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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 145

    Requests and Rewards

    Translated by Green Cake
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    The ‘Poison Chain’ that infiltrated the city of Ulysses the other day in an attempt to assassinate Princess Yubel is an illegal organization based in the Volmisian Empire.


    Although five of the infiltrators have already been captured (two of them have already been dealt with), we have received reports that the organization has a total of 28 members. So there should be 23 left in the Volmisian Empire.


    It doesn’t really matter to Yuri whether there is an illegal organization within the Volmisian Empire or not. The members of this ‘Poison Chain’ have experience in assassination and espionage activities, and Cassia of <Kuroyuri> says that they have a certain amount of usefulness.


    <Kuroyuri> is a unit of children who are lenient with their relatives but very strict with others. If Cassia, the captain, said it was useful, then the evaluation seemed credible enough.


    That’s why Yuri had ordered <Nadeshiko>, who was good at espionage, to infiltrate the Volmisian Empire and secure the members of the Poison Chain.


    ―――However, only female members are to be secured.


    To turn them into pawns, it is necessary to train them by the hands of the <Kuroyuri> children and brainwash them into those who swear allegiance to the Yuri Empire.


    It is impossible to have the <Kuroyuri> perform this training on men, as it is a sexual act that takes advantage of their nature as tormentors and sadists.


    It took only four days for the <Nadeshiko> girls to dispose of the ‘Poison Chain’.


    There were nine members in total that they were able to secure without killing. Of course, all of them would be women.


    Quickly moved them to the imprisonment facility underneath Yuritania and left the rest to the children of the <Kuroyuri>. After a while, they would be reborn as loyal agents of the Yuri Empire.


    Just when I thought the Poison Chain case was over, a replacement came.


    It was the next day, the 9th day of summer when eleven assassins came to the city of Ulysses using【Transfer Gate】. As usual, the magic【Spatial Grasp】detected that someone with a criminal record had entered the city, and Yuri immediately grasped the situation.


    Yuri ordered the children of the Yuri Empire to capture all eleven of them in less than ten minutes, turning eight of the men into food for the children of <Kuroyuri>, and imprisoning the remaining three women.


    When the <Kuroyuri> children were trained to reveal information, it was discovered that the assassins were from the ‘Altar of Shadows’, an illegal organization based in the Duchy of Selsia.


    Yuri contacted Cadain Theodore, the monarch of the Principality of Selsia, and asked him if he would be willing to take on the illegal organization that was spreading in the Principality for free, and if I could have them as human resources in our country.


    The ‘Altar of Shadows’ organization was eradicated in just two days, thanks in part to the fact that it took almost no time to travel because of【Transfer Gate】.


    Although it was a very large illegal organization with a total of 65 members. Unfortunately, the majority of the members were male, and only eight additional female members were secured.


    Of course, the women would be imprisoned in the basement of Yuritania, and the rest would be left to the children of <Kuroyuri>.


    Once the one at the Altar of Shadows was done, additional doubles would arrive.


    Eighteen bandits invaded the city of Ulysses on the 13th day of the summer. This time they were not assassins but bandits, but they still had criminal records.


    Yuri, who had detected them with【Spatial Grasp】, ordered them to be captured, and in less than ten minutes, they were all captured.


    Although they had no experience in the assassination, they seemed to be good thieves, so, as usual, the eleven males were turned into food for the <Kuroyuri>, and the seven females were imprisoned.


    After letting the children of <Kuroyuri> extract the information, it was discovered that these bandits were an illegal organization based in the Volmisian Empire called the ‘Blade of Fresh Blood’”


    The organization was handled by dispatching <Nadeshiko> to the Volmisian Empire again. Since we were able to secure 55 female members, this was pushed back to the Yuri Empire by Yuri using transfer magic.


    With this, there were 20 assassins and 55 bandits imprisoned in the basement of Yuritania.


    It’s been a while since so many toy toys have been imprisoned, and the children of <Kuroyuri> seem to be enjoying themselves.


    The agents who were sent from the kingdom in the past are now working for the Explorers’ Guild in Ulysses as Sofia’s pawns. The newly imprisoned ones, once their training is complete, will be used as human resources to contribute to the national interest of the Yuri Empire.


    ―――As a side note, the first thing Yuri thought after receiving the series of reports from Partita, the captain of <Nadeshiko>, was (… Is there a rule that illegal organizations have to be named with chuunibyou names?)


    “In the same way as the case of the ‘Poison Chain’, the one who contacted the ‘Altar of Shadows’ and the ‘Blade of Fresh Blood’ and paid the money in advance to request it is a knight from the Kingdom of Rapier named Oran Struga.


    “Oh, I see…”


    Today is the 20th day of the summer month, and Yuri visited the “Ulysses Butterfly” hotel for the first time in two weeks to report the situation in the room where Yubel was staying. After listening to the whole story, Yubel gave Yuri a very apologetic look.


    In the background of Yubel, Hennes and the other knights in the escort also had complicated expressions on their faces. The fact that there are knights who carry out criminal acts with impunity, even though they serve different masters, must have given them a lot to think about.


    “I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused Your Majesty Yuri…”


    “No, don’t worry about it. It would be more profitable for the country to have affordable talent coming from the other side. I’m sure it’s complicated for Yubel, but personally, I’d like to thank Oran the knight.”


    People who are skilled in backstage work are not so easy to find, even if you want to. Therefore, the current situation was very desirable for Yuri, as she was able to obtain them efficiently.


    In addition, when the three illegal organizations were dealt with by the children of <Nadeshiko>, a considerable amount of gold coins, jewels, armor, and magic tools were obtained as well, which is enough to benefit the country.


    So for Yuri personally, without any false pretense, she even hoped that the knight Oran would continue to be in the dark and that more and more illegal organizations would be dispatched to Ulysses.


    However―――if Yubel doesn’t want to do that. Of course, Yuri is always ready to put an end to it.


    “What would Yubel like to do?”


    “…? You mean like me?”


    “Yes. It’s not nice to know that someone is trying to kill you, even if my beloved vassal is handling it properly, isn’t it?


    If Yubel wants, I can deal with or capture the knight who is Oran Struga myself. Or, if you want more than that, I can take care of the second prince Lazar, who is the cause of all this?”


    Getting rid of the second prince of another country is quite a big deal.


    With the help of the children of <Nadeshiko>, it would be no problem. They could probably take care of one of the princes easily without anyone in the Rapier Kingdom finding out.




    Yubel seemed to be troubled by Yuri’s words.


    Yubel has been staying in the city of Ulysses for almost a month now. So she already knows from Yuri [Broadcast] every night and that she runs several labyrinths. She also knows that the wards put up by Yuri’s subjects not only protect Ulysses from the threat of demons but also keep the city at a constant temperature and make it a city that will never die.


    Yubel has already correctly understood the fact that the unusual abilities possessed by Yuri and her subjects have reached an unbelievable level.


    That’s why Yuri’s proposal is feasible, and that’s why Yubel is seriously pondering about it.


    “As for me… I don’t mind having my life threatened. Your Majesty Yuri is protecting me, and as long as I’m here in the city of Ulysses, I’ll be safe.”


    “Yes, you’re right. As long Yubel stays in my country, I’ll make sure that Yubel is protected. The wards that are being deployed in Ulysses will also ensure that Yubel’s life is protected.”


    “… So I don’t mind. But I’m a little worried that Lazar’s murderous intentions, which he judged could not kill me, might go to brother Lexmar…”


    Although the guards protecting Prince Lexmar, who is the first in line to the throne, are supposed to be very powerful, it will still be much less difficult than targeting Princess Yubel, who is staying in the Yuri Empire.


    If the knight Oran or the prince Lazar noticed this fact. The destination of the murderous blade may be changed to the first Prince Lexmar.


    “Father is quite old, but he is still in good health. So the succession to the throne must be a long way off… Lazar and I do not have any qualities that are suitable to take over the throne. The only one who has it is brother Lexmar.


    Therefore… if anything were to happen to Brother Lexmar, the future of the Rapier Kingdom would definitely be bleak… This must not happen at any cost.”


    “So, what does Yubel want to do?”


    “If I were to accuse father or Brother Lexmar of Lazar’s murder, there would be no evidence, and if Lazar denies it, it would be difficult to pursue the case. In addition, even if I can prepare evidence, if it is claimed that all of the heinous acts were committed by Oran, a knight of the Kingsguard, I can’t hold Lazar too seriously responsible.


    In light of this―――Your Majesty Yuri’s words, though forceful, seem like a very attractive proposal. Is it alright if I cling to your power?”


    “Yes. If Yubel wants, I can help you.”


    As a homosexual, Yuri is always willing to help women, especially when they are beautiful and sickly women like Yubel, whom she wants to help in any way she can.


    But as long as she wears the ring Yuri gave her, she won’t have to suffer from her weak body anymore.


    “I don’t have a lot of money to move, and I don’t think I can give Your Majesty a sufficient reward. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.”


    “Then, I’ll take it without reservation.”


    If Yubel says it’s okay to ask for a reward, then Yuri has no intention of holding back.


    Without any hesitation, Yuri takes Yubel’s lips. This is in spite of the fact that Hennes and the other knights guarding her are watching around.


    If Yuri can get the precious kiss of a maiden―――.


    It’s more than enough reward to move the empress of a country.

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