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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 174

    Educational Institution (2)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    From the day she asked Yuri for a job, Roselotte has been acting as a kind of secretary for Yuri.


    ―――But, there are not that many jobs for Yuri.


    At most, Yuri’s daily tasks are to judge the merits of documents that need to be approved and to check reports in the morning.


    Other than those morning duties, Yuri spends all of her time doing whatever she likes, according to her judgment on any given day.


    However, for Yuri, the “Empress” of this country, even the time she spends just doing what she likes often has some value.


    For example, even if Yuri just looks around the city and eats, the market will be very active. A visit to a village far from the city would have the same effect as a visit from the lord of the country herself and would contribute to the stabilization of the people’s minds.


    I often challenge the dungeons of the “Labyrinth” with the body of Sayuri, but this also has the effect of raising the interest of the people who watch the broadcast in “Labyrinth”.


    Of course, there are times when I simply do things as an extension of my work.


    I visited the heads of the major merchant associations in the Yuri Empire, such as Rubetta and Ados, or heard from Sofia, who was in charge of the food aid project for the Kingdom of Rapier.


    They also visited Duke Cadain, Pope Altorius, and King Raven, who were also in the same position as the head of the country, and asked them for advice or exchanged idle chit-chat.


    While checking the map of the Yuri Empire and the allied countries made by the children of <Nadeshiko>, Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime were taken around the country using transfer magic to investigate the resources and sources.


    Even though Yuri doesn’t take pride in her energetic work as the head of the country, she does fulfill various roles that only the head of the country can do in her way.


    Today, Yuri used her free time after finishing his morning duties to visit the “Shinto City” that was under construction.


    “I feel like I’m in a completely different world when I’m in this city.”


    “Well, that’s what we’re trying to make.”


    Yuri smiled at the words of Roselotte, who was accompanying her as her secretary.


    I’m looking around happily at Roselotte. Yuri felt happy to see that the atmosphere of “Japanese Buildings” overflowing throughout the city could be understood by people in this world.


    “Are there already people living in this city?”


    A couple they encountered while walking down the street waved lightly at Yuri and the others.


    Seeing them, Roselotte asked curiously.


    “The only people living in this city now are gods invited from other worlds, right?”


    Some orphanage children visit to take care of the chickens. At the moment, only “God” still resides in this land.


    “S-So the couple you just mentioned are both gods?”


    “Yes, they are. The man is Hoori, the god of the mountains and grains, and the woman is Toyotama-hime, the god of childbirth and child-rearing. She also has blessings for livestock and fishing.”


    “W-Wow… Isn’t that a pretty amazing god?”


    “Fufu, I wonder?”


    The gods we welcome here are only the gods of『 Leangard 』, the in-game world『 Atros Online 』, and not the original gods of Japanese mythology.


    Therefore, it is surprisingly difficult to answer the question of whether the gods are great or not.


    It is undoubtedly true that the original gods in the Kojiki are very precious and awesome. But to be honest, it’s hard for Yuri to know whether or not to give the gods in this place the same kind of recognition.


    “Well, even if they are great gods, don’t be afraid of them. At least they’re not the gods of this world.


    Besides… they don’t want that kind of relationship. I’m sure they want you to feel free to step in and be actively involved with the people of this world.”




    “Yes, they do.”


    Faith does not have to be an act of worship.


    You can relate to them as a neighbor, treat them as a friend, get to know them, and have small respect for them.


    This is also a form of faith.


    “By the way, how many gods live in this city?”


    “At the moment, there are about 140 pillars. Eventually, the number will increase to around 200.”


    As a result of repeatedly establishing connections with the world『 Leangard 』and welcoming them, the number of gods in this city has increased significantly since the beginning.


    Of course, in the end, I intend to summon all of the gods that have lived in the high heavens of『 Leangard 』 ―――200 gods in all to this city.


    Some of the gods, such as Amaterasu and Ogetsuhime, have been greatly strengthened by the use of special sacred objects, so they will be able to subdue and control these rough gods with their power.


    “T-There are that many gods…?”


    “It will be a city with countless blessings.”


    When a god is inhabited, various benefits are brought to the land.


    Among the gods of『 Leangard 』, many especially benefit agriculture, fishing, animal raising, and sericulture. In a sense, the development of this city is promised by the multiple blessings it receives.


    While talking about this city, Yuri and Roselotte took a stroll through the streets for a while. Eventually, they arrived at a house near the main palace building where the gods’ bodies were enshrined.


    Without even knocking on the front door, Yuri uses telepathy to directly inform the inhabitants of the building that she has arrived, which is the purpose of her visit today.


    Then I heard a pattering and a hurried running inside. Immediately, the front door was opened vigorously from the inside.


    “Ah―――thank you for coming, Yuri.”


    A woman dressed in a luxurious kimono said as soon as she saw Yuri.


    “Hello, Amaterasu. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean you have to come out in a hurry, okay?”


    “No, I can’t keep Yuri waiting.


    … Oh, I haven’t met the woman with you before, have I? Who are you?”


    “I’ve brought her here today to introduce her to Amaterasu.


    Her name is Roselotte. She is my fourth concubine, and I’m thinking of entrusting her with the role of lord over this city if you don’t mind.”




    “My! If she’s Yuri’s concubine, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t welcome her!”


    Amaterasu’s face suddenly broke into a smile as she heard Yuri’s words.


    On the other hand, the person herself, Roselotte. She seemed to be very surprised by Yuri’s words and went rigid on the spot, rolling her eyes.

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