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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 147

    The Lady and The Princess

    Translated by Green Cake
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    On the 25th day of the summer month, when everything was settled, Yuri visited “Ulysses Butterfly” hotel to report the series of events. In the room where Yubel was staying, there was an unexpected guest.


    “Fufu, I was expecting you to be here today, Master.”


    The girl who smiled pleasantly as she said―――Sofia Theodore.


    “… Why is Sofia here?”


    “Since this city is under my control, don’t you think it would be normal for me to be in the “Tourist Resort Area”?”


    “That in itself is certainly true, but…”


    Initially, I had only entrusted Sofia with the position of Guildmaster of the Explorers’ Guild. This is a very difficult position for any normal person to take on full-time, but for Sofia, who is an outstandingly talented young woman, it is a job that she can easily handle.


    That’s why, in addition to being the head of the Explorers’ Guild, Sophia is also in charge of managing the city of Ulysses. So, it is not strange that Sophia is in the hotel in the tourist section of Ulysses.


    ―――But it was unexpected to encounter her in a private room in the hotel, where Yubel was staying.


    “So Sofia was already acquainted with Yubel?”


    “Yes. I’ve been writing to Yubel for about six years now, so we’re good friends.


    The Duchy of Selsia and the Kingdom of Rapier have one thing in common: they both border the Holy Land of Nimun. Whenever there are events or celebrations in the Holy Land of Nimun, people who are related to the royal families of both countries are always invited.


    Therefore, I have had many conversations with King Raven and the First Prince of Lexmar in the past and have become acquainted with them. Unfortunately, Yubel herself was too sickly to attend any of the events or feasts in the Holy Land of Nimun, so I never had the chance to meet her directly. Six years ago, King Raven asked me to be her daughter’s pen pal as we were in similar positions, and we’ve been writing to each other ever since.”


    “Ah, that’s very nice of you.”


    Sophia is the daughter of the Theodore family, one of the three dukes of the Duchy of Selsia, and Yubel is the first princess of the royal family of Rapier. The two of them are indeed in very similar circumstances.


    In terms of age, Sofia is 26 and Yubel is 119, so they are quite far apart. If you take into account the difference in race between humans and elves, they may be about the same age.


    “In fact, the main reason why I originally decided to visit the distant city of Ulysses from the Kingdom of Rapier for recuperation was that Sofia recommended it to me.”


    Yubel smiled gently and glanced at Sofia.


    As if in response to her gaze, Sofia gave a small nod.


    “Yubel’s body is so sickly that even a slight cold can be life-threatening. I thought the city of Ulysses would be the best place for Yubel to live since it is a ‘never dead’ city and the cost of receiving treatment at the temple is much lower.”


    “I see…”


    It is common in this world to be charged exorbitant amounts of money to treat injuries and illnesses in temples. This is because it costs so much to train those who have the〔Priest〕vocation.


    In the Yuri Empire, anyone can freely use the Labyrinth to raise their level safely, so the cost of training healers is completely unnecessary.


    Therefore, compared to other countries, the cost of receiving treatment in a temple is reduced to a few tens to hundreds of percent.


    As Sofia said, there was no doubt that Ulysses was a better place for a sickly girl like Yubel to live than any other city.


    “And by the way, Sofia seems to love being tortured by Your Majesty Yuri.”




    “Sofia once wrote in a letter to me.


    ―――The time spent at night being loved by the master is longer than I imagined, and the hot love is constantly pouring down on my body. My body is so exhausted that I can’t even move my fingertips at will. Even so, the stimulation given by the master’s fingertips continues to resonate in the body in an extremely sensitive manner. When you taste the feeling of a body that can do nothing to resist being led and made to endlessly cum over and over again by master’s will, whether you want it or not, with a strong sense of self-control―――”


    “Wa!? Waaaaaaaaaa!!! Why are you reading it? Why are you reading it!”


    I don’t know where she got the letter from, but Sofia hurriedly tried to interrupt Yubel, who was holding it in her hand and reciting the contents with emotion.


    It was quite unusual for Sofia, who usually looked so calm, to be so red-faced.


    … Well, if you read out loud in front of Yuri a letter that you wrote thinking that Yuri would never know about it. It’s not hard to see why she would react that way.


    Sofia is trying to take the letter, and Yubel is resisting to let her take it. As she watched from the side, the two adorable girls exchanged looks. Yuri’s face unconsciously broke out into a smile.


    “Umm… Your Majesty Yuri.”




    After a few moments of playing around with Sofia.


    Yubel turned to Yuri and bowed deeply.


    “I’ve heard all about this case from Sofia. I didn’t expect it to finish all in just a few days… I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Your Majesty, Yuri, for all the help you have given me.”


    “Ah, so you’ve already heard the story.”




    Yuri came here today to report a series of events… 


    It looks like it turned out to be an unnecessary visit.


    I don’t remember telling Sofia how the Rapier Kingdom case was resolved. She seems to be on good terms with the children of the Yuri Empire, so she must have gotten the information through them.


    The children of the Yuri Empire will never reveal anything to anyone that Yuri has asked them to keep a secret, no matter what. If Yuri hadn’t told them anything, they would have told her anything more easily.


    Especially since Sofia has established a good relationship and is already recognized as an “ally” by the children of the Yuri Empire, it should be easy for her to get information from them.


    “Well, I’ve already been paid. I’ve done the best I can.”


    “It’s surprisingly inexpensive for the Empress to work with just my lips.”


    “Dear, I won’t hesitate to charge you extra for my services, if you don’t mind.”


    Yuri gently touched Yubel’s knee with her palm.


    Then she slid her fingertips over Yubel’s thigh. ―――It seemed that Yubel finally understood what the gesture meant. Her face turned red.


    “Do you want to see if what Sofia wrote in her letter is true through the first-hand experience?”


    “Well, umm… That… might be a little interested…”


    “Very well.”


    Without paying any attention to Sofia’s gaze or the gazes of the knights guarding her, Yuri takes Yubel’s lips as she did the other day.


    This time, however, Yuri don’t intend to end it with just a kiss.


    ―――The next day, Yuri sends a letter of intent to Raven Rapier, the King of the Kingdom of Rapier, stating that he would like to have Yubel Rapier as her ‘fifth concubine’.


    Yuri’s wish was immediately granted, and it became an opportunity for the ties between the two countries to deepen.

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