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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 188

    Lady with Blue Hair

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    “What about you, Lindworm? I don’t mind you going back to [Ert] for a while.”

    When Yuri landed on the grassy field outside the southern gate of Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire, Yuri asked Lindworm, who had been giving her a lift just now.

    [Ert] is a personal otherworldly realm that can be used by anyone who has chosen the <Summoner> class, and is a space for storing summoned beasts that have made a contract with you.

    It is said that the more summonses you have contracted with, the larger the space becomes and that the space changes as needed so that all summonses can live comfortably.

    If that’s the case, then Yuri’s [Ert]―――with its large number of summoned beasts and contracts, is probably quite large.

    Considering that there are many large demons such as dragons and aquatic and marine demons, it would not be surprising if it had a much larger space than most cities.

    『 No. If it’s not too much trouble, please allow me to accompany you. 』 

    At the same time, Lindworm’s body glowed white, and her silhouette shrunk from that of a giant dragon to that of a human, almost as tall as Yuri.

    ―――It’s the “Humanized”. After the glow subsided, what was left behind was the figure of a lady with a purple dress and beautiful blue hair that suited her well. It’s as if the four-letter idiom “cold, glossy, clean, and beautiful” had been applied to her, and she had an extraordinary beauty.

    “I don’t think Lindworm is a nuisance, do I?”

    “Yes. Thank you, Yuri-dono.”

    “You always look so graceful and elegant. I love Lindworm when she is in human form. But like a great dragon with a perfected appearance, you may not be happy with the praise you receive for your human form.”

    “No, it’s not. I’ll gladly become an inferior dragon wyvern tomorrow if it will make Yuri-dono feel even a little better about me.”

    A wyvern is often referred to as a dragon’s ‘failure’ because it has much less fighting ability than a dragon and is far less intelligent and magical.

    To a normal person, a wyvern would be terrifying enough, but to a dragon, it would be an object to be despised.

    Lindworm’s determination not to hesitate to drop down to a Wyvern for Yuri is filled with great loyalty and affection.

    “Really? The dragon form is cool, but I prefer the human woman. I’d be happier if Lindworm stayed in that form.”

    “Then, by all means, command me to do so.”


    Lindworm has a preference for being ‘ordered’ around.

    I’ve talked to her in detail in the past, and it seems that she likes to be treated as they please by someone stronger than she is.

    I guess you could say that she has a similar nature to the children of <Black Lily> who have a strong masochistic desire to be tortured. Of course, Lindworm is a very decent child compared to <Black Yuri>, which has many broken personalities.

    “Lindworm. From now on, stay in human form as much as possible・・・・for my sake.”

    “Yes, my lord.”

    Lindworm responded happily with a big smile on her face.

    Yuri emphasized the “for my sake” part of her statement. I’ve been working with the <Black Lily> for a long time and I know what they’re essentially looking for when they want orders.

    Although Lindworm usually calls her ‘Yuri-dono’. Only occasionally does she refer to Yuri as ‘my lord’ in a sweet voice.

    She may have her way of using it, but I’ve never really asked her about it. At any rate, I’m sure it’s a term of affection in her way.

    As Lindworm and I were talking about this. From the gates of the imperial city of Drisdal, six knights on horseback and a rather luxurious carriage were approaching us.

    They were probably there to welcome Yuri.

    “Excuse me! You must be Yuri-dono, the Empress of the Yuri Empire!”


    The person who seemed to be the leader of the other knight asked me in a raised voice. Lindworm immediately glared at him with a sharp look in his eyes.

    It’s not polite to ask questions without dismounting! ―――The expression on her face spoke clearly. I don’t know much about the diplomatic rituals of this world, but I do think that their behavior toward the sovereign of another country was a bit questionable.

    However, it was not something that Yuri was concerned about.

    “Yes, it is. Will we see Emperor Ludwin?”

    “He’s going to see you! I’ll take you to him, but you’ll have to get in the carriage!”

    “All right.”

    Lindworm frowned even more at the man’s voice asking Yuri as if they were close. Perhaps she was uncomfortable with the fact that the person on the other end of the line did not identify himself or herself.

    He looks like a knight in shining armor, and I’m sure he has no ill intentions. He is probably a man who is not very considerate of others.

    In contrast to the knight, the man who parked the carriage near Yuri was polite. After bowing deeply, he took the initiative to open the carriage door for us.

    Seeing the polite response, Lindworm’s expression relaxed a little.

    “Shall we ride?”

    “Ye, yes.”

    Yuri took her hand and escorted Lindworm into the carriage.

    After the two of them got in, a man slowly closed the door of the carriage.

    “I’m impressed with your patience, my dear.”

    Yuri gently patted Lindworm’s head as they sat side by side on the same seat.

    As they sat side by side, Yuri gently stroked Lindworm’s head.

    “I don’t mean to interrupt your work.”

    “Fufufu. Radragulf would certainly have done it.”

    “That’s for sure.”

    As the carriage began to move slowly, Yuri and Lindworm shared a small laugh.

    Despite its luxurious appearance, the carriage was quite bumpy. But it wasn’t so uncomfortable if you thought of it as time spent in close contact with Lindworm.

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