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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 190

    The Empress and the Emperor (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    As a matter of course, Yuri and Lindworm never touched the tea and sweets that were prepared in the reception room. I’m not the kind of person who would be so drunk that I would actively eat something that I knew was laced with poison.


    The maidservants in the corner of the room were watching Yuri and Lindworm closely. They were probably waiting for the right moment to put it in their mouths.


    ―――Yuri lets out another heavy sigh.


    It felt like all of her motivation had been drained at once.


    I had come all the way to this southern country at Lydina’s urging. The welcome I received was like this, and I felt a sense of futility.


    It’s just too ridiculous to think about providing support for a country like this.


    “Excuse me!”


    The door of the reception room opened vigorously and the knight who was the leader of the group came in.


    Behind him were several knights who seemed to be from the same unit. ―――Yuri smiled inwardly, thinking that he had come at a very good time.


    “My, what’s the matter?”


    “I’m going to take you to the audience hall, so follow me!”


    “All right. Ah, but I didn’t get to taste any of the tea and sweets that the maids in this room had prepared for me. Can you guys bring me some of this instead?”


    “What? Bringing tea and sweets into the audience room is beyond rude!”


    “Right. We’ll be leaving now, so don’t bother showing us around. ―――Let’s go, Lindworm.”


    “Yes, Yuri-dono.”


    I’m not interested in this country anymore.


    I feel a little bad about leaving without fulfilling any of the requests that Lydina made of me. I’m sure she’s seen what Yuri and the others have become through the [Broadcast], and if I explain the situation to her, she’ll understand.


    Almost as quickly as Yuri, Lindworm also left her seat.


    When the two of them were about to leave the reception room, the leader knight hurriedly blocked their path.


    “…… Need something?”


    “It’s not something! Your Majesty has come all this way to see, and now you’re leaving!”


    “Well, would you please tell Emperor Ludwin? “I’m going to go home because I’m sick and tired of a knight who can’t even fulfill the smallest request of a lady”.”




    The leader of the group, a knight, frowned in displeasure and bit down on his teeth.


    It would be extremely disgraceful for a knight to take on the role of guiding another country’s leader back home. So it didn’t take long for him to snap out of it.


    “All right, all right! I’ll have my men bring it in!”


    “Yes, please. If you spill anything on the road, I’ll have to go home.”


    “……! Hey, take the bowl of sweets and the drinks from the table! Be careful not to spill anything!”




    After receiving instructions from the knight who was the leader of the group, his subordinates carefully held the food and drink.


    Only the maidservants waiting in the corner of the room watched the scene with a somewhat despairing expression.


    However, they only looked on and did not say a word. If they did, it would be as if they were revealing to themselves that the tea and sweets had been tampered with in some way.


    Guided by the knight who was the leader of the group, they arrived at the entrance of the ‘audience hall’ of the Imperial Castle.


    ―――Without even the slightest hesitation, Yuri pushed open the large doors of the room.


    Accompanied by her knights, she entered the room. From the entrance to the throne, on either side of the carpet, many people seemed to be nobles of this country, and they all gave Yuri a rude look.


    “Isn’t she still a young child…?”


    “A country ruled by a little girl like that can’t be decent.”


    “Who is that blue-haired beauty?”


    “Why did my knights come in with her?”


    Yuri frowned slightly as the place suddenly became very noisy.


    The words that the nobles began to exchange in a slightly strained voice reached the ears of Yuri, who had excellent hearing.


    (…… These little flies are bothering me.)


    Yuri switched on the <Ruler’s Dignity> skill.


    This special skill has a slightly unusual effect: “It gives dignity to the skill holder according to the length of time the guild has occupied『 Atros 』.” It’s a very effective skill when Yuri, who has occupied『 Atros 』for more than a decade, uses it.


    As soon as she turned on her skills, the majesty of the little Yuri swallowed up and overwhelmed everything in the audience hall in the blink of an eye. None of the nobles were able to utter even a single word.


    “―――It is a great dignity to silence the nobles of our country in an instant. I thought she was just a little girl, but it seems she has the capacity to be the lord of the country.”


    In the midst of all this, only the man on the throne opens his mouth with ease.


    This is proof that he has a heart that will not yield to dignity. It is as if he is the emperor.


    “How do you do? You’re Emperor Ludwin?”


    “Indeed. I am Ludwin Volmisian, the 22nd Emperor.”


    Emperor Ludwin’s hair had completely lost its color and his skin was wrinkled. To Uri’s senses, he looked like a man who had just passed his 60th birthday.


    The emperor’s voice was also hoarse, but strangely enough, it seemed to be clearly audible to the listener. The emperor’s posture on the throne was also good, and his appearance did not give the impression that he was old.


    “I’m Yuri, the Empress of the Yuri Empire. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


    “It’s nice to meet you too. I’ve heard that you’re going to support our country this time.”


    “I was going to, but I’m not. I think I’m going to have to leave now.”


    “……………… wha!?”


    As soon as Yuri told him that, she turned her heel on the carpet.


    Of course, Lindworm also immediately followed Yuri’s lead and turned her back on the emperor.

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