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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 195


    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    The Yuri Empire already has a detailed map of the Mekia continent.


    This was created by the children of <Nadeshiko>, who possess the automatic map recording auto-mapping skill called【 Map Grasp 】, riding around the continent on the holy wolf Fenrir’s cavalry beast.


    Since the map was created based on their skills, it was very precise in its creation. When Rubetta and Ados saw this map for the first time, they were so amazed that they were stunned for a while, and it is a gem of such high perfection.


    According to this map, there are a total of 16 cities in the Volmisian Empire.


    However, according to the information that <Nadeshiko> obtained through her secret reconnaissance activities, the number of cities is currently down to 12.


    ―――The reason for this, of course, is the ‘Mud Wolf’.


    The mud wolf has a low jumping ability, so it rarely goes over the barrier. Though, it has a very high level of combat ability for its level, so it can destroy insufficiently durable walls with a body attack.


    Because of this, it seems that four cities have been invaded by demons and have fallen.


    There were 44 villages in the country, but they were all lost as well.


    Most of the villages did not have walls, or if they did, they were just wooden stakes. There was no way that this level of protection could have prevented the ‘Mud Wolves,’ and it was needless to say that the people who lived in the villages met their end.


    It was a shame to think that so many lives had been lost in vain.


    In the Yuri Empire, where new cities are continuously being built, human resources are in a constant state of shortage. If they had stayed in their own country, they would have been able to protect them as valuable labor.


    Yuri led the majority of the children of the Yuri Empire to fly into the sky and begin the invasion of the twelve cities in the land of the Volmisian Empire.


    If we’re going to conquer a city, it’s better to do it before the Volmisian Empire spreads the bad reputation of the Yuri Empire to the people. It’s not easy to get out of the imperial capital because of the Mud Wolves, so we should take over the surrounding cities while we can.


    The procedure for the invasion is almost the same as when we felled the key city of Nildea before.


    First of all, while riding on a cavalry beast or summoned beast, take a bird’s eye view of the city from the sky and use the magic【 Spatial Grasp 】to bring the entire city within the area of effect.


    Once I have gained control of all the information in the city through【 Spatial Grasp 】, establish a [Bond Link] with all the people living in the city and use telepathy.


    After declaring that the invasion war was about to begin, I informed the citizens that the targets of the attack were only knights and soldiers belonging to the army of the Volmisian Empire and that I had no intention of harming the general public, so I asked them to take refuge in their houses.


    I marked all the people in the city, white for civilians, red for knights, and green for soldiers, and shared this information with the children of the Yuri Empire.


    All that was left was to order the invasion and stand by, and it was done in less than ten minutes.


    The knights and soldiers guarding the city didn’t seem to be too eager to fight.


    Many of them lost their will to fight when they saw the large number of dragons that Yuri and his men were riding, and many of the soldiers were also hungry.


    The knight is responsible for a reasonable position, though, so we took the lives of all of them. The soldiers call for surrender after destroying the weapons they are carrying, and capturing most of them.


    With the shortage of human resources, we want to minimize the number of lives wasted. Since most of the soldiers are male, we can’t train them with the children of <Kuroyuri>, but we are planning to use them by moving them with their families to Shinto City.


    It’s a place where many powerful gods live. Even if we had a large number of former soldiers from the Volmisian Empire living there, his city would not be disturbed.


    After completing the invasion, ask the children of <Red Plum> to deploy【 Barrier Ward 】and【 Temperature Control Ward 】. At the same time, asked the children of <Kikyou> to build six temporary stores in the central square of the city, and Yuri herself worked to create a【 Transfer Gate 】in the square.


    After about ten minutes of work, the gates were opened and I used them to bring in the employees of the Rostine, Tormark, Hayes, and Theodore merchant companies that I had on standby in the city of Ulysses.


    Asked the children of <Nadeshiko> to take out a sufficient amount of food from the <Maid Bag> and distribute it to the people of each business association. They brought the food to each of the six temporary stores that <Kikyou> had completed, and had them ready for business immediately.


    After the children of <Red Plum> returned from setting up their wards, Yuri performed the telepathy again.


    She informed the citizens that the city was now under the control of the Yuri Empire and that she had deployed two wards in the city, one to prevent demons from entering and the other to keep the temperature in the city at a comfortable level.


    Yuri also informed the citizens that she would be selling food in the city’s central plaza at a standard price・・・・・・which elicited shouts of joy from all parts of the city.


    Leave three <Nadeshiko> and about 20 followers of the combat troops in the city. The rest will be left to them and the merchant associations.


    As long as <Nadeshiko> could replenish the goods as needed, and the merchant associations, who were familiar with the business, could sell to the citizens at the six temporary stores, there would be enough food to go around.


    The servants of the combat troops are assigned to guard the square to prevent the citizens from rioting for food. Also, if anyone tries to buy up more food than they need, they are to be dealt with at their discretion.


    Yuri and the others climbed back into the cavalry and quickly moved on to another city.


    The cities of the Volmisian Empire were being repainted one after another in their own country at a fast pace.


    Yuri and the others, who could fly and move around with their cavalry, were not affected by the ‘Mud Wolves’ at all, the army of the Volmisian Empire, on the other hand, would be the target of demon attacks if they went into battle.


    Therefore, it was very convenient that the enemy countries could not carry out military activities at all.


    Since there is no chance that a city will be retaken once it has been conquered, there is no need to put up too many guards, and there will be no problems even if the city is occupied at a fast pace.


    As a result―――it took from morning till sunset.


    In just one day, the Yuri Empire occupied 11 of the 12 cities, excluding the Imperial Capital.


    TN: Blitzkrieg is a term used to describe a method of offensive warfare designed to strike a swift, focused blow at an enemy using mobile, maneuverable forces, including armored tanks and air support. Such an attack ideally leads to a quick victory, limiting the loss of soldiers and artillery. Most famously, blitzkrieg describes the successful tactics used by Nazi Germany in the early years of World War II, as German forces swept through Poland, Norway, Belgium, Holland, and France with astonishing speed and force.

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