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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 162

    Rapier Royal Family Stay

    Translated by Green Cake
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    In conclusion, the stay of the Rapier Royal Family in the Lost City of Ulysses, which was originally planned for only one night, was extended to a certain extent.


    This was because all of the members of the Rapier family, namely King Raven, his wife Queen Aleia, and the First Prince of Lexmar, had each requested to extend their stay.


    “I must learn more about this country and how to make it prosper.”


    That’s what King Raven said. I am happy to say that the royal family seems to have taken a great liking to the Lost City of Ulysses.


    In the “Tourist Resort Area”, the hotel “Ulysses Butterfly”, the top floor of which is occupied by the most luxurious suites, is only used to accommodate state guests and is not used by the general public.


    The rooms are never occupied, so in that sense, there is no problem in extending the stay. However, if the king did not return home as scheduled, that would be a problem. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to trouble between nations.


    So once, Yuri sent King Raven to the Kingdom of Rapier with Transfer Magic.


    He wanted to make sure that the people back home knew that he would be gone for a few more days.


    “What did King Raven like about my country?”


    When Yuri was picking up and dropping off with the Transfer Magic, Yuri suddenly had a question and asked him that.


    The Raven King answered immediately, without hesitation.


    “The eyes.”


    “…… eyes?”


    “Hmm. The inhabitants of this city have hope in their eyes. They seem to have a glow in their eyes that people who are just struggling to get through each day can’t have.”




    That’s quite a thoughtful way of putting it, Yuri thought.


    Well―――whatever it is, it’s not so bad when the people are praised.


    Incidentally, the stay of the Royal Family of Rapier has been extended to four nights.


    The Raven King wanted to stay for at least a week, though. It seems that once he returned to the country, he was almost begged by the Prime Minister to keep his absence to four days if he was to leave the country.


    With Yuri issuing a permit for the free use of【Transfer Gate】, King Raven seemed to be taking his bodyguards with him throughout those four days to look around at various places.


    In addition to Yuritania, the capital of the Yuri Empire, he also visited the city of Eureka, recently nicknamed the “Mining City” by people at home and abroad, and even the “Shinto City” that is currently under construction, accompanied by a guide assigned by Yuri.


    It seems that King Raven was openly praising each of the cities for their rich characteristics as if they existed in completely different countries.


    Indeed, if you ask me, each city in the Yuri Empire has its distinct style of scenery.


    For example, in the city of Ulysses, where the hotel where the royal family of Rapier is staying is located, the “Tourist Resort Area” in the north is a city built on a vast lake, and the “Labyrinth Area” in the south is a densely populated city with many high-level buildings.


    The capital city of Yuritania is a city of waterways and railroad carriages and is quite quaint. And Eureka, a city adjacent to a mine shaped like a mountain, is a city that makes the most of its steep slope to create a city with a beautiful landscape, with a shrine dedicated to Kanayama-Hiko and his wife.


    There is no need to explain about the “Shinto City” that is under construction. All of the buildings are decorated in a Japanese atmosphere, making it a very exotic place.


    It’s not something I was particularly conscious of―――but I’m glad to see that every city I’ve noticed has established itself as a city with its distinct character.


    This must be what attracted King Raven’s attention.


    Incidentally, Queen Aleia, the wife of King Raven, seems to be enjoying her daily life without leaving the “Tourist Resort Area”, going to the first beauty salon recently opened by Hayes Trading Company, shopping for the finest cosmetics, and enjoying sweet treats at the hotel’s parlor.


    In addition, the First Prince of Lexmar is said to challenge the “Labyrinth” with his knights and guards, or eagerly watch the [Broadcast] of famous explorers challenging the “Labyrinth” with his guards.


    Incidentally, there was initially a fierce protest from the knights in the guard about the prince challenging the labyrinth. This was quickly calmed down by the broadcast of Altorius challenging the labyrinth.


    This was probably because the fact that the safety of the “Labyrinth” been established to such an extent that it was safe for Altorius, the king of the allied nations and the pope of the Eight Gods religion, to dive into it, became the basis for trust.


    Once the opposition was gone, the guards began to praise the labyrinth as if their hands were turned.


    As knights, they would understand the benefits of having a place where they could learn to fight demons safely. Sometimes, it seems that the knight guards alone challenged the labyrinth without the First Prince Lexmar.


    “If you don’t mind, could you set up a【Transfer Gate】in the Rapier Kingdom as well?”


    On the day that the Rapier royal family finished their four-night stay, King Raven was the first to approach Yuri when she came to the hotel to send them to the Rapier Kingdom.


    Queen Aleia and the First Prince Lexmar have not said anything, so I guess the request has already been thoroughly discussed within the royal family.


    “If we’re going to set up a【Transfer Gate】, you need to form a formal alliance with the Yuri Empire, not just a mutual defense treaty.”


    “We have no objections to this… I’m not sure if it’s in your best interest.”




    From Yuri’s point of view, it was a favorable offer.


    If a【Transfer Gate】is set up in the Rapier Kingdom, there will be people from there who will register as explorers and challenge the “Labyrinth”. This will lead to the benefit of the Yuri Empire.


    However, now is not a good time.


    “I’m sorry, but can you wait until after the war with the Kingdom of Hydra is over?”


    “Mm… In worst-case scenario・・・・・we would like to use it as a route for the people to escape. So the sooner it is installed, the better…”


    The worst-case scenario would be if the invading forces of the Hydra Kingdom were to overwhelm the surrounding cities and conquer them, and if the enemy forces were to close in on the capital of the Rapier Kingdom.


    Certainly, whether or not an escape route has been secured in advance in such a case will be a matter of life and death for many people.


    “I don’t think we should inform the enemy recklessly.”




    “If we set up the【Transfer Gate】, the people of the Rapier Kingdom will be able to visit the Yuri Empire freely. If that happens, the fact that the Rapier Kingdom and the Yuri Empire have allied will soon be known to the enemy. The Hydra Kingdom probably has a certain amount of secret agents hidden within the Rapier Kingdom.”


    “Well, that’s certainly true…”


    “As much as possible, I want to make it impossible for the other side to foresee that the Yuri Empire will sneak into a war with the Rapier Kingdom.”


    Anyone who has been a resident of the Yuri Empire since that time knows that Yuri once used【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】to wipe out the kingdom’s army.


    If the possibility of the Yuri Empire protecting the Rapier Kingdom and the fact that Yuri can use ultra-wide annihilation magic is conveyed to the Hydra Kingdom, there is a possibility that the enemy will stop the invasion.


    This is not a desirable development for Yuri, who wants to replenish the skeleton soldiers.


    “If that’s the case, I can’t help it. I owe you a debt of gratitude for agreeing to defend me, and I can’t be so selfish.”


    “I’m sorry, but when the war is safely over, I will comply with your request.”


    “I would be very grateful if you would just give me that assurance.”


    Yuri immediately grasped the hand that King Raven held out to her.


    It was a moment that could be said that an alliance was practically concluded between the two lords.

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