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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 192

    The Empress and the Emperor (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    “…… My Lord, it’s fine if I do・・・・right?”


    A cool, clear voice echoed in the rapidly becoming tense atmosphere.


    It was uttered by Lindworm. Yuri responded to her question with a nod.


    “Yes. I’ve confirmed the other party’s intentions, so that’s fine. However, since we are broadcasting, please do not cause bloodshed, deaths, or anything else that might offend the audience.”


    “Yes, my Lord. Then…”


    Lindworm makes a horizontal slicing gesture with her right hand.


    Then, with just one gesture, everyone in the audience room except Yuri and Lindworm―――knights, nobles, civil servants, maidservants, and even Emperor Ludwin―――were frozen in place. In a matter of seconds, the lower half of their bodies were frozen by the fierce ice air that blew through the room.


    “What the…!?”


    “What’s wrong, my legs don’t work!”


    The fact that suddenly the entire lower half of the body froze and could not move at all. The nobles and knights shouted in confusion, and the previously quiet audience hall suddenly became noisy.


    But the commotion didn’t last long. The room temperature in the large audience hall dropped rapidly until it felt even chillier than outdoors in the middle of winter. Everyone in the room naturally closed their mouths, as if they couldn’t turn away from the fact that they were in control of the place.


    “I see… I was wondering why the empress had ridden alone and unguarded to my emperor’s castle. With that blue-haired lady, there’s no need for any other guards…”


    Emperor Ludwin’s entire body, from the waist down, was frozen together with his throne. He looked slightly flustered from his previous calm and composed manner, and exclaimed in admiration.


    “I didn’t mean to bring Lindworm as an escort, but… Well, Lindworm is the ‘dragon that rules the ice’, you know. She can do this easily enough.”


    “A dragon that rules the ice…?”


    “Yes, she is the Ice Dragon that I rode to the Volmisian Empire. Emperor Ludwin saw her from the dewdrop of the Imperial Castle, didn’t he?”


    “Yes, I saw the dragon―――but it must have been an illusion.”




    “The dragon is a calamity and cannot be controlled by man and it has been a common method of negotiation since ancient times to conjure up the image of a dragon and use it as a threat against others.”




    In this world, dragons are understood to be a kind of ‘disaster’ beyond the framework of demons, and Yuri already knows this from what she learned from Rubetta and Ados.


    This is why Yuri was more than a little concerned that the Volmisian Empire, which is supposed to be able to see the absolute power of the dragon, took a very belligerent attitude from the start.


    There was nothing to say. It seems that they just conveniently interpreted the dragon that Yuri rode as ‘not real’ and didn’t consider its threat from the beginning.






    “Show your majesty to the people of the Volmisian Empire.”


    “…… Are you sure? It’s a great view・・・・・・・but.”


    “Yes, I’m sure.”


    “Yes, my Lord.”


    At Yuri’s request, Lindworm released her humanized and returned to her true dragon form.


    The audience hall was quite spacious, but still too small to accommodate Lindworm’s huge body.


    In the process of Lindworm’s return to dragon form, the walls, floor, and ceiling were all heavily destroyed. In a short time, the audience room has been transformed into a place with a much better view, so that even the sun, which is still near mid-heaven, can be seen.


    “M, my castle is…!”


    Emperor Ludwin’s anguished protests were met with little attention from either Yuri or Lindworm.




    Lindworm roars as she returns to her true dragon form after her humanized has been removed.


    The dragon’s roar has the power to shatter people’s hearts. The hearts of the nobles and knights, who were in a panic over the state of the imperial castle, which was half collapsing, were completely broken by that one roar.


    “Well, I guess we’ll be leaving now. Your declaration of war has certainly been received, so you can look forward to the future at best.”


    “…… Wa, wait…!


    When Yuri used【 Short Transfer 】to ride on Lindworm’s back, Emperor Ludwin gave a small voice of restraint.


    Hearing the emperor’s words, Yuri was slightly impressed.


    A dragon’s roar at close range would normally shatter a person’s heart and render them unable to move for a while. It’s amazing that he still has enough courage to speak up.


    “You have the willpower to be an emperor, but you’ve done a foolish thing.”


    Looking down at her with a pitying gaze, Yuri said only one thing.


    Riding on Lindworm’s back, she took off from the crumbling imperial castle in Drisdal and left the Volmisian Empire behind.

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