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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 151

    Amaterasu (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “You’re free to use this building as you wish.”


    “Well… Are you sure? It’s a very fine building…”


    “It was originally built as a residence for the gods. I think it’s big enough for a family to live in, but you can use it as a private residence if you want.”


    Yuri and the others had moved from the main palace where the Shinto shrine was enshrined and was moving to the residential area for the gods that was built nearby.


    They led the way to one of the houses there, which <Kikyou> children had reported had already been decorated, and decided to give it to Amaterasu as her home.


    “Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration…”


    “―――P-Please stop bowing to me!”


    Yuri hurriedly restrained Amaterasu, who had suddenly tried to hit her head on the wooden floor.


    Even though Yuri has been in the position of Empress for quite a long time now, she still has the feeling of a common Japanese citizen in her heart. For such a person like Yuri, the situation of being bowed down by a god was too heartbreaking.


    “From my point of view, it’s only natural to bow to My Lord…”


    “Why is that…? You don’t have to thank me for using an exquisite piece of divine artifacts for your body, don’t thank me, okay?”


    Yuri tilted her head, not understanding why Amaterasu would bow to her.


    “Ah… I certainly appreciate that as well. I never thought that you would be able to prepare such an excellent divine artifact for someone like me. It is definitely because of this that I was able to manifest as an individual of such a high level, so no matter how grateful I am to you, I can never thank you enough.


    However, the reason why I take it for granted to pledge my allegiance and bow to the Lord has nothing to do with that. I have more than ten years of clear memories since I possessed the body of Hotaru. In my mind, the recognition of myself as a “vassal of the Lord” has already become a matter of course.”


    “Hmm… Does that mean that while you’re possessing Hotaru, the loyalty she has for me was transmitted to Amaterasu?”


    “You can think of it as such… Perhaps the Lord is concerned about whether or not Lord can be worshipped because the use of a high-grade gem for the divine body has caused the individual I am to manifest at a higher level than expected.


    As for me, I intend to use the power I have been given to do everything as the Lord wishes. If the Lord gives me an order, I will obey it, and if my Lord commands me to die, I will gladly give my life back. If my Lord wishes me to dance naked and lasciviously like Ame-no-Uzume, I will not hesitate to do so in front of a crowd.”




    Unexpectedly, Yuri took a step backward in her mind.


    She had never expected that at this moment of their first meeting, the other party would declare, “My loyalty level is maxed out.”


    “Yes. I presume that the Lord intends for me to be in charge of the divine spirits in this city, just as I was in Takamagahara, and of course, I have no objections.


    I will use the power I have been given to overpower any spirit that rebels against the Lord, and I promise that this city will be obedient for all time to come.”


    Amaterasu smiled as she said this.


    She is a surprisingly martial god―――. Yuri thought about this once again.


    In any case, it would be very gratifying if this “Shinto City” could be under the command of the Yuri Empire.


    “… Thank you, Amaterasu. It’s a little strange to be asked for your allegiance when we’ve never met. Your heart itself is very much appreciated.”


    “I’d be glad if you’d understood.”


    This time, while standing, Amaterasu showed a deep bow.


    Since Yuri didn’t like it, so she switched to a standing bow instead of a tapping head.


    “But I’m not asking for free loyalty. So, if you are willing to be my vassal and be loyal to me, you can ask for a reasonable price―――Is there anything you want?”


    “Is there something I want…? Does it have to be an item?”


    “No, anything as long as I can provide it.”


    “In that case, I would very much like to be loved by you again, Lord.”


    Amaterasu said, her cheeks flushed with a little embarrassment.


    For a moment, Yuri didn’t understand the meaning of the word “again”―――.


    “Oh, I see. ―――You have the memories of Hotaru, don’t you?”


    “Yes, I do. I remember vividly the night when my Lord Yuri made love to me.”


    Firefly had already served as Yuri’s “love duty” once before.


    So Amaterasu has the memory of the night when Yuri loved Hotaru.


    “… I can be pretty rough with the children I love. I’m afraid Amaterasu, who has memories of that time, won’t like me.”


    “It is impossible for me to hate you. It is only with the memory of that night when my body and mind were completely dominated by the intoxication of the pleasures provided by the Lord’s fingertips that I can pledge even greater loyalty.”


    “I-Is that so…?”


    For some reason, all of the children who have been loved by Yuri say that it was good to be violated or to be violated unilaterally… Whenever I hear such comments, I am confused.


    But of course, Yuri is happy to hear that he was pleased.


    “If that’s the price you have to pay, I don’t mind at all.”


    “Thank you very much. I would be happy to do any work for you, as long as the Lord will reward me for my good work.


    Oh, and if I may be so bold as to make an additional request―――If you would be so kind, could you please bestow a divine body to the two pillars,『Kamimusuhi』and『Shitateruhime』and make them manifest as well? They also have memories of the time when they were possessed, and I’m sure they want to serve you as much as I do.”


    “I see, I understand.”


    If I know that they will be loyal to me, I will not hesitate to manifest them.


    Using the same sacred artifacts as Amaterasu, it would be a good idea to manifest them as a powerful spirit. If you know that they are your allies, it is better to have a stronger individual.


    “Oh, and. If one day I am to receive your favor, please love not only me, Kamimusuhi, and Sitateruhime, but also Hotaru. Otherwise, I, Amaterasu, the one who still possesses the body of Hotaru, will bear a grudge against you.”


    “It’s strange that I should be resented by yourself… Yes, I understand.”


    Yuri immediately agreed to Amaterasu’s words.


    From Yuri’s point of view, it would be a pleasure to have a relationship with a girl of the same sex. It’s more like she’s getting paid for it rather than giving it to them.


    “By the way, is there anyone else I should summon as soon as possible?”


    When Yuri asked this, Amaterasu put a finger under her lips and pondered a bit.


    “Yes… As the Goddess of the Sun, my authority is at its greatest during the day but fades a bit at night. In that sense, it may be more efficient to have my brother summoned earlier.”


    “Brother… I see, you mean Tsukuyomi.”




    Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu’s younger brother, is the God of the Moon, so he is most powerful at night.


    So, with the two pillars of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi together, there will be no more flaws.


    “All right, we’ll welcome Tsukuyomi as soon as possible. But as for Amaterasu’s other brother, we’re not going to call him until this city is stable, okay?”


    “Fufu, I suppose that’s to be expected.”


    Amaterasu’s other brother god, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, had a rather rough personality in the game『Atros Online』, so it was obvious that inviting him would cause all sorts of trouble.


    Of course, it would be easy enough to silence Susanoo if Amaterasu, a level 2520, could manage it. But it would still be a lot of work, so the last of the eight million gods should be the one to summon him.


    “In addition, depending on what kind of industry the Lord wants to cultivate in this “Shinto City”, I would like to have you summon one of the gods that are suited to it as soon as possible.”


    “I see. At the moment, I’m thinking of making agriculture and sericulture the main industries of this city, so can I summon『Ogetsuhime』?”


    “Yes, I think that is the best decision.”


    Amaterasu bowed deeply as she said this.


    At any rate, it would be quicker to welcome at least four gods today:『Kamimusuhi』,『Sitateruhime』,『Tsukuyomi』, and『Ogetsuhime』.

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