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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 211

    Domestic Foreign Countries (After)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    There are two rather small lakes in the city of Hourai.


    Each of them is a ‘freshwater lake’ and a ‘saltwater lake,’ and the two lakes, which have completely different characteristics, are inhabited by many creatures thanks to the blessings of the gods living in the city.


    There are also lakes in the tourist resort area of Ulysses, but those lakes are for the people staying in the city to enjoy swimming, so no creatures are living there.


    This is why the only place in the Yuri Empire where you can casually enjoy fishing is the lake here in Hourai.


    This is the only place in the Yuri Empire where you can easily enjoy fishing… Well, there are several cities with rivers flowing through them, including Yuritania, so it’s not that you can’t do it in other cities as well. The river is a public place that many citizens use for daily life, such as washing and bathing, so it is not a good environment for fishing.


    On the other hand, the lakes in the city of Hourai are not used for daily life, so you can enjoy fishing without fear of anyone.


    There is a fishing pier built by the children of <Kikyou>, and there is also a fishing tackle store operated by the Rostine Trading Company in the vicinity, providing a convenient environment for fishing. Above all, the lake of Penglai is inhabited by a large number of creatures by the grace of the gods, so it is quite easy for even beginners to catch fish.


    Moreover, in the Hourai saltwater lake, you can catch fish from the sea even though it is supposed to be a lake.


    For the people of the Yuri Empire and neighboring allies, who are located in the middle of the Mekia continent and are completely removed from the delicacies of the sea, this would be a big attraction.


    Also, if you go outside the city of Hourai, there is one lake that is far more vast than the one in the city.


    This lake is managed by the sea god Susanoo, and although it is a lake, it has an environment that is completely similar to an ocean and is home to many oceanic and large fish, including tuna.


    If you want to catch a big one, you can fish here. The demons are usually exterminated thoroughly, so unless it’s just after the moon has changed, it’s safe enough to leave the city of Hourai.


    By the way, according to <Kikyou> report, a part of the shore of the lake outside the city has been transformed into a sandy beach for some time.


    Perhaps this is due to the grace of Susanoo, the sea god.


    For some reason, the tide is also rising and falling, so when the water level is decreasing, it is possible to enjoy tide-pooling on the beach.


    But Yuri can’t help but wonder where all the seawater disappears when the tide is low――― 




    “If you are interested in Hourai, please visit it after the new year. You can visit the city at any time by using the【 Transfer Gate 】, and I’m sure that once you come here, you’ll appreciate the city so much that you’ll want to come back.


    ―――So, good day to everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”


    After touring around the important places inside and outside the city of Hourai, explaining them to the viewers. Yuri went back to the central shopping district one last time to conclude this evening’s broadcast, and let out a sigh as if she had finished her task.


    Nowadays, Yuri’s broadcasts are not limited to the residents of the city, but can also be viewed by the people living in the surrounding villages. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that Yuri’s broadcasts are being watched by almost all the people living in the Yuri Empire and allied countries.


    I think I’ve gotten used to it compared to when I first started, but I still sigh heavily half-unconsciously right after each night’s broadcast, so I guess I’m still feeling nervous about it.


    “―――Thank you for the broadcast, husband.”


    As Yuri was quietly lost in thought, not moving an inch from the point where the broadcast had ended. She saw a girl running up to her, calling her out.


    Of course, Yuri knew who it was right away, even if it was just her voice.


    “Hello, Roselotte. Have you come to see me?”


    “Of course. I’ve been watching the broadcasts that advertise the Shinto City of Hourai, so I thought I should thank you for this.”


    “So polite.”


    Yuri has entrusted Roselotte with the role of the lord here in Hourai.


    Apparently, Roselotte took the trouble to come and thank Yuri for promoting her city before it opens to the public next year.


    Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle at how earnest and sincere she was.


    It’s not like we’re just standing around talking in the shopping district late at night. Yuri took Roselotte to one of the sweet shops nearby.


    “Welco―! Ah, it’s Yuri-sama! Welcome!”


    The shopkeeper, a young girl not yet old enough to see Yuri, immediately responded with an innocent smile.


    After ordering zenzai for two and telling her that she wanted to use a private room―――Yuri took Roselotte to a small Japanese-style room in the back of the store.


    This is a restaurant run by the goddess Kushinadahime.


    ―――The manager, a young girl, is the very same Kushinadahime herself.


    Incidentally, Kushinadahime is also the legitimate wife of Susanoo. Susanoo has several wives, but he chose such a young girl as his legitimate wife… Without a doubt, we can assume that Susanoo is a pedophile.


    “…Umm, husband.”


    “Yes. What is it, Roselotte?”


    “This Hourai has become such a magnificent city―――Can I really be trusted to be the lord of this city?”


    “You know・・・, I don’t know what to say.”




    Yuri lightly poked Roselotte’s forehead, which made her look uneasy.


    Yuri do it lightly so that it wouldn’t hurt, but it still caught her off guard, and a cute little voice escaped from Roselotte’s mouth.


    “I left it to you because I thought you were good enough to handle it, okay? Is Roselotte trying to tell me that my eyes are blind?”


    “N-No, not at all.


    “And I’ve told you before. I don’t intend to demand perfection from Roselotte, so you should feel free to try without fear of failure.


    I believe that no matter how many times she fails, Roselotte will learn a lot from her mistakes and become a good ruler. That’s what I believe.”


    “Husband… I understand. I’ll try my best.”


    Roselotte responded with a determined look on her face.


    Seeing her expression, Yuri smiled and nodded.


    “Roselotte, I have one piece of advice for you.”


    “Y-Yes. I’d love to hear it!”


    “If you ever feel uneasy inside, try to keep a cheerful expression on your face, as you are doing now. If the ruler looks anxious, the anxiety will spread to those who are under your rule. On the other hand, if you put on a cheerful face, the citizens will somehow feel as if they have a brighter outlook for the future.”


    “…Umm… Is that how it works?”


    “Yes. That’s the most important secret I’ve learned in my nearly two years as a monarch.”


    Needless to say, Yuri was also a novice when he first started ruling the country.


    Therefore, what Yuri has learned in the past two years should be useful to Roselotte, who is now facing the important job of ‘Lord of the City’ as a novice.


    “If you want to make Hourai a good city, first of all, Roselotte must have a strong will to make this city a good city. ―――It doesn’t matter if it’s a confidence that has no basis in fact.


    If you do that, your spirit will spread to the people who see your face. If many of the citizens have the will to make the city a better place, then we’re done. After that, even if Roselotte does nothing, the city will improve on its own.”


    “I-Is that’s how it is…?”


    “Trust me.”


    In reality, it’s not enough to make everything go well――― 


    It is an undeniable fact that the anxious look on the face of the person at the top of the city has no positive effect on the people working under him or the citizens.


    It’s better for a ruler to have a confident expression on their face and to stand tall.


    At least that’s what Yuri tries to keep in mind whenever she faces outsiders as a ruler. And I’m proud of the fact that it’s working.

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