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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 186

    Lindworm the Ice Dragon

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    Yuri, who was asked by Lydina to save the people living in the Volmisian Empire, left the palace in Yuritania the very next morning.


    Riding on the back of an ice-dragon named Lindworm―――a beast that can fly at high speed, Yuri headed south-southeast.


    Lindworm is one of the most powerful raid bosses in the game『 Atros Online 』, with a level of 1666, which is extremely high.


    It’s not as good as the 1850 level of Radragulf, but it’s good enough to be called a natural disaster.


    “―――I’m sorry, Lindworm. It’s been a while since I’ve summoned you, and I’ve asked you to fly long distances.”


    『 No, Yuri-dono. As a dragon, flying is as natural to us as walking on the ground is to people. It’s not a burden or anything to fly some distance with Yuri-dono’s light body on board. 』 


    “I’m glad you said that.”


    The transfer point to the Volmisian Empire had already been created, so Yuri could use transfer magic to travel to the capital of the country in an instant if she wanted to.


    However, if she were to use her transfer magic to go directly to the capital’s royal castle, identify herself as the “Empress of the Yuri Empire” to the guards guarding the gates, and request a meeting with the emperor, she would most likely be chased away as a suspicious person or captured.


    To have a meeting with the emperor of the Volmisian Empire and have a chance to discuss the matter, it is necessary to impress upon him the fact that Yuri has come to visit.


    This is the reason why I went to the trouble of visiting on the back of Lindworm. Lindworm is an even bigger dragon than Radragulf in terms of body size alone, so if Yuri can control a huge dragon and ride it on its back, she will be treated appropriately. ―――Even if Yuri looks like a little girl.


    『 It seems to be quite cold, are you alright, Yuri-dono? 』 


    “Thank you for your concern, Lindworm. I’m wearing an ornament that gives me <Cold Resistance>.”


    『 I see, then I have nothing to worry about. 』 


    The cities and villages in the Yuri Empire are kept at a constant temperature by the【 Temperature Control Ward 】. If you step out of the wards of the cities, you will find yourself in the bitter cold of winter.


    It doesn’t seem to be snowing, but the temperature must be quite low. Yuri was grateful for the benefit of the ring on his little finger.


    Lindworm is an ice dragon, so of course, it is not affected by the cold.


    As if it were not caught in the jaws of gravity, Lindworm’s huge body flew lightly in the sky, occasionally shaking its wings.


    They probably flying at a very high speed. But Yuri didn’t feel a single tremor at all.


    『 ―――Come think of it. My sister hasn’t returned to Yuri-dono for a long time, has she? 』 


    “Yes, I wonder what she’s doing where she is now.”


    As they flew through the air, Yuri talked about Lindworm and Radragulf.


    Even though Radragulf’s level was higher than Lindworm, Lindworm was the one who had lived longer. Perhaps because of this, Lindworm was like an ‘older sister’ to Radragulf.


    In fact, Lindworm often refers to Radragulfas as her ‘sister.’


    Of course, their parents are different, but their relationship is no longer that of friends, as they have lived together for an uncanny amount of time.


    If that’s the case, then I could understand why they were almost like sisters.


    “I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about with Radragulf. But it’s been a long time since she’s been back, so I have some doubts.”


    『 If you like, I can find her and bring her back to you, Yuri-dono.


    ―――If Yuri-dono wants, you can summon Radragulf to your side by using the 【 Summon Beast 】. You’re a little too kind, so it’s probably not your intention to do so. 』 


    “Haha, I’m ‘kind’, aren’t I… The only person who would say such a thing about me, who has slaughtered more people than anyone else in this world, would be you, Lindworm.”


    『 Yuri-dono’s kindness is limited to those to whom it is directed. 』 


    “Fufu, you know exactly what I mean.”


    After all, Yuri is only willing to be kind to those whom she can be kind to.


    Lindworm understood Yuri’s character very well.


    『 Dadoras was sad. He said that Yuri-dono hadn’t summoned him at all. 』 


    “Uu… I’m sorry about that. I’ll make sure Dadoras is taken care of later.”


    『 Yes, please do. 』 


    Dadoras, like Radragulf and Lindworm, is the son of a dragon that was originally a raid boss, and his level is 1710, which is higher than Lindworm.


    Despite this, since Yuri was playing the game『 Atros Online 』before she came to this other world, she didn’t summon Dadoras very often and only used Radragulf and Lindworm.


    The reason for this is very simple―――Dadoras is a ‘male’ dragon.


    In other words, Yuri’s preference for ‘female’ dragons such as Radragulf and Lindworm was simply due to her homosexual nature.


    However, Yuri naturally thinks very highly of Dadoras as her own ‘messenger beast’ as well.


    She unconsciously chooses Radragulf or Lindworm, so she doesn’t have many opportunities to call on him, but she doesn’t have any animosity towards him.


    So if Dadoras is sad about that, Yuri will take good care of him.


    『 However, I can’t blame Yuri-dono too much. In the end, my sister and I are very happy to be favored by Yuri-dono. 』 


    “My, I’m so happy. Is that so?”


    “Yes. I adore you, Yuri-dono.”


    “……………… I’m glad you didn’t say that line while you were humanizing. It makes me want to forget about the Volmisian Empire and just ask you to bed.”


    “Fufufu… If I want to say the same words again, I should choose a time when I won’t bother Yuri-dono.”


    Humanization is a technique that can be used only by dragons and other powerful demons.


    The humanized Lindworm is an extremely beautiful woman with beautiful blue hair. If someone whispered love to Yuri in that form, it would be difficult for Yuri to resist.


    Incidentally, Radragulf is unable to humanize on her own.


    She is an extremely powerful dragon that has earned her the nickname ‘The Supreme Dragon’.


    ―――I can’t blame her, she’s actually rather clumsy.

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