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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 197

    All Thunder

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    Many of the ‘Ancestral Dragons,’ which have the highest rank among dragons, often have far more gigantic bodies than the large demons represented by Manticores and the like.


    If they fly in the sky and block the sunlight, even a single dragon can cast a huge shadow on the ground.


    Of course, if a total of 360 ‘Ancestral Dragons’ are gathered. The shadows that would be created would be even wider, deeper, and more comatose.


    On that day, the citizens of Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire, may have felt that the sun had set・・・・・since it was not even noon yet.


    There were 360 ancestor dragons floating in the sky above the city of Drisdal. The huge body of the dragons cast a vast shadow over the cityscape.


    Blocked by the countless ‘disasters’ that filled the sky. Even though it was just before noon in Drisdal that day, there was hardly any sunlight left in the city.




    The ancestor dragons that carry the children of the Yuri Empire on their backs are all beasts that are used by Yuri.


    So, naturally, all of them obeyed Yuri’s orders absolutely. As soon as Yuri gave the order, all 360 of the loyal dragons roared at the same time.


    The roar of a dragon has a magical power that can break a person’s will.


    In particular, the roar of the ancestor dragon, which reigns at the top of the dragons, contains overwhelming magical power that can crush the human heart.


    The roar was timed to coincide with the roar of 360 of them all at once.


    This is because it does not affect our allies, so we were able to use it without hesitation. If it had affected their allies, even the children of the Yuri Empire, who had reached level 200, the limit of the human race, would probably not have been safe.


    Of course, there is no way that the people in the imperial capital of Drisdal will be safe from such a roar.


    Inhabitants, soldiers, knights, nobles, and so on―――All of them were crushed to the ground and fell to their knees or buttocks, unable to make even the slightest resistance.


    Those who were fainted by the roar of the ancestral dragons were lucky.


    Atrophy and confusion, self-doubt and fear, panic and frenzy――― 


    Those who were not fortunate enough to faint were subjected to a large number of high-level psychological abnormalities due to the shock and pressure they received in their minds.


    Their bodies froze, and they could not even move or shy away from their own will. Many tears and sweat came pouring out of them, and not a few of them were incontinent.


    Probably, some of them had to suffer some kind of emotional trauma.


    Yuri didn’t even feel sorry for them, but only understood that it was a necessary sacrifice.


    Today, Yuri had come with the intention of ruling the people of the imperial capital Drisdal with fear from the beginning. This level of sacrifice had already been factored in from the beginning.


    If you’re going to hold a grudge, don’t hold it against Yuri, hold it against the foolish emperor who is weak and unnecessarily belligerent.


    “―――Good day to you, residents of Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire. My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of a nation called the Yuri Empire. It’s been three days since I’ve spoken to you.”


    All the people in the imperial capital Drisdal were ready to listen.


    Having made that decision, Yuri spoke to the citizens with telekinesis using the [Bond].


    “As I told you at the time, I had received a request from the God of Healing, Lydina, to visit the Volmisian Empire in order to propose assistance to the people living in the imperial city of Drisdal, who are suffering from food shortages.


    ―――In spite of this, when I tried to extend a helping hand, the Emperor of the Volmisian Empire, Ludwin, tried to force me to drink poison and even thrust a sword at me. Perhaps he had the intention of taking more than ‘support’ from the Yuri Empire by capturing me, the Empress.”


    Yuri told the citizens through telepathy in an indifferent manner. If someone who was familiar with her had listened to her, they would have understood that behind her words was quiet anger.


    There is nothing sadder than to have your hand extended to someone and be ignored. It’s not only that the hand is beaten away, but even more so when the other party has gone on to commit an act of violence.


    Yuri is basically a warm-hearted person, but on the other hand, she does not like to make a clear distinction between ‘friend’ and ‘foe’.


    The Volmisian Empire was classified as an ‘enemy’ in Yuri’s mind when it attempted to harm her. There is no goodwill or concern left in Yuri’s heart for anything that has to do with the Volmisian Empire.


    “The Volmisian Empire has declared war on us, and it is no longer possible to talk with Emperor Ludwin. ―――However, I have a mission to save the people of the Volmisian Empire. Because the God of Healing, Lydina, wants me to do so.”


    As long as she lost interest in them, the people living in the Volmisian Empire are already unimportant to Yuri.


    Even so, as long as Lydina wants Yuri to save the people of the Volmisian Empire, the only thing that is clear in Yuri’s mind is her will to do so.


    “It’s obviously impossible to save the people of an enemy country. Therefore, I would like to correct that goal to a form that is not ‘impossible.’


    Yesterday, we conquered all the cities ruled by the Volmisian Empire except for this imperial city of Drisdal, and provided aid to the people living there by supporting them with food. And today, after invading and conquering this imperial city, we will offer aid to the people who live in this city. We will not save you as the people of the Volmisian Empire, but we will save you as ‘my people’.”


    She could still feel some compassion for the people of Drisdal if she thought of them as her own people, not the enemy.


    That was the limit of Yuri’s interest in the people of Drisdal, and the limit of the amount of goodwill he could muster out of pure feeling.


    “I will save the people of this city, and I will save the soldiers, if they are willing to surrender.


    If you are willing to surrender, throw down your weapons now. If you do not, the thunder of judgment will strike and burn your lives away.”


    After calling for surrender, Yuri slowly counted to ten in her mind.


    After finishing the count, Yuri【 Spatial Grasp 】that she has maintained in the city of Drisdal for the past three days to search for people outside the castle, marking all of the ‘knights’ and ‘soldiers who have not yet laid down their weapons’ in red.


    The warning has been given・・・・and those who have not yet laid down their weapons will die.


    You can’t be heartbroken because you’re just giving them what they want.




    As soon as Yuri gave the instruction, Yuri swung her right hand down.


    In response, the 360 ancestral dragons all exercised their lightning magic at the same time.


    Ancestral dragons are capable of using magic and sorcery of all attributes.


    There is no demon that makes players cry more than this one, because it can use both【 Space Magic 】like transference and【 Healing Magic 】that restores life force at an extremely high level.


    If you can’t interrupt its actions well, no matter how hard you try to corner it, it will use its healing magic to recover completely at once, or it will escape to a distant place by transferring.


    Of course, the ancestral dragon can also handle lightning magic at a high level. This is also the case with Lindworm, who is also known as the ‘Ice Dragon’ and is being ridden by Yuri right now. As her nickname suggests, she is the best at using the ice attribute, but she is not an all-or-nothing dragon.


    With 360 ancestral dragons exercising their magic in multiple ways, countless bolts rained down from the heavens at a furious pace, even though it was a clear day. Not even a single one of them strayed from the target and pierced only the target that Yuri had marked with red.


    If only a single powerful bolt of lightning could kill, it would leave a clean corpse.


    Even after being pierced by ten lightning bolts, there might still be some bones and pieces of flesh left.


    Still――― If you are struck by countless lightning bolts, there will be no left at all. If there is anything left, it is the smell of burning people.


    With countless ear-splitting roars, more than a thousand lives were wiped out.


    In the 360 eyes looking down from the sky, there was not a single eye that pitied life.

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