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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 182

    Inviting Water

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    Yuri, who monitors the cities of her own country and its allies with【 Spatial Grasp 】, is always knowing where the monarch of the Duchy of Selsia, Cadain Theodore, is currently.


    She visited the palace in the duchy’s capital, Dellane, and spoke directly to Cadain, who was researching the archives. Of course, he’s surprised.


    “I don’t mind if you order our soldiers to call me to the reception room.”


    “Well, that’s all right. I’ve always wanted to see the archives of the Principality.”


    Yuri, who was thinking of building a library of Japanese books in the Shinto City, was also interested in seeing the archives of other countries.


    The stacks in the Principality were not very large, but the books were kept clean and repaired as needed.


    It was probably managed by an excellent librarian.


    If the Yuri Empire is going to build a library, they should hire a professional librarian. Books can be passed down from generation to generation if they are properly managed, but if they are mishandled, they will be damaged before they last even one generation.


    Since there seemed to be no one else using the library, Yuri asked the maid working in the library to prepare some tea and shared the information with Cadain at the book reading table.


    As it turned out, Cadain had never heard of the ‘Mud Wolf’ itself.


    It seems that he has no idea that such a monster has appeared in the southern part of the Duchy of Selsia―――near the border with the Volmisian Empire.


    However, this is probably unavoidable.


    With the Yuri Empire taking on the entire role of extermination, the soldiers of the Principality of Selsia rarely have the opportunity to go out of their way to hunt demons outside the cities.


    In that case, there was no opportunity to know about the existence of demons that only appeared near the border, let alone those that appeared near cities and villages.


    “I’m afraid my children will be frequenting the territory of the Duchy of Selsia for some time to come. I hope you can tolerate this.”


    Well, Yuri doesn’t expect the Principality to solve the problem by itself.


    If Yuri, who is planning to have the Yuri Empire take the lead in resolving the matter of the Mud Wolves, declares so beforehand. Cadain looked more than a little surprised.


    “Are you going to take care of this ‘Mud Wolf’ thing?”


    “Of course. As long as the vassalage relationship continues, it is natural to think that our country has the responsibility to protect the Duchy of Selsia.”


    “I’m sure that’s true in theory. It’s just―――most sovereign countries don’t go to that much trouble for their vassals, you know?”


    “… Really? Well, anywhere else is anywhere else, and the Yuri Empire is the Yuri Empire. I don’t know about other countries, but at least we’ll do our best to help. Is that okay with you?”


    “Of course, we’d like that.”


    Cadain bowed deeply as he said this.


    Although he did not acknowledge it in writing, she had officially obtained the permission of the other party’s master, Cadain. Yuri can now allow the children of the Yuri Empire to operate in the territory of the Principality with impunity.


    “How long do you think it will take to deal with it?”


    “I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to solve this problem if we don’t even know what caused the Mud Wolves to appear in the first place… Well, I don’t want to drag this out too long, so I’d like to get this done in the next ten days if at all possible.”


    For the time being, Yuri wanted to focus only on the “Shinto City” and “education”.


    It may be a threat to the people of this world, but I didn’t want to waste my time dealing with a level 56 demon.


    “Only 10 days… Thank you for trying to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”


    “There is one matter that the Duchy of Selsia will need some help with later. If you’re grateful, I’d appreciate it if you could return the favor.”


    “All right. I don’t know what kind of matter it is, but I will spare no effort to help.”


    Cadain agreed and smiled cheerfully at the same time.


    He was a man who excelled in domestic affairs, not a warrior like Duke Drapon, who had once been the lord of this country.


    If you can delegate the unskilled military task of dealing with demons. The extent to which they promise active cooperation in other matters in exchange for it would not even be a problem.


    Incidentally, what Yuri wants to ask for the cooperation of the Principality of Selsia is the educational institution to be built in the “Shinto City” and the spread of the Japanese language.


    This is a huge project to spread a completely new language. If we are going to do this, it would be more interesting to involve not only our own country but also our allies.


    “Thank you, Cadain. Well, my good friend, I shall have to show my sincerity with reasonable results. I’ll send you a progress report soon, look forward to it.”


    “Yes. Is there anything I should be doing here?”


    “Nothing special. However… until the details of the situation have been investigated, it would be best if merchants and passengers were restricted from using the trade routes.


    The people living in the cities and villages will be protected by the wards that have been set up. If they’re attacked by a mud wolf while traveling along the trade routes, they’re not going to survive.”


    “Sure… All right, I’ll take care of that.”


    “Thank you.”


    Yuri left the Dellane Palace and went directly to the Holy Land of Nimun.


    After meeting with Pope Altorius, she also traveled to the Kingdom of Rapier to meet with King Raven, explaining the situation in the Principality of Selsia and sharing information.


    The ‘Mud Wolf’ incident that occurred in the Principality of Selsia this time has nothing to do directly with the Holy Land of Nimun or the Kingdom of Rapier.


    Even so, a situation that suddenly arises in one country can happen in other countries as well. So when Yuri brought the information, both Pope Altorius and King Raven listened sincerely.


    You have to share the information that the other person wants, even if only a little, whenever you get it. Yuri knew that the accumulation of such detailed efforts would build a solid relationship of mutual trust.


    This is not knowledge that I learned as a national leader. It is something that I developed while working for a landscaping company as a ‘garden designer’ and building relationships with many clients.


    “My, it’s Sofia.”


    “Welcome back, Master. I’ve taken the liberty of intruding.”


    After traveling around the world, Yuri used transfer magic to return to the Yuritania Palace and returned to her office. There she found Sofia.


    ―――She’s working at the desk where Yuri usually sat.


    Sofia immediately left her seat and offered her chair to Yuri, who thankfully took it.


    Even if the transfer magic makes the travel time only a moment, visiting three countries in a row will make you tired. For now, I just wanted to lean my body deeply against the back of the chair.


    “I’ve taken the liberty of writing instructions for the documents that require the approval of the head of state, based on my judgment that “Master would judge it this way.” If there are no problems after you check it later, please just put your seal of approval on it and then send it to the various offices.”


    “I’m sorry to make you do this while I’m away… If it’s just to check, I’ll do it now, just give me a minute.”


    “Okay. I’ll prepare a cup of tea in the meantime.”


    Taking out a set of tea sets and a pot from the <Maid Bag>, Sofia prepared tea for two.


    In the meantime, I checked the documents that needed to be approved and found that none of the instructions Sofia had written differed in any way from the decisions Yuri herself had made.


    “I’d give my country to Sofa any day.”


    Even if I were to disappear today. Sofia will be able to run this country without any problems.


    Yuri spilled out her words after seeing the perfect instructions. However, even though she was praised, Sofia made a very disapproving expression.


    “…… Are you stupid?”


    “My, that’s harsh.”


    “I’m confident that I can serve as an ordinary monarch. But, the only person who can unite this Yuri Empire, no matter how you look at it, a monarch who deviates from the realm of normal. If I’m the one on the throne, I’ll be bankrupt in less than three days.”


    There was no hint of exaggeration or falsehood in Sophia’s tone of voice.


    If Sophia says so―――then it must be true.


    “Hmm… Is that a compliment?”


    “Of course. I hope you will rule the country for many years to come.”


    “I don’t need to be told. By the way, Sofia.”




    I put my right hand under the hem of her skirt and touched her slippery thigh. Perhaps because she was caught off guard, a very high-pitched voice escaped from Sofia’s mouth.


    “You can’t call me stupid, can you?”


    “Ah, no, that’s…! Th, that’s a figure of speech…!”


    “Sofia. What are you to me?”


    “Uuuu, uummm…! I, I, I’m my master’s ‘concubine slave’…”


    Yuri kept stroking her thighs without restraint. Sofia’s voice was restless, wavering uncertainly in and out of register.


    Once she declared herself a slave, she would not be allowed to refuse or even protest against Yuri’s hands caressing her skin.


    The palm of Yuri’s hand gradually moved up to the inside of her thigh. At last, Sofia couldn’t take it anymore and fell to her knees.


    “If you were a slave, you wouldn’t lie to your master, would you?”


    “… Ye, yes.”


    “Sofia, a brilliant woman, would not have called me a fool by accident. Then why did you just call me that?”


    “Uuu… Be, Because I wanted you to abuse me…”


    “Fufu. I like honest girls, don’t I?”


    Touching Sofia’s collapsed body, Yuri uses transfer magic.


    The destination is Yuri’s bedroom―――on the bed.


    Yuri slowly pushed down Sofia’s body, which was unable to stand up.


    “You don’t expect me to love you gently after teasing you, do you?”


    “Yes, Master… Please discipline me strictly as the bad girl.”


    “Very well.”


    Lapping her lips together and twisting her tongue, Yuri violates Sofia’s tongue and mouth.


    Sofia’s body stiffens for a moment, but soon accepts Yuri’s assault.


    It’s a one-sided kiss, something that would never happen between two people on equal terms.


    It had enough power to make Sofia’s eyes instantly melt, as she had learned the pleasure of being violated.

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