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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 185

    Temporary Oblivion

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    ―――For a while after that, Yuri decided to forget about the Volmisian Empire.


    Of course, she continues to have <Nadeshiko> girls do secret reconnaissance work in the Volmisian Empire, and since the Mud Wolves have recently been discovered in the Yuri Empire’s land near the border with that country, she has been working vigorously to exterminate them as well.


    Still, Yuri herself decided not to think about the Volmisian Empire anymore.


    At least at the moment, she has no intention of doing anything to the country.


    Regardless of whether the other side is having trouble dealing with demons or the people are running out of food―――it’s a land that has nothing to do with their own country. It should be up to the Volmisian Empire itself to solve its domestic problems.


    Yuri is not so soft-hearted as to take the initiative in reaching out to someone who is neither her country nor an ally, but rather a virtual enemy.


    For now, it was more important to think about the expansion of education in their own country and to discuss with the gods of the “Shinto City” to work out a concrete plan.


    As the third phase of the test operation, the Eight Wise School, which is currently managed by Omoikane, is sending people who are engaged in agriculture in Yuritania to study Japanese.


    For some reason, Yuri had always been fiercely supported by the farmers living in Yuritania.


    The first time was probably back in the days of Nildea, before the construction of the city of Yuritania. I think it can be traced back to the time when the farmers were delighted with the fact that the damage caused by demons to their crops was reduced to zero as a result of Yuri’s efforts to ‘exterminate’ the area around the city.


    After that, when the citizens of Nildea were moved to Yuritania, Yuri prepared enough cultivated farmland around the city and sold it to the farmers.


    Incidentally, this farmland was cultivated by the children of <Blue Rose> by using the spirits of the earth. It is extremely fertile farmland that has been fully infused with the spiritual power of the soil.


    The city of Yuritania, with its many waterways, provides a constant supply of clean water to the farmland. In addition, as part of the national policy to support the farmland, priests are sent from the temples to the farmland every day to perform【 Purification 】, so the farmland is completely free from disease.


    From the farmers’ point of view, this was the best job in the world. The farmers were treated as if they had been provided with the ‘best work environment’ without compliments.


    Moreover, now they don’t have to negotiate with merchants, and they can earn cash income at a fair price for the crops they deliver to the state.


    It was an unthinkable amount of income from the time when they used to live as farmers in the Eldard Kingdom. Today’s farmers can live day to day eating whatever they want at food stalls, and they have much more opportunities to shop at clothing and furniture stores. Of course, they buy only ‘new’ products, not ‘used’ ones.


    Lacking daily food and wearing rags, most of the people living in the city looked as if they were ‘poor’ person.


    Yuri had taken away all the suffering that all the farmers had once experienced. In a way, it was only natural that the peasants would support him at a fierce level.


    When Yuri asked for help to study Japanese in Shinto City. I was surprised to hear that not a single farmer did not agree to this request.


    Of course, the fact that it was winter and the off-season for farming must have been convenient. At present, all the farmers are enrolled in Eight Wise School, where they attend classes for one hour every day.


    Perhaps in a little while, some of them will be able to complete their Japanese language studies.


    ―――In this world, farmers are generally considered to be stupid.


    Of course, Yuri knows that this is not the case at all. It’s just that the farmers’ knowledge is specialized in agriculture, and they are rather erudite intellectuals.


    However, it is a fact that their lack of knowledge is a target of ridicule in the general public. This time, Yuri decided to take advantage of this public perception.


    Even if the government calls to ‘learn a new language’, I’m sure that many people would be reluctant to do so because they can easily imagine how difficult it would be.


    Nevertheless, if people knew that the Japanese language they were going to learn was a language that even farmers could learn without any problems, the public’s perception would probably change.


    If the language is easy enough for farmers to learn, then it should be easy enough for me to learn. If we can make the citizens think that, even if only a little, then we are done.


    Yuri also discussed the non-Japanese classes that would be offered at the “Eight Wise School”.


    The textbooks have already been printed and the first class is scheduled to start in a few days.


    In addition to that, I’m also planning to start a trial class on sericulture soon, for those who are currently looking for jobs in the cities of Yuritania and Ulysses.


    Yuri is thinking of silk as one of the specialties of the “Shinto City”. This is because, with the presence of Ogetsuhime, the goddess of silkworm cultivation in addition to the five grains, it would be very easy to start a business, since she can provide as many silkworms as she wants.


    For those who are currently unemployed and are not afraid of insects. Yuri would like them to learn about silk production at the “Eight Wise School” and become the first residents of the “Shinto City”.


    ―――Yuri tries to take a holiday at least twice a week.


    She wanted to visit the Garden of the Divine Realm and have tea with Lydina and Arcana. Since they were always in the Garden when they weren’t working, Yuri would have to be proactive in visiting them to have a chance to meet them.


    “Yuri, I have one favor to ask you.”


    It was the 21st day of the winter month.


    The three of us were having our usual tea party in the garden of the Divine Realm. Suddenly, Lydina spoke to Yuri with a serious look on her face.


    “You mean the Volmisian Empire?”


    “You already know…?”


    “We have the Mud Wolves in our country. I’m aware of it.”


    Yuri let out a sigh.


    Then Yuri also faced Lydina with a serious face.


    “Lydina. For me, the Volmisian Empire is nothing more than ‘another country without diplomatic relations’. Let me make it clear that it is not a country that I have any obligation to help in any way.”


    “… I am aware of that.”


    “Still, I feel I owe Lydina a great debt of gratitude. The reason why I can live with everyone I love now is because of you. So, if you want me to do something, I will do it, no matter what it is, and I will spare no effort.


    ―――You can say anything you want. I’ll make it all come true for you.”


    “Thank you, Yuri. I’m sorry for always getting spoiled…”


    “It’s okay. I don’t mind spoiling a beautiful woman.”


    Yuri responded with a smile to Lydina, who lowered her eyebrows apologetically.


    This is how Yuri became involved with the Volmisian Empire.

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