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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 154

    Freshwater Rivers and Sea Shells

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “―――You want a facility for training soldiers?”


    “Yes. I would like you to build it in the Shinto City.”


    It was the morning of the 40th day of the summer month, the last day of summer.


    Yuri had received such a request from Hera, the captain of the <Shirayuri>, who had visited her in her office.


    “You don’t mean that you want us to conscript or recruit in the country, do you?”


    “Yes. We don’t want to train citizens to be soldiers, we just want a training facility for us to use. I heard from Clute that a mock battle was held between 12 girls from the Yuri Empire against the gods welcomed to the Shinto City, and they were easily defeated.”


    “It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it was… Indeed, they lost pretty handily.”


    “Come to think of it, since we came to this other world, we have only hunted demons and people far below us, and have not fought against any superior opponent.


    We will inevitably lose our skills. For us to be of use to Princess as her vassals, we have decided that it is essential to train ourselves against strong enemies daily.”




    It’s not wrong to say what Sera said.


    Since “Shinto City” has secured quite a lot of land from the beginning, there are still many blank spaces where the children of <Kikyou> have not started building. It would not be a problem to use one of the large plots of land that could be taken as a site for the “Training Ground”.


    “All right. We’ll secure the site for the training camp and have the <Red Plum> girls set up multiple wards so that even if there is a fierce battle inside, the surrounding city will not be affected.”


    “Thank you, Princess.”


    “No need to thank me. It will be a good story for my broadcast.”


    The sight of the children of the Yuri Empire, all of whom had reached the extreme level of 200, fighting would be seen as a battle of a completely different dimension even by those who usually watch the battle scenes of explorers who dive into the “Labyrinth”.


    The flamboyant battle would be well received by the viewers, so it would be beneficial for Yuri.


    Besides, I’m having a hard time preparing material for the [Broadcast] night after night.


    “According to Amaterasu, it seems that many of the gods are belligerent, so there will be no shortage of mock battles. I can also summon the raid boss’s beast, so it’ll be good training.”


    “Yes, I would like to use the training center to gain battle training so that I can be able to fight well in group battles even when the Princess is not in command.”


    “I see, that may be important too.”


    In the game『Atros Online』, Yuri has always been in charge of group battles, such as 24-man raids.


    This was only natural since Yuri was the only player in the guild of the Yuri Empire. ―――Anyway, because of this, the children of the Yuri Empire lacked the experience of fighting in a group without Yuri’s command.


    In fact, one of the reasons why they were defeated in the mock battle was because “no one was able to command the entire team well”, so the fighting style tended to be easy.


    Therefore, it was understandable that Hera wanted to gain experience in group combat.


    “I’ll talk to Meteora about it.”


    “Thank you very much. Please take care of her.”


    After bowing deeply to Yuri, Hera left the room in a hurry.


    Perhaps she was now going to go out for ‘extermination’.


    Since the moon has changed and the demons have returned, many of the children have been away from Yuritania since the early hours of this morning, going out for ‘extermination’.


    The reason why everyone’s enthusiasm for leveling up is even higher than usual is probably that the fact that they lost the mock battle, for better or worse, stimulated the children of the Yuri Empire that much more.


    (―――It’s good that you’re so eager to grow.)


    Yuri was happy that the children of the Yuri Empire were getting stronger.


    However, most of the demons that are hunted in the ‘extermination’ are below the level of 50, so to be honest, the experience is not that efficient.


    Or―――is it time to create a “Labyrinth” with level 200+ beasts, not for the general public, but for the children of the Yuri Empire?


    (… Oops. I’ll have to look over the report first before I start thinking about it.)


    With that in mind, Yuri reached for the reports for today that were piled up on her desk.


    As she read through the first page of the report, Yuri’s eyes involuntarily lit up.


    “Huh…? Red clams and clams are now being harvested from the rivers of the “Shinto City”…?”


    Two rivers are flowing through the city, and it seems that red clams and clams have suddenly become plentiful in both rivers.


    The clam and the red clam are both originally from the sea. The clam is more commonly found in brackish waters where rivers flow into the water… but I’ve never heard of it being found in completely freshwater rivers.


    (Ah―――it’s because of Kisagaihime and Umugihime.)


    It didn’t take long for Yuri to realize the reason.


    The girl who had fought with a scythe in her hand as a vanguard to protect Kamimusuhi during the mock battle yesterday. The two girls, Kisagaihime and Umugihime, were deified red clams and clams respectively.


    Perhaps Kamimusuhi’s manifestation brought the blessings of Kisagaihime and Umugihime to the “Shinto City” as if they were ‘in the land’.


    (Well, since the ocean is so far away, it’s nice to have some seafood available.)


    As long as Kisagaihime and Umugihime continue to appear, the rivers in the city will continue to produce more and more red clams and clams.


    If this is the case, it would be wise to use them as local specialties.


    Both the red clams and the clams can be used to make a variety of dishes that go well with sake.


    I’ll ask the Euro to cook them all together and have the <Nadeshiko> girls store them in their freshly made state.


    (By the way, speaking of sake…)


    After yesterday’s mock battle, Yuri remembered that Kamimusuhi had asked her to summon her son to the city if it was all right with her.


    The “son” Kamimusuhi was referring to was Sukunabikona.


    Sukunabikona is a deity with many powers. One of those powers is to brew wine, so I feel that if we welcome him, we can add brewing to the list of industries in the “Shinto City”.


    Also, since one of his powers includes “hot springs,” it would be convenient to appoint him as the manager of the existing hot springs.


    (I’d better add this to my next list of recommendations.)


    We might be able to drink even better sake than what we currently have in our stockpile.


    That reason alone was enough for me to welcome Sukunabikona.

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