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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 206

    Seas That Do Not Come Into Contact With the Open Sea

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    Yesterday, Yuri fought a duel with Susanoo, and showed him her own martial prowess.


    What she actually demonstrated was not her own strength, but Rosamia’s fighting ability. It is commonplace in the game『 Atros Online 』for those with <Summoner> class to demonstrate their martial prowess not by themselves, but by summoning a beast.


    Even though the belligerent gods may take a defiant stance against those who do not possess strength. On the other hand, they will treat an opponent who has shown enough strength with the appropriate respect.


    When Yuri broadcasted how Rosamia defeated Susanoo with a single slap on the cheek, it became known to all the gods living in Shinto City.


    The power of the messenger beast is the power of the summoner. As a result, the last of the ‘belligerent’ gods that had been welcomed to Shinto City recognized Yuri’s strength.


    No one seemed to have any objection to the fact that the Shinto City belonged to the Yuri Empire, where Yuri is the Empress.


    Incidentally, the reason why the level of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi was around 2,500, while the level of Susanoo was only 361, was because of the completely different grade of the sacred object used to welcome them.


    For Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, I had prepared the highest grade of a sacred object,『 Yata no Kagami +10 』, which had already been strengthened ten times. On the other hand, for Susanoo, I used the ordinary『 Yata no Kagami 』, which have not been strengthened.


    Needless to say, there is no reason to strengthen a potential adversary by using a high-grade sacred object.


    Even so, the『 Yata no Kagami 』mirror is still a sacred artifact, so Susanoo was able to manifest himself freely. The disparity between the two gods was evident in their levels, and Susanoo’s level was only 361.


    If Susanoo had been welcomed with『 Yata no Kagami +10 』, the outcome would not have been so terrible as to be settled with a single slap in the face.


    But even if Susanoo had a level of more than 2,500, in the end, he would only be able to survive a little longer. In the face of Rosamia’s overwhelming power, he would have been defeated without being able to put up any kind of resistance.


    Rosamia’s strength is that vicious and unmatched.


    If Borohaum, the Demon King of Hatred, is the final boss of『 Atros Online 』, then Rosamia, the Witch of Evil, is the game’s ‘secret boss.’


    Even if all of the gods of this “Shinto City” were to come together and attack her, Rosamia would easily triumph.


    ―――Rosamia has now joined forces with Susanoo・・・・・who has been resurrected this morning, to create a sea near the “Shinto City” that is being built.


    Rosamia has the ability to use all kinds of sorcery and magic. Of course, she can also handle spirit magic, so manipulating the spirits of the earth to alter the terrain as she sees fit and manipulating the spirits of the water to create a large lake like nothing.


    Susanoo, the younger brother of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, possesses a high divinity as the Sea God. When he wields his divine power, a mere spring can be transformed into an ocean in a matter of seconds.


    Since it is not bordered by the open sea, it should probably be called a ‘saltwater lake’ rather than an ‘ocean’.


    Even so, it was an undeniable fact that this was the ocean, as it was the domain of the sea god Susanoo’s power.


    “I’m sorry, Miss Rosamia. I’m sorry you had to help me.”


    “That’s fine. The increase in the wealth of the sea is an asset for the Yuri Empire. As long as it benefits Yuri, I’ll gladly lend a hand.”


    Susanoo and Rosamia were exchanging words in a somewhat friendly manner.


    It’s hard to believe that they had a duel yesterday and one of them actually killed the other.


    Susanoo, the one who was killed, calls Rosamia ‘Miss’ out of respect for her strength, and Rosamia accepts it as a matter of course.


    “There is already one saltwater lake in the Yuri Empire. Why would we want to build another one outside the city?”


    “That’s not a bad idea, but… It’s hard for large organisms to live in that small ocean, isn’t it? I wanted to make a bigger ocean.”


    Susanoo answered Yuri’s question.


    “Oh, I see…”


    That seemed to be a reasonable answer.


    Some of the creatures in the sea can reach several tens of meters in length. The saltwater lakes in Shinto City would naturally be too small for such creatures.


    Due to the fact that it is located inside the city, that saltwater lake is not easily expandable. So it would be natural to think of building a new, larger saltwater lake outside the city.


    “…I’d like to try some tuna.”


    Yuri thought about this as she looked at the ocean in front of her.


    Tuna is not a large creature, but it has the habit of swimming at high speed, so it would be better to have a large area to grow in.


    “Do you want me to add more tuna?”


    “Can you do that for me? Sorry, Susanoo.”


    “I don’t mind that much.”


    As if the hostility that had been directed at Yuri yesterday had been a lie, Susanoo said in a voice laced with friendliness.


    It seems that he really does have respect for Yuri now. we hadn’t welcomed him for a long time because she didn’t like him as a belligerent god. Once he accepted her, he seemed to be a very agreeable person.


    “If possible, I’d like the ocean to be free of parasites so that I can eat it raw.”


    “That’s a difficult thing… Well, I can’t help it if Miss Yuri asks me to do it.”


    “Fufufu. Thank you, Susanoo.”




    Susanoo replied, looking a little embarrassed.


    Apparently, he calls Yuri ‘Miss’ as well as Rosamia.


    The capital of the Yuri Empire, Yuritania, is located right in the middle of the Mekia continent, too far from the open sea.


    Naturally, there was no way I could hope to get my hands on any marine products there. But with Susanoo, who has a high divinity as the god of the sea, even in a place like this, it is possible to obtain the bounty of the sea.


    The food stalls throughout the cities of Yuritania and Ulysses are now famous for their seafood dishes, in addition to demon meat―――.


    It might not be long before such a day would come.

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