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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 193

    Main War Theory

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    It was the 23rd day of winter, the day after Yuri had received the Volmisian Empire’s declaration of war.


    In a rather small conference room on the second floor of the Yuritania Palace, the important people from various countries were gathered as if it was a repeat of that day.


    Altorius, the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun and Pope of the Eight Gods, Cadain Theodore, the monarch of the Principality of Selsia, and Raven Rapier, the king of the Kingdom of Rapier. And this time, in addition to them, there are the figures of the Goddess of Healing, Lydina, and the Goddess of Entertainment, Arcana.


    Of course, Yuri is also present, so the conference room with a total of six people has become a strange situation, with three heads of state and three main gods.


    (Ah… no, it’s now. There are ‘four’ national leaders.)


    As a “God” and also the “Lord of a Nation”, Yuri could be counted on either side. ―――But either way, it’s still a bizarre situation, and nothing will change that.


    “―――Yuri, I am truly sorry for what happened.”


    It was Lydina who initiated the first conversation on the field. While bowing deeply to Yuri, Ludina spun her words of apology with a sincerely apologetic expression.


    “…… Mmm? What’s that apology for?”


    “Of course, for putting Yuri in danger.”


    “In danger? When was the last time I’m in such danger…??”


    Yuri couldn’t help but ask her that question outright.


    When Lydina told her specifically that it was the knights and nobles of the Volmisian Empire who had pointed their blades at her, Yuri finally understood what she was trying to say.

    “Ah, I see… I’m sorry, Lydina, but for me, that level of danger is not worth it.”


    “…… is that so?”


    “Yes. A level 30 or so knight with a normal wrought iron sword as his weapon can only do so much damage to me.”


    The maximum HP of Yuri, which has been boosted significantly by paid items, is not something that can be easily cut down by a level 200 character with a magic sword in his hand.


    Yuri didn’t even need to consider the attacks of knights of level 30 or so. Even if she takes into account the『 Dress of Sinners 』that Yuri wears has the effect of tripling the damage taken, the amount of HP that Yuri recovers naturally is far greater than the amount of damage that a group of knights can inflict.


    “So there’s no need for Lydina to worry about it. If I had been in danger in the first place, Lindworm would not have kept quiet.”


    Lindworm has been especially loyal to Yuri among the contracted beasts.


    If Yuri was in danger, Lindworm would not have bothered to confirm. She would have reaped the head of the knights and nobles of the Volmisian Empire without hesitation.




    “What is it, Altorius?”


    “As the Pope of the Church of the Eight Gods, I cannot overlook the extremely violent and foolish behavior of the Volmisian Empire towards you this time. Therefore, I would like to immediately pronounce an ‘excommunication’ against that empire.”




    At Altorius’ words, Cadain paled slightly.


    As a member of the Duchy of Selsia, who had once been sentenced to excommunication, he was probably familiar with the horror of it.


    “Altorius, I’m sorry, but could you hold off on that for a moment?”


    “…… Why is that?”


    “If you declare excommunication, the priests and priestesses from the temple facilities in the cities of the Volmisian Empire will all withdraw at once. That would be quite undesirable for them, and it would have a certain effect.


    At present, the people living in the Volmisian Empire are suffering from starvation and are in a very weakened state. If we take away the users of healing magic from a country that is in such a state, it may contribute to increasing the suffering of the people.”


    The people suffering from starvation are, without exception, also malnourished.


    As long as people can drink water, they won’t die easily even if they don’t have enough food. It is not hard to imagine that people who are malnourished due to starvation are more likely to be injured by even the slightest thing, and their bodies are more susceptible to disease, so they are more likely to be under the care of healing magic than usual.


    If the city were to be excommunicated, it would be impossible for people to receive healing magic at the temple facilities even if they had the money, and it was obvious that the number of victims would increase.


    “But the Volmisian Empire, which tried to harm Yuri-sama, has angered all of the people, and the country is in the heat of a major war. As the lord of the country, I can’t just sit back and do nothing…”


    “I’m very sorry about that…”


    Yuri bows deeply and apologizes, not only to Altorius, but also to Cadain and King Raven.


    Because Yuri had [Broadcast] the whole thing, all of the people living in the Yuri Empire and its allies became aware of the details of the Volmisian Empire’s barbaric acts.


    As a result of this, the people of each country suddenly began to discuss the ‘main battle’ and their anger towards the Volmisian Empire reached a considerable level. In particular, in the Duchy of Selsia, the merchants who do business with the Volmisian Empire are already being denounced.


    ―――It is not desirable for this situation to continue for too long.


    “Altorius. I will take the Volmisian Empire.”


    “…… Is there anything I can do to help?”


    “Not in the war itself. It is not only the people who are growing angry, but also my beloved children, because the very same thing can be said about them…”


    Of course, the [Broadcast] that Yuri is doing is also being watched by the children of the “Yuri Empire”.


    Needless to say, everyone was furious, and as a result, there was a very dark atmosphere in the current Yuritania Palace.


    Even the children of the <Shirayuri> and the <Water Lily>, who had extreme good nature, are now revealing their clear murderous intent towards the Volmisian Empire.

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