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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 196

    The Swarms of『 Natural Disasters 』

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    In this other world, ‘dragons’ are recognized as ‘natural disasters’ more than anything else.


    In the game『 Atros Online 』, at least, there is a clear classification of ‘dragons’.


    The lowest grade is called the ‘inferior dragon,’ which refers to wyverns.


    A wyvern is a kind of dragon that is feared by humans because it can run freely in the sky, is a good fighter, and is smart. Most of the dragons regard them as ‘dragon’s failure’ and despise them as the most inferior dragons.


    The next lowest category is the Lesser Dragon, and most of the dragons below level 130 fall into this category.


    They can use magic, sorcery, and breathe out their specialty, making them more of a threat in battle than wyverns. However, even at this level, they are still considered ‘inexperienced’ among dragons and are not treated as such.


    The dragons that are higher than these two species are the ‘dragons that dragons recognize’.


    They are often referred to as ‘Noble Dragons’ to clearly distinguish them from lower-ranked dragons, as they all have is fighting abilities. In many cases, they are not belligerent, and since they can understand human language, many of them can communicate with each other.


    Among these ‘noble dragons,’ those that have reached the level of 200, which is the limit of human beings who have been reincarnated over and over again, are called ‘Greater Dragons’.


    In this area, people who have never been reincarnated have little chance of winning, even if they try to fight in groups.


    Of course, if you have an army, you might have a better chance.


    If the dragon is twice the size of the ‘Greater Dragons’, that is, if it exceeds level 400, it will be called the ‘Ancient Dragon’ and greatly feared by the people.


    It’s not so much that they’re a kind of demon, but that they’re more like a kind of god, and in『 Atros Online 』, only the dragons above this level are called ‘natural disasters’.


    Among the ‘dragons’ that reign at the top of the demons, the ones that are at the top of the heap and have a level of 1000 or higher are called ‘Ancestral Dragons’, and their numbers rapidly decrease.


    The ‘Ancestral Dragon’ is no longer a demon that can be found in ordinary fields and dungeons, but rather a raid boss that controls the most difficult areas in the game.


    It’s also the case with the High Dragon Radragulf and the Ice Dragon Lindworm that Yuri uses.


    ―――There are 360 of these Ancestral Dragons in front of Yuri and her friends right now.


    All of them are Yuri’s beasts. Yuri thought that summoning 360 of them at the same time would consume an enormous amount of magic power and be unsustainable, but when I tried it, I found that it was surprisingly easy.


    Yuri’s current maximum magic power has reached more than one million.


    This is because the skills she gained from her vocation as a〔 Goddess 〕allow her to use the power of her followers to herself, increase the value of her [Blessing] abilities according to the amount of faith she has gathered, and greatly increase the maximum value of her life force and magical power.


    And due to the effects of the equipment she wears, Yuri can naturally recover about 15% of her maximum magic power per minute.


    In the past, Yuri’s maximum amount of magic power was about 60,000, so the natural recovery rate was about 9,000 points per minute. Now Yuri can naturally recover a huge amount of magic power, 15% of “1,000,000”, or “150,000” per minute, Yuri can use my magic power pretty much as she wants.


    Even though she’s summoning a large number of raid boss ‘Ancestral Dragon’ outside the city of Yuritania, her magic power showed no signs of decreasing.


    ―――This is because the amount of natural recovery completely exceeds the amount of magic power consumed by a large number of summoned dragons.


    “I, I’m impressed… We are no match for the princess.”


    Standing next to Yuri and letting out a shocked voice is Primula, the captain of <Red Rose>.


    Even Primula, who has the class of <Six-Star Sage>, who is most skilled in handling magic awed. It’s not hard to imagine that Yuri’s ability to summon these demons at the same time is at an extraordinary level.


    “It’s nice of you to say so. However, no matter how many strong dragons I can summon, it is not the dragons that I rely on the most, but you.”


    “―――Yes, thank you very much. I will continue to work hard so that I can live up to the princess’s expectations.”


    “It’s good to be ambitious.”


    As long as the children of the “Yuri Empire” are highly skilled equipped with powerful equipment, even if Yuri doesn’t want to gather 24 people for a raid, a party of 6 people will be able to compete well with the Ancestral Dragon.


    In other words―――the Ancestral Dragon has no chance at all if it’s alone. Yuri was able to summon as many as 360 ancestral dragons at the same time, which may have transcended the combined strength of the 359 children of the Yuri Empire, excluding Yuri herself, even as an individual.


    (…… I’m not very happy about that.)


    Yuri always thought that since she’s the master of the Yuri Empire, she should be as good as everyone else.


    Beyond that though, when Yuri is reminded of the fact that she has a power that is far removed from the children of the Yuri Empire… she’s not happy, but even a little sad.


    Nevertheless, we should make effective use of the power we have.


    “Everyone, please listen to me.”


    When Yuri spoke in the guild chat, all 359 children of the Yuri Empire who were present gathered their gazes to Yuri.


    “I’m going to take Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire. In doing so, I’m going to ask you all to ride these ‘Ancestral Dragon’ that I’ve summoned to invade that land.


    I’ve heard that in this world, any dragon is called a ‘natural disaster’, but I’d like them to know what kind of dragon is a ‘natural disaster’ in the true sense of the word. Let us teach the people of the enemy country, shall we?”


    As soon as Yuri called out this, all 359 of them shouted with vigor.


    Filled with a strong will to fight, and Yuri smiled with satisfaction.


    Yuri knows that even considering the level of the knights and soldiers of the opponent, Yuri doesn’t need to summon Ancestral Dragon, and the children of the Yuri Empire alone are too much overkill. Even so, Yuri chose to use the Ancestral Dragon to conquer the land.


    ―――It was all to rule the people of the imperial capital Drisdal with fear.

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