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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 191

    The Empress and the Emperor (Middle)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    “Wa, wait!”


    Emperor Ludwin hurriedly stopped Yuri, who was about to leave the audience hall.


    Both Yuri and Lindworm had no intention of paying any attention to the voice, though. When the knights who had accompanied her to this point blocked her path, Yuri had no choice but to look back at the side of the throne.


    “…… What is it?”


    “Why do you need to stop! The country needs help!”


    “That’s your country’s business, not ours. When a problem arises in one’s own country, it should be dealt with by the country itself. If you think about it, it’s a very natural and natural thing to do.


    In addition, our country is not an ally of yours, nor do we have diplomatic relations with you. There is no reason for us to support you. ―――Is there any other reason?”


    “Nuu…! But you said you were here to help us!”


    “Yes, that’s right. I told you earlier that I was going to do that, but I decided not to. I changed my mind and I lost my intention to support you, so I just withdrew the offer.”


    “It would be unconscionable for you to offer your support and then unilaterally withdraw it!”


    “Are you incapable of learning? We are not in an alliance with you, nor do we have diplomatic relations with you. Why should I be obliged to you?”


    “My country needs your help!”




    Does he think that if he shouts loud enough, it will be a good argument?


    There is nothing more meaningless than a question and answer without intelligence, much less a question and answer that is in an endless loop.


    Yuri let out a loud sigh again, for the umpteenth time.


    “Emperor Ludwin.”


    “…… Wha, what?”


    “The drinks and snacks in the hands of the knights of the Volmisian Empire who accompanied us were prepared in the reception room where we were waiting. I swear to you that this girl and I did not touch any of it.”


    Yuri said, pointing with the palm of her hand to Lindwurm, who is standing next to her.


    “…… Hmm. What about it?”


    “Since the tea and sweets are provided by your country, you can be sure that they are safe, can’t you?”


    “That’s a silly question. Although I did not invite you, you are my guests. Do you think I have poison in my system that could harm my guests?”


    “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”


    The air in the audience hall shook a little.


    The skill of <Ruler’s Dignity> that Yuri is using gives the other person around her abnormal state o <<Atrophy>>. This effect is not very long-lasting.


    As the people around him become accustomed to Yuri’s ‘dignity,’ the <<Atrophy>> effect would weaken. The fact that there was a small buzz among the noblemen after Yuri’s words meant that they were gradually escaping the effects of her dignity.


    “Nonsense. It’s impossible.”


    “Then you, the emperor, should drink the tea and eat the sweets that the knights are holding in their hands. If you can guarantee that it’s non-toxic, there’s no need to hesitate, right?”




    Emperor Ludwin raises his eyebrows at Yuri’s urging.


    ―――If he really did what he said, he would be able to do it here. Or I could have put a certain amount of trust in Emperor Ludwin. As long as he doesn’t do so, Yuri is still unlikely to trust the emperor.


    The Volmisian Empire did not intend to kill Yuri, either.


    The results of <Appraisal> have already shown that the poison in the tea and sweets is a poison that causes paralysis and sleep. If they wanted to kill Yuri, they would have used poison with a more direct effect.


    However, If they’re trying to block the actions of Yuri, the leader of another country, and capture her, of course, it is not something that can be done easily.


    “…… Even if there is something mixed in with the tea and sweets there. It’s none of my business.”


    “My, how can that be?”


    “I’m sure the maids did it on their own…… I’m going to execute all the maids who were in charge of the reception. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”


    “Very much so. How could a maidservant do such a thing of her own free will? There is no benefit to the maidservants in poisoning the lord of another country. It is natural to think that there is someone who gave orders to the maidservants.”


    “I am the emperor, and it is none of my business what maidservants do on their own. All I have to do is to condemn the maidservants involved, and everything will be fine.”


    Emperor Ludwin told Yuri unilaterally and ended the question and answer.


    Yuri let out the biggest and heaviest sigh of the day.


    There’s no way I’m going to take someone seriously if I can’t have a conversation with them.


    “Yes. If that’s what you want to think, I guess that’s fine. Suit yourself.


    ―――Of course, I’ll do as I please. As long as they tried to directly harm me, the Empress of the Yuri Empire, this act of the Volmisian Empire naturally has more meaning than a ‘declaration of war’. And it goes without saying that the Yuri Empire will never provide support to an ‘enemy nation’. I’m not that crazy.”


    “…… you little whore, you talk all you want. You’ll regret it.”


    “Try then. If you can.”


    “Very well. Then I will extract sufficient support for our country from the state you rule in exchange for the Empress’ body.”


    Emperor Ludwin, sitting on his throne, raised one hand.


    ―――All the knights, including the ones Yuri had sent with her to bring drinks and sweets, pulled their swords out of their waists and pointed the tips of their blades at Yuri’s side.


    As a result of the conversation with the emperor, a certain amount of time has passed, and the effect of the <Ruler’s Dignity> has already faded.


    In addition to the knights, the aristocrats who had finally come out of their state of atrophy also drew their swords and pointed them towards Yuri.


    “This is a clear declaration of war, isn’t it?”


    “If this doesn’t look like a declaration of war, you’re a fool.”


    “My, you’re the first person I’ve ever clicked with.”


    The level of the knights is generally around 30. Most of the nobles are below 15.


    It’s not a threat to Yuri, even if you consider that there are quite a few people in the audience room. It’s not necessary to use Yuri’s [Bond Link] method to fight, but it’s not enough to twist this many people.




    In this situation, it would not even be necessary for Yuri herself to deal with it.

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