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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 167

    The Rest Can Be Settled Bilaterally

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “Yuri Sister, thank you for your hard work.”


    There was a girl who floated high in the sky and quietly approached Yuri, who was looking down at the earth and gave her words of encouragement.


    It was Raquel from the <Kuroyuri>. The words she spoke were, oddly enough, the same as the words she had spoken to me when I had annihilated the army of the Eldard Kingdom.


    “It seems you still don’t want to be on ‘air’, huh?”


    “Uu, sorry…”


    “I’m not accusing you of anything.”


    In Raquel’s hand, she carries a cloak of invisibility that she may have been using just a few moments ago.


    It’s a convenient way to get the effects of invisibility magic and the skill of hiding your presence at the same time. Naturally, when it is equipped, it will not show up on the [Broadcast].


    “Yuri Sister, you’ll be using it later, right?”


    “What? ―――Ah, that’s right. Do you mind if I borrow it?”


    “Of course.”


    After this, Yuri will use Transfer Magic to travel to the Hydra Kingdom’s capital, Derak, and set up a【Transfer Gate】in front of the royal castle.


    This is an important task that will allow the army of the Rapier Kingdom to directly overpower the royal castle of the Hydra Kingdom. The installation of the【Transfer Gate】will take about 10 minutes, so the [Cloak of Hermit] will be useful in the process of setting it up in front of the enemy’s royal castle in a dignified manner.


    Yuri received the [Cloak of Hermit] from Raquel’s hand, which she held out to her.


    The [Cloak of Hermit] is in the possession of every member of the Yuri Empire, so of course, Yuri has one. Unfortunately, she forgot to put it in the <Inventory>.


    For today, I’ll be grateful to use Raquel’s [Cloak of Hermit].


    “Ah… Come to think of it, Yuri Sister. This time, not only the enemy’s horses but also the dragons were recovered. It was a wonderful performance.’


    “As usual, Raquel is watching very closely.”


    Yuri summoned【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】and dropped it. But before, she used the magic【Force Group Transfer】that had been delayed in advance and kidnapped all the horses of the enemy cavalry and the dragon of the dragon cavalry to her territory.


    By now, they should have been transferred to the cages of the【Barrier Ward】that the <Red Plum> girls set up near the city of Yuritania. It would be a shame to kill both of them needlessly, so I will make effective use of them in the Yuri Empire from now on.


    As for the Transportation Corps members, not only the horses but also the people were transferred with them.


    The people I’ve kidnapped will live in the village of Colt, where the 5,000 horses I once took from the Eldard Kingdom’s army are being raised and bred, along with the horses I’m adding this time.


    If the population and the number of horses increase further, I have a feeling that Colt will finally become a settlement that can’t be called a village. Well, that’s a minor problem.


    As for the horses, Yuri would like to have the children of <Kikyou> build a trade route between the cities soon, and develop a system that would allow the horses to be exchanged several times along the trade route for high-speed carriage service.


    But… The problem is that the children of <Kikyou> are too good to be free. In addition, there are many other tasks that the children of <Kikyou> need to do, such as improving the cities and villages in the territory that was annexed from the Kingdom of Eldard.


    (We also need to think of specific use for the dragons.)


    The number of dragons we captured this time was 300.


    Although they are demons, they have already been tamed by the Kingdom of Hydra, so they can be used as they are, or since they are ‘demons’, Yuri can defeat them all by herself and turn them into her beasts.


    We’ll have to discuss how to use them in the future.


    “Um… Yuri Sister, we should get on with it.”


    “Ah, of course. I’m sorry, I was just thinking about something.”


    Raquel’s Ultimate Skill,【Army of the Dead】, has the effect of reviving all enemies who die within 10 minutes as undead of your choice, raising their level by 30 and making them obey you.


    It must be used within 10 minutes of death or it is meaningless, so there is no time to waste. Immediately, Yuri instructed Raquel to execute the Ultimate Skill.


    “Do you want me to process it into a skeleton knight again?”


    “Yes, please.”


    The number of soldiers that departed from the Hydra Kingdom this time was 18,300.


    Of these, 1,000 soldiers of the Transportation Corps have been transferred, so the remaining 17,300 soldiers are the number of people killed by the【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】.


    According to the information that <Nadeshiko> had obtained beforehand, the number of soldiers to be sent out was 16,300, but it seems that the number was increased by 2,000 at the last minute.


    However, from Yuri’s point of view, even if the number increases a little, it will still be possible to annihilate them with a single shot of【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】, and an increase of 2,000 skeletal soldiers generated is only a good thing.


    “Yuri Sister, the skeleton soldiers have been created.”


    “Thank you, Raquel. Shall we go down to the ground?”




    It’s hard to tell from looking down from high altitude. When we got down to the ground, we could see 17,300 skeletal soldiers lined up in a row.


    It was a spectacular sight. I laughed to myself, thinking that the creation of such a large number of skeletal soldiers was a very evil thing to do.


    “―――Listen, Immortal Army.”


    Raquel raises her voice to the mass of skeletal soldiers.


    “Your master is me, but my master is Your Majesty Yuri, who is standing next to me. Therefore, you must understand that you must obey not only my orders but also the orders of Your Majesty Yuri.”


    At the same time, 17,300 skeletal soldiers knelt in unison to show their loyalty to Yuri.


    It is important to note that the control of the undead generated by the【Army of the Dead】is solely in the hands of Raquel, who is the wielder of the skill. It is important to order the skeletal soldiers to obey Yuri in advance, as Raquel has just done.


    Yuri then used her Transfer Magic to transfer Raquel and 17,300 skeletal soldiers to the plains near the city of Yuritania.


    Yuri doesn’t like to do this, because it consumes a lot of magic power, and it also makes the magician, Yuri, very tired. There was no point in asking the skeletal soldiers to walk back to the Yuri Empire from this place near the western edge of the continent, as there would be many problems.


    The skeletons were left on the plains for a while, leaving Raquel to supervise them.


    From there, Yuri shifted back to the Yuritania Palace, and accompanied by the waiting <Rindou> children, shifted back to the point where the meteorite was dropped.


    The meteorite dropped by the meteor strike is a valuable source of meteorite ore.


    The mining team of <Rindou> needs to secure this resource.


    In addition, Yuri put on the [Cloak of Hermit] and then transferred to the front of the royal castle in Derak, the capital of the Kingdom of Hydra, where she took about 10 minutes to draw the magic circle of the【Transfer Gate】.


    The magic circle had already been set up in front of the royal castle of the Rapier Kingdom, so Yuri could see that the connection had been established immediately and the【Transfer Gate】is useable.


    The presence of the【Transfer Gate】, which emitted a faint phosphorescence, was very noticeable in the night. It wouldn’t be long before the guards in the vicinity started to make noise.


    Yuri immediately jumped into the【Transfer Gate】that had started operating and transferred to the front of the Royal Castle of the Kingdom of Rapier. There, 3,000 infantrymen of the Rapier Kingdom were waiting, as well as 24 members of the <Shirayuri>, the pride of the Yuri Empire.




    “Hera. The【Transfer Gate】 has been opened, so please get ready.”


    “Yes! <Shirayuri>, each of you cast support magic on the Rapier Kingdom army!”


    The <Shirayuri> is an armored, spear-handling unit of knights, and at the same time, they are capable of using sacred magic. Therefore, they are very skilled in handling support magic to improve their own and their allies’ abilities, not to mention recovery magic.


    With more than ten different types of strengthening buffs, the capabilities of the Rapier Kingdom’s army have been raised much higher than they should have been.


    If this is the case, you won’t be injured at all as you take on the outnumbered soldiers of the Kingdom of Hydra.


    “Thank you, Your Majesty, Yuri!”


    “It’s a good idea to make this quick because the enhancement magic will slowly wear off over time. And as you know, the priority is to control the city gates.”


    “Yes! ―――Okay, everyone, let’s go! Let’s show them the military might of the Rapier Kingdom!”


    In response to the voice of the First Prince Lexmar, the 3,000 soldiers of the Kingdom of Rapier also raised their voices with a great deal of spirit.


    The soldiers line up to go under the【Transfer Gate】and avalanche into the Kingdom of Hydra. Yuri watches them off with the <Shirayuri> children.


    “…… gone?”


    After the last soldier disappeared into the【Transfer Gate】, a voice quietly said from behind Yuri.


    ―――It was King Raven. It seems that he too was seeing off his soldiers and his son.


    “Since they added 2,000 troops to the invasion force just before departure, it seems that there are no more troops left inside the royal castle of Hydra Kingdom than originally planned. It seems that there is not a single chance that Prince Lexmar will be defeated.”


    “I’ll wait for the good news slowly then.


    If it’s convenient for you, Yuri-dono, would you like to have tea with me and my wife? I’ve sent my son off to war, and I don’t feel comfortable with just the two of us…”


    “If that’s the case, I’ll be happy to accompany you.


    ―――I’m sorry <Shirayuri>, but please wait here. I told the soldiers of the Kingdom of Rapier in advance to use the【Transfer Gate】to return immediately if they are injured, so please treat them when they come back.”


    “Yes! All right!”


    Although it is inferior to the children of <Water Lily> which specializes in sacred magic, the children of <Shirayuri> can exercise high-level recovery magic.


    As long as they came back alive, they would be able to heal any injured person instantly.

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