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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 194

    To Achieve the Main Objective

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    “As long as we’ve decided to take it, it would be more convenient for the Yuri Empire if the priests and priestesses stay in the enemy city. They will contribute to the stability of the people’s minds in the conquered cities.”


    It would be very easy for Yuri and the children of the Yuri Empire to screw over the Volmisian Empire by force if they wanted to.


    If there is a hassle―――it will be after the conquest.


    A foreign enemy is a perfect target to divert the people’s frustration.


    Now that the start of the war has been confirmed, the Volmisian Empire will probably fabricate and broadcast to the people that they are being interfered with by the Yuri Empire as a reason for not being able to sufficiently deal with the Mud Wolves, and propagandize to the people that the Yuri Empire is a treasonous nation.


    Or perhaps even more directly. They might even blame the overflow of Mud Wolves in their own country as a despicable plot by the Yuri Empire.


    Conquering the Volmisian Empire itself may be easy, but correcting the public opinion propaganda is no easy task.


    However, it is very convenient. Within the Volmisian Empire, some people are clearly on Yuri’s side.


    These are the priests and priestesses who work at the cathedrals and other temple facilities in each city.


    As clergymen, they are willing to work hard to “tell the people the truth.”


    If Lydina and Arcana tell the oracle that the Yuri Empire is not at fault, they will work hard to spread that fact to the citizens.


    If the clergy, who are the allies of the people, are suppressed, the people’s hearts will be broken in no time. That’s why the Volmisian Empire, no matter how much they find the clergy an annoyance, cannot easily choose to ‘suppress’ them by force.


    From Yuri’s point of view, the existence of the clergymen was something she was very grateful for.


    However, if Altorius were to declare excommunication, he would have to remove those people from the Volmisian Empire who were beneficial to the Yuri Empire.


    This would be a loss for Yuri and a gain for Emperor Ludwin.


    “I see… I hadn’t thought of it that way either. If that’s the case, I’ll do as you suggest, Yuri-sama.”


    “Sorry, Altorius.”


    “No, no. This is a war that was originally started by Yuri-sama. It’s not something we need to get involved in.”


    “Yes. I’m sorry to ask you to come all this way, but the war against the Volmisian Empire will be handled by our own country alone, so we don’t need your help. Ah, but could you please just help us with food as planned?”




    “Of course, we’d be happy to help.”


    Both Altorius and Cadain immediately responded to Yuri’s request.


    The only one with an apologetic expression is King Raven.


    “I’m sorry, Yuri-dono. I wish we could have helped.”


    “Don’t worry about it. An ally should be considered second only to your own country, so don’t make any mistake about the order. Put your own country first and foremost.”


    “I feel much better now that you say that.”


    The Kingdom of Rapier requires a large amount of food to stabilize the new territories it has won in the war, and there is no way it can provide support to other countries.


    Yuri is well aware of this fact. Yuri’s grateful for the sincerity of King Raven.


    “Yuri sister… Will the Volmisian Empire make any moves against the Yuri Empire in the future?”


    “Hmm, about that…”


    When Arcana asked the question in a somewhat anxious manner, Yuri pondered for a moment.


    There’s indeed no possibility of that happening now that war has been declared.


    “I can’t say for sure, but I think we’ll be okay. As long they can’t even deal with the ‘Mud Wolves’ that are flooding their territory, it’s as if military action from them is half blocked.”


    “I see. That’s true.”


    If we send an army out of the city, it will immediately become a target for the Mud Wolves to attack.


    Considering the level of the knights we saw at the Imperial Castle, it would be difficult to defeat them.


    “In addition, according to the information from the secret agents who are infiltrating the Volmisian Empire, the imperial castle was half destroyed by Lindworm, and I kidnapped all the attendants from the castle, so there seems to be a lot of confusion in the imperial capital Drisdal.


    They probably won’t even have the luxury of thinking about what to do with another country for a while.”


    On the day that Yuri received the declaration of war from Emperor Ludwin, she returned to Yuritania riding Lindworm and used transfer magic to forcibly transfer all the ‘Maid’ in the imperial castle in Drisdal to her own country.


    In a conversation with Emperor Ludwin, he said that he was going to execute all the maids who were in charge of the reception.


    Yuri doesn’t know if the emperor will actually do what he says he will do, but there’s no way Yuri can ignore the fact that a woman could be killed without a second thought.


    ―――That’s why Yuri used magic to kidnap the maids.


    The reason why I took all the attendants working at the Imperial Castle together is that I couldn’t tell which one was the one who was in charge of the reception that day.




    “What is it, Lydina?”


    “You’ve been in so much danger, and yet… you’re willing to grant me my wish?”


    “We have a difference of opinion. I don’t think I’m in danger in the first place.”


    When Yuri shrugged intentionally, Lydina’s expression relaxed slightly.


    “If we leave the rule of the land to the Volmisian Empire, the people will suffer for a long time. I will take the Volmisian Empire to fulfill your wishes. You don’t mind, do you?”


    “Yes, please, Yuri. Finish this as soon as possible.”


    “You can count on me.”


    The fact that she can spend her days with her beloved members of the Yuri Empire is all thanks to Lydina. If there is anything that can be done for her, of course Yuri is willing to make the effort to do so.


    As long as the declaration of war has been made, it is no longer possible to help the Volmisian Empire in its original form. Therefore, Yuri’s only goal is to quickly conquer his land to achieve the only goal that Lydina wants, which is to save the people suffering from starvation.

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