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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 178


    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    This incident with Roselotte prompted Yuri to take three actions.


    First of all, he asked the children of the production unit <Rindou> to make a letterpress that could handle Japanese.


    This is a far more difficult task than the letterpresses that have been made so far.


    The letters in this world are phonetic, and since there are only a few types of letters in use, the number of letterforms to be used in the typesetting process is also small. If we were to make a Japanese letterpress, we would naturally need a large number of hiragana, katakana, and kanji scripts.


    It would cost a considerable amount of money to produce just one prototype. Of course, it would be even more expensive if we were to consider mass production after that.


    Nevertheless, this is a necessary cost. Having decided to introduce the Japanese language to the country, it is only natural that we should strive to spread it. There is no way we can spare the burden of the national treasury.


    However, even though the number of types of characters will increase significantly, the effort required to create the typography itself will not change much, which is a very unique feature of this world.


    The <Maid> class can acquire the <Maid Bag> skill, which allows them to store several items in another space according to their level.


    A person who possesses this skill can retrieve any item from the stored items in an instant, so no matter how many different types of items there are, he or she can always select the desired type in one shot.


    The process of picking up type, which is extremely time-consuming, can be done quickly, and if left to the <Maid>, the efficiency of the work is as high as that of a skilled typesetter.


    The only drawback is that to fit all of the letters into the bag, you’ll need a level of about 20 to fit them into the bag.


    However, in the Yuri Empire, where challenging the labyrinth is well known even to the common people, it is not difficult to hire a level 20 or above <Maid>.


    Secondly, Yuri asked the children of <Kikyo> to build a large enough educational facility in Shinto City.


    After the completion of this facility, the ownership of the building will be handed over to Omoikane.


    Needless to say, the reason for this is that the entire educational facility will be turned into a realm controlled by Omoikane. The purpose of this is to give Omoikane’s blessings to all the people studying in the facility and to constantly boost their learning efficiency by 600%.


    According to Roselotte, who studied Japanese under Omoikane, this ‘sevenfold’ increase in learning efficiency is more than just a number.


    After all, just 90 minutes of concentrated study is equivalent to more than 10 hours of dedicated study.


    And it seems that studying efficiently, which is equivalent to more than 10 hours of study, has enough results to make you feel that you have grown up after doing it.


    According to Roselotte, this ‘feeling of growth’ is an incomparable and inexplicable pleasure that can rarely be experienced anywhere else. ―――It’s like a kind of catharsis.


    It gives a pleasant and happy intoxication, and the desire for it increases the motivation to go back to study. As a result, Roselotte was able to master the Japanese language easily, without ever feeling the pain of studying.


    When Yuri heard this, she was impressed.


    The most painful part of the process of studying is when you don’t realize your growth.


    Especially when you can’t memorize the same subject no matter how many times you review it, you can’t help but feel angry at yourself for being so inadequate―――.


    However, when you study under Omoikane, you will never have the opportunity to feel the stagnation of growth because your learning efficiency will exceed your expectations.


    Because there is no stress, there is no pain. It must be a great feeling to have what you are trying to learn flowing into your mind.


    Thirdly, Yuri decided to focus on producing a book in Japanese and asked for help from the gods in the Shito City and the children of the Yuri Empire.


    Even though it was only going to be for those who wanted to, if the people were going to learn Japanese, there should be a proper reward for those who did it well.


    With this in mind, Yuri decided that it would be too much of a hurdle to try and build a library of Japanese books in Shinto City. First, she decided to set up a library containing more than 50 kinds of books in Japanese.


    The library will be a facility that anyone can freely use, free of charge, as long as they show proof of Omoikane’s recognition of their mastery of the Japanese language.


    The gods who live in Shinto City have a deep knowledge of the fields related to their authority. In other words, everyone is an expert in some way, so there should be no shortage of things to write about in books.


    For example, Takuhata Chijihime could probably write several books on sewing, since she knows so much about it. The gods Haniyasu-hiko and Haniyasu-hime is knowledgeable about anything related to ‘soil’, so their knowledge would be so broad that it would be impossible to imagine how many books they could write.


    Specialized knowledge is worth a lot of money in and of itself.


    If mastering the Japanese language gives you free access to specialized knowledge, it will serve as a reward for those who have worked hard enough.


    In addition, I’m going to ask the children of the Yuri Empire to compile information on the skills that can be acquired in each class, as far as they know, and produce a book on which skills are useful.


    Once you’ve decided on a class, it’s impossible to change it again, and there are a surprisingly large number of people who have yet to acquire one.


    For those people, the book written by the children of the Yuri Empire will be a great help in choosing a class. For those who have already chosen, it is not useless to know in advance what skills they can acquire in the future.


    In addition to asking for help from others, Yuri is also planning to write several books.


    For example, Yuri is the one who knows the most about the <Summoner> class in Yuri Empire, so she should be the one to write about it.


    Yuri is also planning to write a book about all the gods living in Shinto City, called “The Book of Heaven”.


    I don’t think the people involved themselves would want to write about it, so I think it would be better for Yuri to write about it from a neutral point of view.


    (―――After all, I’m really more suited to serve others, aren’t I?)


    The only person who can be the master of the children of the Yuri Empire is herself, so Yuri has no choice but to be the lord of the Yuri Empire as well. To tell you the truth, Yuri is not capable of being the lord of the country, who can do whatever she wants, and I think it is more suitable for Yuri to assist.


    She simply likes the act of working for someone else. Of course, if that ‘someone’ is the person Yuri is thinking of, that’s even more perfect.


    She wanted to make sure that her beloved Roselotte would be able to develop the Shinto City without stagnation. Yuri took the time to prepare and lay the groundwork for many ‘milestones’.


    It might work for Roselotte’s city one day, or it might end up being a pointless waste of time.


    Hoping that the former is the case, Yuri proceeds to do her best.

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