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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 150

    Amaterasu (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    The next day―――the early morning of the 33rd day of the summer month.


    The fact that『Amaterasu』had appeared in the “Shinto City” under construction, as expected, was immediately known to Yuri, as she had used the magic【Spatial Grasp】beforehand.


    Yuri and Hotaru had just finished an early breakfast. She left her office work, which she usually does in the morning, and revisited the “Shinto City” that was being built with Transfer Magic.


    The Amaterasu that we welcomed this time was separated from the spirit that resided in Hotaru’s body, so I’m sure she already understands our situation. But even so, she is a god, so she is not someone to be left out in the cold.


    “…! My-My Lord, this is…”


    “This is quite something…!”


    After transferring to the “Shinto City” in the early morning, where the children of <Kikyou> had not yet arrived. Yuri and Hotaru immediately perceived that there was a very strong presence in the immediate vicinity.


    Without even needing to think about it… this dark presence must be that of the manifested Amaterasu.


    “From the strength of the presence, I’d say it’s at least a little over “Level 1000”. It seems to be much stronger than a raid boss.”


    “It’s a good match for Radragulf… No, maybe more than that.”


    The level of the High Dragon Radragulf is “1850”, which is one of the highest levels of raid bosses in the game『Atros Online』.


    If we assume that it is beyond that. It seemed quite possible that Amaterasu’s level had reached 2000 or more.


    “It looks like the presence is coming from the direction of the main palace, let’s go.”


    “Yes, My Lord.”


    To tell the truth, the situation of Amaterasu being strengthened was something Yuri had been hoping for in her heart.


    The plan to build the “City of the Gods”, or in other words―――the “City of Hot Springs where the eight million gods live”, is the same as the plan to recreate the city of the gods, Takamagahara, in『Leangard』, the in-game world『Atros Online』, in this other world.


    So naturally, Amaterasu, the presiding deity of Takamagahara, needs to be in charge of the gods that will be welcomed in this city. Many of the gods of『Leangard』have a violent nature, notably Susanoo.


    So, from Yuri’s point of view, it would be better if Amaterasu, who manages this city, has enough power to control the violent gods.


    The fact that the Kanayama-Hiko that Yuri had welcomed before had more power than she had expected. It is an undeniable fact that the reason for this was the use of a powerful item called the “Hammer of Heavenly Light” in his body.


    If you use a powerful item for your deity, the power of the deity that manifests itself will also be powerful. ―――This was already evident from the precedent of Kanayama-Hiko.


    Therefore, Yuri was hoping that by following this precedent and generously using the even more powerful『Yata no Kagami +10』as a sacred object, Amaterasu’s power would be strengthened even more significantly.


    As Yuri can feel from the fact that there is a very strong presence at the moment. It seemed likely that Yuri’s plan had worked out just as she had intended.


    However, in a way―――it seems that the situation has become even more troubling because it has gone too far.


    Amaterasu is a warm-hearted and benevolent god, but she is not a cowardly god who avoids fighting.


    So, if she knew that she was powerful enough, she would be able to resist Yuri’s assertion of control over the city without breaking her knees.


    It is not easy to twist an opponent whose level may be over 2000 by force.


    … Well, it’s not impossible. However, Yuri really didn’t want to fight Amaterasu too much, considering that the aftermath of the battle would probably cause extensive damage to the buildings under construction.


    (If at all possible, I would like to try to resolve this matter through discussion―――)


    I don’t want to mistreat the city that <Kikyou> children have worked so hard to build.


    If we are going to fight, we need to successfully use transfer magic to drag Amaterasu to a location far enough away from this Shinto city.


    “Hotaru, If there’s going to be a battle, I’ll use transfer magic to pull back, so be prepared for that.”




    The only thing you need to do is chant beforehand, and then put the transfer magic into a “Delayed Activation” state.


    In this way, the magic can be activated at any time at will.


    As I approached the building of the main palace, which I had visited yesterday, I could feel an even thicker “presence of power”.


    A good amount of tension that I feel when I am in front of a strong person overflows from within my body.


    (Come to think of it―――neither I nor the girls from the Yuri Empire have been in a battle against a strong opponent for a long time.)


    When I think about it, I feel like fighting with all my might for the first time in a while.


    When I entered the building of the main palace with Hotaru, I immediately found the person I was looking for.


    She was dressed in a white kimono and had long, lustrous black hair.


    In the dimly lit building of the main palace, only the woman’s eyes were bathed in a brilliant red light.


    The Appraisal confirmed that this woman is『Amaterasu』.


    Her level is 2520, which is higher than I expected. It would not be easy to defeat her.


    “―――Welcome, my Lord and Master.”


    The kimono-clad woman in front of me bent her tall, slender body to the floor.


    She instantly said these words while striking her head towards both Yuri and Hotaru.


    “…!? Ah, please raise your head!”


    It was Yuri who was flustered that Amaterasu had come down on her knees.


    The woman in front of Yuri was the『Amaterasu』of the『Atros Online』 game, not the『Amaterasu』of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki.


    Yes, I know it in my head, but―――.


    But for Yuri, who still has her Japanese heart. The fact that Amaterasu, the most famous god in Japanese mythology, was falling flat on her face in front of her, was not something she felt comfortable with.

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