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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 187

    Imperial Capital Drisdal

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    『 Yuri-dono. I can see what appears to be a city ahead of us. 』 


    “My, already?”


    When Lindworm said that, Yuri hurriedly looked down at the ground.


    But there was nothing that looked like a city, at least not within the range of Yuri’s eyesight.


    However, even if Yuri couldn’t see it. If Lindworm says so, then there must be a city on the course.


    “You’re right, Lindworm. With your wings, there’s no chance to feel the distance.”


    『 I wanted to enjoy my flight with Yuri-dono for as long as possible, so I slowed down to a reasonable speed to fly… I should have taken longer to fly. 』 


    “My, that’s nice of you to say. Then I’ll ride on Lindworm’s back on the return trip. I could use my transfer magic to get back to Yuritania in an instant, but that would leave me with less opportunity to enjoy my time with you.”


    『 It would be my pleasure to do so. 』 


    “Lindworm, I’m going to do a little [Broadcast] now, please slow down to the point where the sylphs can fly side by side.”


    『 It’s easy. 』 


    After confirming that Lindworm has reduced its flying speed, Yuri uses【 Summon Messenger Beast 】.


    After summoning the Sylph, Yuri began today’s [Broadcast] via the [Bond Link] she maintains with people in her country and allies.


    As usual, the role of the filming camera was left to the newly summoned Sylph.

    “Good day, subjects of the Yuri Empire and its allies. My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of the Yuri Empire. As I informed you during last night’s broadcast, today’s broadcast will begin now in the morning.”


    Yuri said to Sylph, who was filming.


    Normally, the broadcast starts at 8:00 p.m., but it would be inconvenient to arrive in the middle of the night to visit another country and request a meeting with the king. That’s why we had told the viewers last night that we would be broadcasting today in the morning.


    Yuri instructed Sylph by telepathy to move its position a little further away.


    Position the camera as close as possible to the inside of the ‘wind membrane’ that Lindworm wore so it could capture not only Yuri but also her body within the view.


    Dragons do not gain lift by flapping their wings, but by using magic to fly in the sky. While flying with this magic, the dragon can surround itself with a ‘wind membrane’.


    This membrane protects the dragon from the wind that is flowing outside of it, preventing it from entering the membrane. So long as the filming sylph stays within the range of this membrane, the noise made by the wind will not reach the ears of the audience.


    “Today, I’m with my lovely servant beast, so I’d like to introduce her to you.


    The girl I’m riding is called Lindworm the Ice Dragon, and she’s a very powerful dragon with a level of 1666. So if you decide to fight her, please be prepared to get hurt.”


    『 I am Lindworm, introduced to you by my master.


    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this anymore, but―――levels are just for decoration, so please don’t overestimate them. Of course, my level indeed is 1666, but I’m no match for a 200 level Yuri-dono alone… 』 


    “My fighting style is a bit unique. So it can’t be helped.”


    When Yuri fights solo, Yuri uses a very “unusual” fighting style, forcing her enemies to take the damage and abnormalities it receives via the [Bond Link].


    Both Lindworm and Radragulf are extremely powerful dragons. Both of these women are immensely proud of their fighting abilities, so they never choose to fight in any other way than to confront their opponents head-on.


    They were too inexperienced and knowledgeable to take on a ‘heretic’ like Yuri, who could not be defeated by physical strength or magical ability alone.


    “Now―――As I already explained to the viewers during last night’s broadcast. I am currently on my way to the Volmisian Empire at the request of Lydina. I’ve been asked by Lydina to go to the Volmisian Empire to offer my help in dealing with the ‘Mud Wolves’ that are rapidly increasing in number within the territory of the country, as well as to improve the current situation where the subjects of the country are suffering from a lack of food.


    The Volmisian Empire is a nation known for its vicious behavior. Some of you, especially those living in the Duchy of Selsia, may have had the experience of being chastised by the Volmisian Empire in the past. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to cooperate with this empire either, but even though the Volmisian Empire itself is at fault, the people who live there are not to blame. I hope you can understand Lydina’s desire to provide relief to the people suffering from starvation.”


    『 The state is guilty, but the people are not. That’s a good phrase. 』 


    “Thank you, Lindworm. But as the empress of a country, I have no intention of giving free support to the Volmisian Empire. There’s no benefit to my country in doing so.


    It seems that there is a shortage of food in that country, but I don’t think there is a problem with anything else. I will demand a reasonable price for the ores, artifacts, or anything else.”


    Incidentally, when we surveyed the children of the Yuri Empire about what they wanted in return for their support of the Volmisian Empire, the overwhelming response was to stop their country from claiming to be an empire.


    It seems that the idea that ‘there is no need for two empires in this world’ is strong for them. I don’t think there are any requests, but I’m going to put it on the negotiating table just in case.


    『 Yuri-dono. I’m sure it’s within the visual range of the human eye by now. 』 


    “Thank you, Lindworm. Yes―――I can see it.”


    There is a large city that can be seen from where Yuri is flying.


    The city is surrounded by solid walls of a slightly yellowish hue, with a Y-shaped river running through the city.


    From what I’ve heard about the structure of the city from the children of <Nadeshiko>, I’m pretty sure that this city is the capital of the Volmisian Empire, Drisdal.


    “It’s pretty big. I’d have to expand the magic by a factor of 220 to bring the entire city within range―――that would take about 11 minutes. Lindworm, I need you to take the lead for me during that time, okay?”


    『 …… What? I, I’m doing that? 』 


    “Yes, please. I’ll be quiet for a while, so you can talk to the audience.”


    If you’re chanting in your mind, you can still have a verbal conversation while chanting. The chanting of magic and sorcery requires a lot of concentration, and I don’t want to divide my attention to other things if possible.


    That’s why Yuri leaves the lead of the [Broadcast] to Lindworm.


    It is unknown whether she will be able to give a good talk to the audience or not. Even if she fails, the audience will still look at her warmly.


    『 Now let me tell you about my sister. My sister’s name is Radragulf, and she is nicknamed the ‘The Supreme Dragon’――― 』 


    Incidentally, Lindworm had been talking endlessly about Radragulf for the entire eleven minutes that Yuri had been concentrating on chanting.


    Lindworm is a strong and wise ice dragon, but she is also a bit of a sister idiot. This fact was probably well conveyed to the audience.


    “―――Expose everything before me,【 Spatial Grasp 】!”


    Even if Yuri flies quite slowly, it will take 11 minutes to get your destined city right under Lindworm’s huge body.


    Leaning forward from the dragon’s back, Yuri brought the entire city into view and used her【 Spatial Grasp 】to stay within the area of effect.


    As a result of the correct activation of【 Spatial Grasp 】, all kinds of information about Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire, entered Yuri’s mind.


    According to this information, the population of Drisdal was about 28,000. The figures clearly show that the city is quite large in scale.


    ―――However, it seems that about 20,000 people, or nearly 70% of them, are in a state of ‘starvation’ or ‘hunger’.


    Apparently, the severity of the food shortage has reached a significant level at this point.


    『 Soldiers and residents in the city are looking at us and making a lot of noise. 』 


    “It’s tempting to make a fuss when there’s a big dragon flying right above you. Lindworm, would you please lower your altitude to a point where their arrows can’t reach you yet?”


    『 Yes. 』 


    As Lindworm’s massive body gradually descended in altitude to a height of about 300 meters above the city. The confusion in the city became even greater.


    Yuri establishes a [Bond Link] using【 Spatial Grasp 】and sends out voice-only telepathy without images to all the people in Drisdal.


    “―――Good day, all residents of Drisdal, the capital of the Volmisian Empire. My name is Yuri, the Empress of the Yuri Empire, located in the northern part of this country.


    The dragon that is currently flying above Drisdal is a child named Lindworm, who carried me to this land. Since Lindworm is a servant beast, it will not attack without my permission. As long as the Volmisian Empire does not attack us, please rest assured that neither Lindworm nor I will ever attack the people living in the city.”


    There are people out on the open-air platform of the royal castle, looking up at us.


    According to the information obtained by【 Spatial Grasp 】, it seems that the person at the center of them is Emperor Ludwin, the monarch of the Volmisian Empire.


    “Many of you may already know that I am not only the Empress of the Yuri Empire but also one of the main gods of this world. I have been asked by Lydina, the Goddess of Healing, to help the people of the Volmisian Empire who are suffering from the lack of food and dealing with the proliferation of the Mud Wolf.


    I seek a meeting with Emperor Ludwin, the sovereign of the Volmisian Empire. I’m going to land the Lindworm outside the south gate of Drisdal, and if you would be so kind as to guide me from there, that would be great.”


    After speaking to the people living in Drisdal, Yuri and Lindworm slowly descended to the place just outside the south gate of the city as they had declared.


    Even though they descended to a height where arrows from the ground could reach them, the soldiers on the defensive wall did not point their bows at them.


    I had heard that it was a vicious country, so I was concerned that even if I tried to contact them after speaking to them through telepathy, I might be shot with an arrow.


    Yuri breathed a quiet sigh of relief as she realized that she would be able to talk to the other side without any problems.

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