri’s words with a loud voice.


    Then, they quickly mounted the Loftsdrake and soared into the sky in a practiced manner. They took off in the direction they wanted to go.


    “Thank you for your words of encouragement to our employees.”


    “No problem. It’s the least I can do for you.”


    Yuri replied with a smile to the words of the woman standing nearby, Rvetta, the head of the Rostine Trading Company.


    It was Yuri who first proposed the idea of air transport, but it was Rubetta who made all the efforts to make it a reality, including setting up a business association solely for the air transport business.


    Compared to the hardships she has undertaken, the effort of giving a final word of encouragement to her employees is nothing.


    “As you know, the activities of Hourai Air Transport must be suspended for at least three days after the new year, and preferably five days.”


    “Yes. I have no intention of letting my men fly in the skies without having completed the extermination. They are an important asset for the Chamber of Commerce. It will take time to train them.”


    “Very well. I’m sure your subordinates will be happy to know they’re being cared for by their superiors.”


    “Yes, I am in a position similar to that of a vassal being cared for by the Lord. I understand that feeling very well, so I try to imitate it.”


    With a carefree smile on her face, Rubetta responded.


    If she said that, Yuri, who relied on Rubetta for everything as if she were her vassal, had no words.


    “Is Rubetta going to be busy?”


    “It’s the end of the year, so I don’t have much time on my hands… If you need me for anything, I’ll be happy to take some time for you.”


    “No, that’s not what I meant―――How about after the New Year?”


    When Rubetta saw Yuri’s insistence, she looked a little dubious.


    But even so, she quickly answered Yuri’s question.


    “I have to supervise the New Year Festival, so I’m a little busy during the day. At the beginning of the year, after sunset or the next day, I can spare some time.”


    “I’m glad to hear that. I have some prototypes of sake brewed by the god Sukunabikona, who we welcome here at Hourai.


    As I recall, Rubetta has a good taste for sake, right? If you’d like, you can have a drink with me on the first night of the new year and give me your honest opinion from a merchant’s perspective.”


    “Ah, that’s a very nice offer. I’d be delighted to be your guest.”


    “Also, I’m not going to let you leave that night, so please keep that in mind, okay?”




    For a while, Rubetta’s eyes went blank as she couldn’t make sense of Yuri’s words.


    Eventually, after a full ten seconds of counting. Finally, she understood the meaning of Yuri’s words. In an instant, her face as well as both ears turned bright red.

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