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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 200

    Early Governance of Imperial Territory (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    The first step in dealing with the ‘mud wolf’ is to surround the entire area where the natural dungeon where his or her demon originated was located with a wide area【 Barrier Ward 】.


    It is possible to set up a【 Barrier Ward 】to prevent the passage of only the target specified by the person who deploys the ward. In the past, the wards were often used to prevent intrusion from the outside, but this time, the wards were surrounded by a huge barrier to prevent the mud wolves from getting out from inside the wards.


    In addition, Yuri instructed the children of the Yuri Empire to quickly destroy the mud wolves that are overflowing from the natural dungeon to the ground.


    The mud wolf is a very strong demon that is difficult for ordinary soldiers and knights to deal with. The children of the Yuri Empire, who all boast level 200 abilities, can handle them without difficulty.


    As long as we can stop new outbreaks, there should be no problem with the extermination. Perhaps by the time the moon turns and the original ‘extermination’ is needed, the mud wolves will have been eliminated from all of the former territories of the Volmisian Empire.


    Also, during the extermination, I asked the children of <Red Rose> to capture about ten mud wolves that existed close to Drisdal.


    I asked them to sink into the ground and trap the mud wolves, just as they had done in the past when they captured Axehorn. The purpose of this, of course, was to try and turn the mud wolf into a servant beast.


    The mud wolf is a physical attacker, which is common among beast demons, so it is extremely vulnerable to any kind of trickery. It was easy for Yuri to defeat it on its own and make it her own beast.


    This is what I found out when I made it a messenger animal and observed it closely. The mud wolf has the word ‘wolf’ in its name, but its body shape is more like that of a boar.


    Although it is quite large, standing nearly 1.5 meters tall, it has short legs and a slight torso.


    I’ve heard several times that mud wolves have low jumping power. Perhaps it’s because they have a lot of weight on their torso and their short legs don’t allow them to spring well.


    Because of their large size, their physical abilities far exceed those of wolves.


    Despite its short legs, it seems to be very fast when running. Although it does not have horns, the weight and speed of its thrusting attack would be quite powerful.


    Its body is covered with hard fur, and it has the strength to take a beating that matches its size. It seems to be energetic and can continue fighting and running for hours.


    In a previous investigation by the children of <Nadeshiko>, it was said that the mud wolf was a level 56 demon, but had a strength roughly equivalent to a level 65.


    The amount of magic power consumed while summoning a beast is determined by the level of the servant beast. Therefore, an individual that is stronger than its level is a bargain from the summoner’s point of view.


    Even if you summoned a hundred or so mud wolves, the burden of magic power would probably be lighter than summoning a single “Ancestral Elder Dragon.


    It was revealed during the last invasion that Yuri currently has an overwhelmingly fast natural recovery rate of magic power, enough to allow her to have enough time to recover even when summoning 360 Ancestral Dragons at the same time.


    If you replace the number of ancestral dragons with mud wolves, you can summon about 40,000 of them at the same time.


    With the natural dungeons where the mud wolves are produced, Yuri can now use them as her own beasts of burden as long as she takes the time to do so.


    An army of 40,000 mud wolves was not an impossible task.


    It’s also very convenient that they have a strength equivalent to level 65.


    The demons that appear on the ground are basically level 50 or below, so a mud wolf with the equivalent of level 65 strength would be able to win a one-sided victory.


    With the conquest of the Volmisian Empire this time, the land of the Yuri Empire has been further expanded.


    The more the land area expands, the heavier the burden of extermination becomes, and Yuri was just thinking about how to improve the situation.


    The mud wolf is powerless against flying demons. But it is powerful enough to destroy other demons.


    When you have a certain number of them, you can ask the children of the Yuri Empire to focus only on destroying the flying demons and leave the rest to the mud wolves, which will greatly reduce the burden.


    * * *


    As I was pondering about the future in such a manner.


    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the office twice.


    “Come in, it’s open.”


    As soon as Yuri’s side called out from the door, the door was opened and a visitor walked into the office.


    There were many times when Yuri would call out for help, or come to the trading post to see her. But it was a little unusual for her to come to see willingly.


    “Oh, it’s Rubetta. What’s wrong?”


    “I’m sorry to bother you in the middle of your duties, Your Majesty. Is everything all right now?”


    “I’m always available for you.”


    Putting the report she had been looking over on her desk, Yuri welcomed her guest, Rubetta.


    I caught a <Nadeshiko> girl walking down the corridor and asked her to share some of the freshly brewed and stored tea with me, then moved to the facing sofa in the corner of the office and tasted it with Rubetta.


    “Is there something I can do for you today? Ah, of course, Rubetta is always welcome to visit, even if she has nothing to do.”


    “Ah, yes. The report about air transport has been compiled, and I have brought it to you.”


    Yuri accepted the document that Rubetta held out to her.


    She quickly checked it over and smiled as she realized that the results were generally favorable.


    “Well, it looks like you’re doing well.”


    “Yes. The Loftsdrake that we borrowed is very docile and easy to handle, and we didn’t encounter any notable problems when we air transport the food this time. I believe it can withstand practical use as it is.”


    “If it has Rubetta’s seal of approval, I’m sure of it.”


    This time, the Rostine Trading Company was conducting the final test of the test air transport using the Loftsdrake, loading it with root vegetables grown in the divine city that was being built and having it transported to the cities of the former Volmisian Empire.


    At a stage when the mud wolves have not yet been exterminated, it is difficult to transport them by land.


    However, even under these circumstances, Rubetta was able to avoid the threat of mud wolves by flying, without relying on【 Transfer Gate 】, and achieved sufficient transportation results. It was a great demonstration, both inside and outside the country, of the high value of ‘air transport’ using the Loftsdrake.


    “So, I’m officially handing over the Loftsdrake to the Rostine Trading Company as of today. Can you please wait a moment while I put this in writing?”


    “Thank you. But―――are you sure about this? My business association will have a monopoly on the valuable ‘air transport’ asset, and other business associations may feel slighted.”


    “Let them think what they want to think. I’m not trying to disparage the rest of the business community, I’m just favoring Rubetta.”


    Yuri is trying to be a good monarch for her people, but she is not trying to be a fair monarch.


    It is very normal for Yuri to favor the people she loves.

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