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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 205

    The Most Powerful Piece (After)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “You look like a human… Is that your strongest pawn?”


    Susanoo quizzically asks this question when he sees Rosamia’s figure summoned by Yuri.


    Rosamia’s appearance was completely the same as that of a normal human, so she did not appear to be a demon at all. It was natural for Susanoo to wonder.


    “I’m Yuri’s most powerful pawn, after all. Do I not look like a demon?”


    Before Yuri could answer, Rosamia did.


    “I don’t see a thing.”


    “If that’s the case, you might want to use <Appraisal> to see me.”


    If you use <Appraisal> skill, you can check the status and also get information about the ‘race’ of the person.


    If the opponent is a human, you can check the name of the race, such as ‘human’ or ‘elf’, and if the opponent is a demon, you can check the name of the type of demon, such as ‘demon beast’ or ‘dragon’.


    Susanoo, who had been prompted, looked at Rosamia with scrutinizing eyes.


    He must have been using his <Appraisal> skill as he was told. And then――― after a short pause, Susanoo spat out the words, “Really…?” in an extremely dismayed voice.


    With <Appraisal>, you can see the information of the opponent’s ‘level’ and ‘status’.


    It was only natural that he would be surprised to learn that Rosamia had a level of 4,000, a strength that even surpassed that of the Demon King, who reigned at the top of all demons.


    “You requested me to summon the ‘strongest pawn’. I’m not complaining, of course, since I’ve only granted your request.”


    “No, no… but this is a quintessential… power differential.”


    At Yuri’s words, Susanoo’s expression immediately became complicated.


    It was obvious that the difference in strength between them was so great that the game was untenable.


    “It’s okay. I’m a witch who is good at all kinds of sorcery and magic. I’m going to kill you now, but I’ll be sure to use my revival magic later.”


    Rosamia smiled and told him so.


    With those words, Susanoo slowly took three steps backward.


    “If you don’t like it, you can stop you know? In the first place, the idea of a ‘duel’ was unilaterally proposed by Susanoo, and I wasn’t keen on it.”


    Yuri told him, half-heartedly, as if to offer a helping hand.


    Susanoo looked unsure for a moment, but he quickly rejected Yuri’s suggestion by shaking his head.


    “…won’t do. You are the queen of this country, right? I don’t want to be ruled by someone who doesn’t even know what I’m capable of.”


    “In other words, if I’m good enough, you willing to go under?”


    “Mmm… Well, yes…”


    “Then I guess you’ll have to die once.”


    Since the main body of the gods we welcomed was in the , killing Susanoo’s manifestation would not necessarily kill him.


    Rosamia doesn’t need to use her revival magic, and after a night, he will be able to refill his power and manifest again just like before.


    ―――So, there should be no need to hold back.


    “Rosamia, make it quick, and then we’ll go to dinner.”


    “Very good, Yuri. I’d like to eat meat.”


    “If that’s the case, I have just the place for you. I’ll show you. There is a plaza where there are many food stalls that serve delicious food made from demon meat. Why don’t you join me there and we’ll take a tour of the stalls?”


    “My, that sounds wonderful. So let’s get this farce over with.


    Please come and get me. Don’t be shy.”


    Rosamia beckoned to him and challenged Susanoo.


    In response, Susanoo’s expression is clearly confused.


    “’You don’t need… a weapon?”


    “I don’t need them. I’m a ‘witch’ but I’ll fight you without weapons or magic.


    You’ll learn once that some opponents are still unbeatable.”


    Rosamia’s tone was clearly condescending, though. Without saying a word, Susanoo simply pulled out the sword he wore at his waist and held it in both hands.


    Susanoo’s level is 361. Of course, it’s a high enough level, but still, compared to Rosamia, who has a level of 4,000, he’s no better than an ant.


    If there is such a clear difference between the two of them, they don’t seem to get angry when they are looked down upon.


    “Susanoo, coming!”






    With a burst of energy, Susanoo stepped forward and tried to slice Rosamia in half.


    Of course, the sword he wields is not that of a few strikes. The distinctive pale glow of the blade indicates that it is the Ame-no-Habakiri.


    This is the legendary sword that Susanoo is said to have used when he defeated Yamata-no-Orochi. Needless to say, it is a sword with very high offensive capabilities.


    “It’s a shame. You can’t wound me with an attack like that.”


    Rosamia caught the powerful slash with the single index finger of her left hand.


    Boss demons often have a skill that nullifies damage lower than their level, and Rosamia is no exception.


    Her level is 4,000, so if an attack does not deal more than 4,000 damage in one hit, it will be nullified and deal 0 damage.


    Susanoo’s attack was not able to cause a single scratch on her fingertips.


    “Well, goodbye then.”


    With a small swing, Rosamia’s left hand slapped Susano’s cheek.


    At the same time as the ear-splitting sound, Susanoo’s head bent in the wrong direction and his body instantly turned into particles of light that melted into space and disappeared.


    Rosamia’s blow to the cheek was apparently powerful enough to kill him.


    “That [Strength] is not good for a magician. You’re a complete gorilla.”


    “My, that’s rude. I’m still a ladylike maiden, you know?”


    In response to Yuri’s words, Rosamia struck a pose with her mouth agape.


    Immediately, a pout erupted from either of them. The two of them laughed together for a little while.


    Even if you are a ‘witch’ who specializes in sorcery and magic and is not very good at physical attacks. As you can see, at a level of 4,000, the physical ability value has reached a considerable value, so even a bare hand strike will cause extraordinary damage.


    There was no way that the level 361 Susanoo could withstand it.


    “I’m glad I held back as much as I could. If I had been a little more forceful, his head would have been separated from his torso.”


    “Fufufu. In that case, I’m sure you’d be in a lot of trouble with blood.”


    “I can use【 Purification 】, but I don’t want to get dirty.”


    Rosamia tells her with a look of deep disgust on her face.


    Even Yuri didn’t want to see such a mess before she went to eat the meat.


    “You can really summon me without a care in the world now, can’t you?”


    “Isn’t that amazing?”


    “Yes, it’s really amazing. It’s been quite a while since you summoned me, but are you okay? Don’t you need to take a mana potion?”


    “I’m fine. I can summon you for a long time now.


    ――― From now on, will you always be by my side?”


    “Of course! If that’s what Yuri wants, I won’t hesitate to do so. I’ve been living in the world inside of you, and I’ve been looking only at you. We’ve always been together, and we’ll always be together.”


    “Ah… now that you mention it, that’s right.”


    Any messenger beast spends the time it is not summoned in a personal otherworldly realm that the contracted sorcerer has, called [Ert]


    So the place where Rosamia has been until now can be said to be, as she says, ‘the world inside Yuri’. The fact that they have always been together made no difference either.


    “…… Wait. Didn’t you just say you’ve been ‘watching’ me?”


    “Yes, I know, right? Last night, last night, and last night again. ―――You had a lot of fun with the different girls each night, didn’t you?”


    Rosamia says this while laughing hilariously.


    Yuri felt very complicated when she found out that she was being watched in all of her affairs.


    “What’s the harm in being seen?”


    “…won’t diminish it, but it will damage…”


    “Oh, come on. I’ll let you do whatever you want with me tonight.”


    “Really? I got your word on that?”


    “You’ll have to take it. By the way―――I can neutralize damage lower than “4000”. I wonder if I can feel the pain of rupture… if I get ripped open by Yuri’s long fingertips?”


    “I don’t know… I’ll let you try it out at night. You just wait and see.”


    “That’ll be fun.”


    As it turned out―――she cried that night from the pain of so much rupture.


    No matter how high your level is, how high your [Toughness] ability value is, and no matter what skills you have to nullify damage. Apparently, there was nothing it could do to prevent this pain.

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