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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 166

    The Sun of Destruction and Carnage

    Translated by Green Cake
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    ‍On the night that the army of the Kingdom of Hydra departed, Yuri was flying over the country.


    Earlier, she had been enjoying the night flight with a certain girl・・・・・but now she was alone. She doesn’t want to be in the air too much.


    What Yuri is looking down on now is the garrison where the army is camped.


    The army has only traveled about 15 kilometers since it left the Kingdom of Hydra.


    (If we attack the army in this position, it will be visible from the home country.)


    If we wait another two days, the army of the Hydra Kingdom will cross the border and invade the land of the Rapier Kingdom.


    Since Yuri was only in a position to help with the defense, it would be logical to wait until then before taking any action.


    However, Yuri’s tendency is not to be ‘good’ but to be ‘evil’. There is no way that she would be able to refrain from doing something just because it is unreasonable.


    To confront the fact that the army was wiped out, and to severely demoralize the soldiers of the Hydra Kingdom. It would be more effective to annihilate the army here, not too far away from the capital of the Hydra Kingdom.


    After all―――Yuri’s【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】looks great at night.


    In this position, it can be seen by the people living in the capital of the Kingdom of Hydra, as well as by the king and Prime Minister in the royal castle. The meteorite should be visible not only on video but also with the naked eye.


    (… Exactly 8 o’clock. That’s when we usually do our regular [Broadcast].)


    The people at home and abroad were already informed during last night’s broadcast that Yuri would not be [Broadcast] tonight.


    It’s fine if Yuri wants to make tonight’s [Broadcast] about the attack on the Hydra Kingdom’s army, and I’m sure there are more than a few people who would like to see that.


    However, many reasons seem legitimate, such as the mutual defense treaty and the duty to Yubel and the Kingdom of Rapier. No matter how many reasons you can come up with that seem legitimate, what Yuri is doing is nothing more than “genocide”. There was no need to show the people of her own country the scene of so many lights of life going out in vain.


    ―――Only the people of the enemy country will know the despair.


    “Answer my call and reveal yourself,【Summon Messenger Beast】Sylph!”


    Using summoning magic, Yuri summons the sylph to the scene.


    Of course, it was to give the role of filming the [Broadcast].


    “Sylph. I’ll be counting on you today.”


    In response to Yuri’s voice, the body of the fairy girl Sylph swayed happily.


    In addition, Yuri relied on the【Spatial Grasp】that she had used in advance in the capital of Hydra Kingdom, Derak, and the military garrison, to establish a [Bond Link] with all the people present there.


    “―――Good night, people of the Kingdom of Hydra.”


    Through this [Bond], Yuri spoke to the people.


    Tonight’s broadcast is a special one that is only for the people of the enemy country.


    Of course, the broadcast will be accompanied by images, not just audio.


    As soon as they saw the image of Yuri against the full moon, some of the soldiers in the garrison noticed that they could see her floating in the sky with their naked eyes, and they could see her pointing at them from above.


    “I am Yuri, the Goddess of Love, the last seat of the Gods. I’m also the empress of the country known as the Yuri Empire. If you don’t know me yet, this is a good opportunity to learn about me.”


    It sounds like the speech of an unsuccessful young comedian―――Yuri thought about her own words as she slowly checked the situation below.


    From above, she could see the intense confusion of the soldiers in the garrison.


    Well, with one of the main gods flying over their heads, it was understandable that they would react that way.


    “Well, people of the Kingdom of Hydra. The army of the Hydra Kingdom that I can see below me seems to be on its way to the east to invade the Rapier Kingdom. The Yuri Empire that I rule has a mutual defense treaty with the Kingdom of Rapier, and we are committed to fighting together against the enemies of both nations.


    ―――In other words, the Hydra Kingdom’s act of pointing its sword at the Rapier Kingdom is the same as pointing its sword at me, the last seat of God. There is no need to leave it to the Rapier Kingdom to deal with a foolish army possessed by barbarism. I will deal with them on my own.”


    Raising one hand, Yuri uses the【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】.


    The meteorite, far more massive than the full moon, spewing fierce flames and emitting a light so fierce that it cut through the darkness of the night, was ‘summoned’ behind Yuri’s Ultimate Skill.


    It was as if the sun, which had set about two hours ago, had reappeared. The darkness of the night disappears from the surrounding area, and the brightness of the day is reappeared.


    However, it is not the sun that brings blessings to mankind. It is the sun of destruction and carnage, summoned only to reap every last life of the people looking down below.


    “Well, I’ve heard that the general of the Kingdom of Hydra’s army is Harkis Kasar.


    I will allow you to speak, Harkis. Do you have any last words for me?”


    At the same time, Yuri switched the telepathy setting so that only Harkis Kasar himself could speak freely.


    This way, the words that Harkis spoke could be heard not only by Yuri but also by all of the people in the Kingdom of Hydra who was currently receiving the broadcast.


    『 ―――G-God! Can you hear me? 』 


    “Yes, I can. I ask you again, do you have any last words for me?”


    The voice from Harkis, in a slightly disconcerting tone, comes over the [Broadcast] telepathy.


    One of the garrison soldiers that Yuri was looking down on now must be Harkis. It was too far away for Yuri to see clearly from her high altitude flight.


    『 Oh… forgive us, God! We had no idea that the Rapier Kingdom was under the protection of God! If we had known, we could have sworn that we would never have attacked the country! 』


    “Fufu… Harkis is so funny that I can’t even believe he’s a general.


    So I’ll ask you one thing, according to the laws of the Kingdom of Hydra, those who kill people without knowing that ‘killing is a crime’ will be let off scot-free?”


    『 T-That’s… 』


    “It’s not, is it? Even if you didn’t know, that doesn’t make you any less guilty. ―――The same goes for you guys. Just because the Kingdom of Hydra didn’t know about my patronage of the Kingdom of Rapier, where is the need for me to take that into account?”


    There was no response from Harkis to Yuri’s cold words.


    I don’t know if he couldn’t think of a response or if he was just frustrated by the relentless words. If there is no reply, there is only one thing for Yuri to do.


    “It seems that there is no need for further questions and answers. So… have a nice day everyone.”


    The【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】, which had been stopped while summoned, began to slowly fall.


    Yuri switched the image on the [Broadcast] from Sylph’s perspective to Yuri’s. The meteorite, which was being pushed back by gravity and gradually accelerating, was quietly watched from behind.


    『 Oh, oh…! I don’t want to die! I can’t die yet…! 』 


    It’s not a plea or a lament, but a pathetic voice of Harkis echoing on the [Broadcast].


    “You are a foolish general. At least be graceful when you die.”


    At the same time as the meteorite hit the ground, a shockwave of immense power was scattered around.


    None of the 18,000 soldiers stationed on the ground would have survived. The people watching the footage could clearly understand.


    When the [Broadcast] ended, Yuri let out a quiet sigh.


    After all, Yuri had killed so many people again. Yuri’s “evil” heart was not filled with any feelings of sorrow or pity.

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