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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 152

    The Goddess Was Bountiful

    Translated by Green Cake
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    ―――It was the night of the 38th day of the Summer Moon, the end of summer.


    Yuri, who had finished tonight’s [Broadcast] just ten minutes ago, had immediately used her Transfer Magic to move to the “Shinto City” that was being built.


    The purpose was to use the open-air baths that the children of <Kikyou> had completed three days ago.


    The bathhouse had been built in a temporary building, but Yuri had a strong desire to take a bath in an outdoor bath with a view of the sky.


    Therefore, since the completion of the outdoor bath, Yuri has been coming here every night to enjoy the hot spring and return home.


    For the past three days, she had been enjoying the hot spring water with various children, including the children of <Kikyou>, who had built the outdoor bath. But today, Yuri felt like enjoying the hot spring alone, so she had come here without inviting anyone.


    It’s good to enjoy hot spring in a lively atmosphere, but it’s also good to enjoy hot spring in silence, where the hot water melts into the core of your body.


    (―――The starry sky looks really beautiful, doesn’t it?)


    The view was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but admire it.


    All of <Kikyou> children return to Yuritania via the【Transfer Gate】after 7 p.m., so the only people in the city at this time are the gods we welcomed.


    The city is still dark with few inhabitants, so the starry sky is clearer because the ground is darker. As the city is completed and the population increases, the ground will become brighter. This may be the only time that I can see such a beautiful starry sky while soaking in the hot water.


    (Of course, it’s different from the starry sky I know.)


    Although many stars are floating in the night sky. I couldn’t find any of the summer triangles that are usually found even in the urban night sky, such as Cygnus, the Aquila, or the Lyra.

    (TN: The brightest stars in their constellation. Deneb(Cygnus), Altair(Aquila), and Vega(Lyra).)


    The night sky of the other world looks more beautiful than the one I saw in Japan.


    I felt as if I was reminded of how little I knew about this world. When I looked at it, I felt a little lonely and sad.


    “Oh, it’s Your Majesty Yuri, isn’t it?”


    Yuri’s mind, which had been gazing at the sky, was brought back to reality by an unexpected word.


    When she hurriedly looked to the side where the voice came from, she saw an adult woman who looked taller than Yuri standing by the bathtub, looking at Yuri with a curious expression.


    “Is Ogetsuhime taking a bath now, too?”


    Yuri knew the appearance of all five gods currently residing in the Shinto City, as she had seen them many times during the game『Atros Online』.


    She didn’t have her hair clipped, so she looked a little different than usual. It was obvious from her ample body that she was a woman who had maximized her attractiveness.


    “Yes. May I join next to you?”


    “Of course you’re welcome.”


    After a quick soak, Ogetsuhime dipped her body into the water and sat down right next to Yuri.


    When Yuri heard Ogetsuhime’s voice leaking out of her mouth, she couldn’t help but let out a small gasp.


    The voice that leaks out when you submerge yourself in hot water is usually the same for everyone.


    “Hot springs are good, aren’t they…? Really, hot springs are good…”


    “Yes, it is.”


    Yuri nodded to Ogetsuhime, who said the same thing twice, with a small smile.


    It’s a blessing, Yuri thought to herself as she gazed at her attractive body from a special seat.


    Being next to the voluptuous Ogetsuhime, Yuri felt as if she was being confronted with the fact that her own body was lacking in feminine charm.


    ―――It’s not that I don’t want to be loved by men, though, so I’m perfectly fine with that.






    “How about a drink?”


    “Oh, my!”


    When Yuri took out a bottle of sake from her <Inventory>, Ogetsuhime raised the octave of her voice in delight.


    Judging from her reaction, she seemed to be a good drinker.


    I took out two small glasses from <Inventory>, put one in Ogetsuhime’s hand, and poured some sake into it.


    In addition, the liquor bottle is a ‘cooling’ magic tool created by the children of <Rindou>, so even if you submerge the entire bottle in hot spring water, the contents will remain cold.


    “Ah… It’s good, I’m happy.”


    “The children of the Yuri Empire made this sake themselves, do you like it?”


    “Wow, it’s amazing how good it tastes for a homemade drink.”


    She replied, happily shaking her upper body.


    Her breasts were ample.


    “We’re running low on rice because we’ve been consuming a lot of it to make the city grounds more sacred. I’d like to have your help.”


    “I’ll do whatever I can.”


    “I’m counting on you.”


    Of course, we have enough seed rice, but unfortunately, rice cultivation has never been successful in this world so far.


    The reason is simple: there are only 160 days in a year in this world.


    Although it’s not limited to rice, the seasons are very important in growing crops.


    『Leangard』, the in-game world of『Atros Online』, has 365 days in a year, just like Japan in the real world.


    Yuri and her friends have been growing various crops in the game, so they have a variety of seeds in their possession. All of these seeds are adapted to the 365-day year of seasonal transition and are not compatible with the short seasonal cycle of this world.


    I’ve confirmed that『Leangard』plants can be grown in this world as long as we provide them with a suitable temperature environment using a【Temperature Control Ward】.


    The wards can only be prepared by the children of <Red Plum>, so it is not desirable to completely rely on them. It was Yuri’s honest intention to secure other methods of cultivation if possible.


    Since Ogetsuhime is the god of the five grains and sericulture, inhabiting the land would greatly improve the efficiency of the cultivation of the five grains and sericulture in the surrounding area.


    In addition, this effect was greatly enhanced by the use of a powerful divine artifact, the『Yata no Kagami +8』, when she welcomed Ogetsuhime.


    So I’m going to ask Ogetsuhime to use her powers to the fullest to research whether it’s possible to grow『Leangard』crops normally, even if it’s just in the vicinity of the Divine City.


    “If I’m going to do this, I’d like to achieve not only ‘normal growth’ but also ‘more delicious growth’.”


    “Yes, good rice is very attractive.”


    “If we can produce good rice, we will be able to make even better sake. Rice cakes, miso, and soy sauce will all taste even better together.”


    Miso and soy sauce can be made without any problem for Euro.


    Normally, if you were to be transferred to another world, you would not be able to get miso or soy sauce, and you would miss Japanese food. However, Yuri eats Japanese food every morning, so she didn’t remember having any trouble eating at all.


    “Ah, by the way, next time please summon Toyoukebime too.”


    “Oh, you think I should summon her too?”


    “Yes. I only grow crops, and I’m not very good at cooking. I’m sure Amaterasu would be happier if Toyoukebime were here.”


    “I’ll keep that in mind.”


    If Ogetsuhime is the Goddess of Crops, then Toyokebime is like the Goddess of Cooking, so their roles are similar but slightly different.


    If I asked for Toyoukebime, who was known in the game『Atros Online』as the “Meal Keeper of the High Heavens,” Euro, who is serving as the “Meal Keeper of the Yuri Empire,” might have a lot to learn from her.


    As long as there was even the slightest chance that the food in the Yuri Empire would be more delicious, Yuri had no objection to calling her out as soon as possible.

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